Installing and Running DMail on Windows 95 or 98

DMail can be run on the Windows 95 and Windows 98 platforms. As these platforms do not have 'Services' as on Windows NT, a few things have to be done a little differently, particularly by the installation utility, DMSetup.

Installing DMail on Win 95/98

You should not have any problems installing DMail on windows 95/98. DMSetup will detect that you are on Win 95/98 and do the installation (or upgrade) appropriately. From time to time you may see messages indicating that a 'service' could not be started. Simply ignore these, as they only apply to NT services. We have tried to eliminate them as much as possible.

DMail must run using an external authentication system, as there is no operating system user database/password list which it can use. NetWin provides NWAuth, an external authentication module, free with DMail. DMSetup will install this automatically for you.

Running DMail on Win 95/98

As pointed out in the installation section above, you will have to run an external authentication module. DMSetup will have installed NWAuth, but you can change to something else if you wish, e.g. LDAP authentication. See the User Administration section for more details.

The other major thing to remember is that you should not use CTRL-C to stop any of the servers or DWatch. If you do this then any programs that they have spawned, e.g. NWAuth, cannot be stopped without doing a restart.

Therefore, in order to stop the servers you should create a file called, server_name.exit in the dwatch directory, where server_name is the program name (i.e. dpop,dsmtp,dlist,dwatch), and the dwatch directory is set in your dmail.conf (\windows\system\dmail.conf) file by the dwatch_path setting. The default dwatch directory is

E.g. in order to stop dwatch, copy an existing text file into the dwatch directory with the file name 'dwatch.exit', and in a few seconds you should see it find the file and shut itself down. For example, you could do the following,
cd \dmail\dwatch
copy dwatch.exit

If you have any problems or queries please contact DMail support at,