DMail (DSMTP, DPOP and DList)
    - Free Trial !!!

You may try out the DMail package free of charge for one month, simply by downloading the FULL version from our web site, as per the license agreement for this product.

It includes the DSMTP, DPOP and DList servers, management utilities and full documentation.

During this trial, email support is provided free of charge, simply email

If you decide to continue using DMail, you then need to register your copy to receive a License key to keep it working. This ensures that you do not waste the effort involved in configuring DSMTP, DPOP and DList for your situation. Once you receive your key you can continue using the DMail servers without any need to reinstall or modify settings.

Registration requests are normally sent by email and a key is emailed to you within two days of receipt of payment.
Download Full Version for Trial

The best way to register is to use our,
Secure Online Registration Form

Alternatively, you can email or fax your registration to us.

To generate the registration details to email or fax to NetWin, use the command

tellpop register (all licenses are for DMail, whether you wish to run just one or all three of the servers)

It will ask you a series of questions and then generates a register.txt file which you can