Notes on updates to DMail, comprising the DSMTP, DPOP and DList mail servers

(in reverse order)

For newer updates information please see updates.htm


Version Date Changes
2.2p 10 Aug 98
  • tellsmtp profile
  • dmail.conf setting lock_id nnn, this can be used when running multiple copies of dsmtp/dpop over NFS volumes, this makes DMail use an internal locking mechanism that will work over NFS.
2.2j 27 July 98
  • Added auth_nocache true option for DPOP to disable caching of passwords (This only applies to /etc/passwd entries)
  • Added nwauth.exe, nwauth.c, nwauth.h, wadduser.c example external user authentication module and web interface for adding and modifying users
  • Modified hashing method used for security, this means that if you have tellnews or dmadmin for an earlier version, you must update it to match your new version.
2.1h 28th Apr 98
  • alias_file_domain parameter added (DSMTP)
  • forward_from parameter obsoleted (DSMTP)
  • forward_from_ip parameter added (DSMTP)
  • nameserver info extracted from resolve.conf or registry if no dns_host found (DSMTP)
  • fixed log rotate problem introduced in 2.1a
  • Tellpop drop command timeout increased for large drop files
  • fixed spelling of vdomain_separator msg_separator config settings - either spelling accepted.
  • new spawn routines for NT so external authentication works when running as a service
2.1d 7th Mar 98
  • $user$ template string allowed in drop_path setting
  • check_owner_disable setting added to disable drop file owner checking on Unix
  • bug causing occasional "key for wrong PC" when loading new key fixed.
2.00m 5th Mar
  • fixed timeout bug on Tellpop sendlog, shutdown
  • for spool_hash 1 and 2 DPOP now creates the intermediate directories as required
2.00j 12th Feb
  • fixed bug in Tellpop reload with large numbers of virtual domains
2.00i 12th Feb 98
  • first beta release of full DMail package
  • bulletin board system added
  • manual updated
  • manager password stored encrypted in separate file
  • manager password generally not passed as clear text across net
  • no more gratuitous messages on test versions
  • X-DPOP header on first message of burst on trial versions
  • Tellpop bulletin command to create simple bulletins
  • Tellpop conf lists current config settings
  • vdomain bug fixed
  • max vdomains increased to 512
  • tellpop sendlog sends all logged info messages
  • drop_prefix true/false config setting added
  • Max length of username + virtual domain prefix increased to 80 characters
  • Max path length for Unix increased to 128 characters
  • bug in drop_all command fixed
  • rotate 4 old log files called dpop1.log, dpop2.log etc.
1.17c 20th Dec
  • bug in slave chan burst with blank user fixed.
  • bug in virtual domain handling fixed
  • change to use dmail.init for startup rather than rc.local
  • work around for bug in select call on some machine which caused occasional excessive CPU usage.
  • If a drop file is locked on connection, DPOP will wait (non blocking) rather than rejecting connection. 
1.13 11th Nov
  • Drop file lines > 5,000 are now wrapped - were killing DPOP
  • Tellpop on Linux is put in /usr/bin rather than /usr/local/bin as /local is not in default path anyway
1.12b 18th Nov
  • fix for bug in freeBSD and BSDI versions causing invalid file handle errors.
1.12 9th Nov
  • Added lowercase_username and lowercase_password config settings to allow case insensitive user/password 
  • bug causing problems in retrieval of some large messages fixed.
1.11 4th Nov
  • tellpop abort fred command added
  • tellpop list_current extended
  • bug causing chans not to timeout in some circumstances fixed
1.10 31st Oct
  • Virtual domain prefixes can be any string rather than single letter
1.09 29th Oct
  • Intermittent slowdown on Linux fixed
  • Bug causing occasional crash on some systems fixed
  • default for slave_process did not include path - sometimes not found
  • minor bug fixes
1.08w 21st Oct
  • Null passwords caused crash - fixed
  • Possible loss of chars on large RETR - fixed
  • Don't start first slave or authent process unless required.
1.08u 15th Oct
  • slave_burst_size default was 0 instead of 1000000
  • slave_timeout setting in confif file was ignored and random value used.
1.08t 15th Oct
  • Faster processing of connections with no new messages
  • optional slave processes for burst of large drop files
  • more status information displayed
  • status info logged periodically
  • retr loop bug on slow links fixed
  • slow retrieve of large messages fixed
  • faulty bin count causing slow down with uptime fixed.
  • allow usernames/passwords which include space characters.
  • dont timeout on retrieve of large messages on slow connections
  • limit chans to actual available file handles.
  • enable/disable individual users
  • tellpop listcurrent to give current connections
  • store/display reasons for going offline
  • shutdown n to allow connections to exit nicely if possible.
1.08g 25th Sept
  • Support for virtual domains added
  • various bug fixes
1.07i 22nd Sept
  • Stats report tidied up
  • die command added
  • corrupted/aborted stats files dont kill tellpop anymore
1.07h 18th Sept
  • Corrupted or lost idx files are regenerated when possible.
  • Possible death on 100+ sessions fixed.
  • Death from broken pipe fixed.
  • File leak from external authentication fixed.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes
1.07e 15th Sept
  • Default timeout for pop chans 10mins rather than 1min
  • Timeout is now from last transfer not just last command
1.07d 11th Sept
  • Bug in POP3 LAST command fixed
1.07c 10th Sept
  • Limit max connections to 1/3 available file handles as need average of 3 per connection. Particularly relevant on linux which defaults to 256 file handles and 200 connections.
1.07b 10th Sept
  • Increase file handle limit to allow more concurrent connections. Limit on solaris/bsdi was 64
1.07a 10th Sept
  • Bug fix: error on chan caused crash
  • 100+ concurrent sessions caused offline
  • max_sessions exceeded caused offline
1.07 8th Sept
  • Minor bug fixes in external authentication routines.
1.06b 5th Sept
  • minor bug fixes. 
1.06 27th August
  • pop port timeout implemented
  • non existent directory for .bin files could cause crash - fixed
1.05 21st August
  • Added command tellpop stats which analyses a wildcard set of .stats files and gives per user information for accounting etc.
  • Added command tellpop help
1.04 14th August
  • drop_users setting added to dpop.conf to allow for a few users who need to read mail from Unix command line AND via POP3 from client software AND leave messages on the server.
  • Compact and drop VERY large messages without usig lots of memory
  • Default location for work_path changed from drop_path to dpop_path
  • Bug fix: External authent process which timed out could be left in zombie state on unix
  • minor bug fixes
  • check_gid setting allows for mail group called something other than mail
  • dp_setup allows mail user/group with name other than mail
1.03 5th August
  • Bug fix - some versions of linux rejected users if shadow password was not being used.
  • First solarisx86 version.
1.02 3rd August 
  • Config option to process .username.pop and other temporary files from previous poppers.
  • dp_setup wizard upgraded.
  • DPOP Removal section added to manual
1.01 1st August
  • Option of drop files with gid=mail or gid matching user uid and no group access.
  • DPOP files set to owner = users uid and users group and no group access, user read-only
1.00 1st August
  • First full release.
  • Added online/offline states for safer shutdown and removal of DPOP
  • drop_all command now supported with external authenticator 
0.68 24 July
  • Support for Mailbox format added
  • More status in tellpop status
  • Bug in included From line handling fixed
  • Extended external authenticator handling
  • dp_setup wizard remove option extended.
0.67 18 July
  • Bug in chan close by remote end fixed - only affects solaris.
  • Duplicate user rejection bug fixed
0.66 16 July 1997
  • Fixed bug when using .\n as msg separator
  • changed external authenticator to include drop filename in drop path
0.65 July 1997
  • First Solaris beta version
  • Various minor bug fixes
0.64 July 1997
  • NT User password checking implemented
  • various bug fixes
0.62 July 1997 Various updates to manual and dp_setup wizard
0.61 July 1997 First beta release of DPOP for Linux