DMail Guide to scaling over multiple redundant systems

This page attempts to give a few brief notes ideas and suggestions on scaling DMail for large systems, typically where more than a million registered users would exist.

Some general points to think about

An extreme design with 'n' servers for each part.

The extreme system can be designed like this, with two NFS systems, one for SMTP/POP and one for WebMail storage. And 'n' servers handling each of the following tasks:

A special router is used that invisibly connects users who ask for '' to one of the 'n' real pop servers, and similarly for the web servers.

dmail.gif (11084 bytes)

However this is an extreme example, while you should configure your 'naming' scheme to support the above layout you will probably want to start with a simpler design, typically running 2 or 3 systems as follows

dmail2.gif (9150 bytes)


The minimum/cheapest multi system design would be as follows

dmail3.gif (8123 bytes)


Specific configuration suggestions for DMail / WebMail

If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to contact or