Additional Help and Support

Every purchase of a DMail License Key includes twelve months of free email support. We pride ourselves on the quality of the support which we provide for our software, and answer most questions within twenty-four hours (please always resend your message if you do not get a response within that time).

The contact email address is:
(be careful not to get this confused with the DMailWeb support address

DMail Mailing List

We also have a user mailing list which enables users of our software to share experiences and insights, and to provide us with feedback on which new features are of general interest.

This mailing list is also available via the web, click here: to read the group directly.

Posts regarding DMailWeb and CWMail are also welcome on this List/Group.

To join the DPOP or DMail mailing list, send an email message to...

with a message containing the line,


(That is in the message body, not in the Subject line)

You can then send messages to the list by sending to,

All mail ariving from the DMail list is marked in the subject line with [dmail-list], e.g.

Subject: [dmail-list] does anyone know . . .

Further Support Information

Follow this link for the main NetWin Support page, including information on Contacting NetWin

NB: Purchase also includes free upgrades to any new release of DMail during the twelve months following date of purchase.