Installation and Upgrading


In order to install or upgrade, download the latest version from our FTP site and run it. It is a self extracting archive which will automatically detect your existing settings and upgrade or install as appropriate. See the download page

If you are already running an FTP server, it is essential that you stop it before starting SurgeFTP, as both will not run at once.


In order to install or upgrade, download the latest version from our FTP site. Uncompress and untar the files, then run SurgeFTP with the -install qualifier, e.g. linux install:

    Example file names, get the latest VERSION from the url above!

wget uncompress surgeftpVERSION_linuxlibc6.tar.Z tar xvf surgeftpVERSION_linuxlibc6.tar cd surgeftpVERSION_linuxlibc6 ./

Use the same commands to upgrade your existing SurgeFTP server to a new version of surgeftp, upgrade is automatic and uses /etc/surgeftp.ini

On a first time installation, the standard UNIX FTP server will be stopped by commenting out the line in /etc/inetd.conf and sending HUP signal to that process.

To uninstall SurgeFTP on unix and restart the standard FTP server you just need to kill SurgeFTP, remove it from your rc.local start script and uncomment the FTP line in /etc/inetd.conf and killall -HUP inetd

If you ever need to manually start the server:

On NT, type in: net start SurgeFTP
On 95/98, type in: /windows/surgeftp
On Unix, /usr/local/surgeftp/
Now run the Web admin tool to configure your system further.



Upgrade to version 2.0c or later then type in

	d:> SurgeFTP -uninstall