Setting Up Multi-Domain Server

1) Go to your SurgeFTP GUI interface and click on "Global" and then on a Domain (left hand side). If you are using only one IP for multiple domains, please look at this page.

2) Add the domain name that you want to use by clicking on "Add Domain". Firstly enter the name of the domain e.g. "". You should use the same spelling as the DNS entries for the IP address that the computer has, enter that IP address in the setting labled "Virtual Domain IP" and click on "Save".

When a FTP connection comes into the computer to the IP address, SurgeFTP will know what Domain the connection is wanting by matching the incomming connection to the "Virtual Domain IP" setting.

3) You will need to set up the User classes for the newly created domain so that users can login under this domain. Click on "Add Class of user", check either "Real" or "Anonymous". If you choose "Real" then this class is for the real users of this domain, their usernames and passwords are authenticated before they are given access to SurgeFTP.

You have to give the user at least a home directory, enter "/" for home, and "~" for Real Directory (without quotes). Below in the setting "Root path for users (~ translation uses this)" enter a directory path to the location of the where all of the users home directories. If you have a lot of users, choose a large hard disk :-) You could enter something like "c:\home". When User Bob successfully logs in he will have his files located at c:\home\bob\*

If you are ever planning on having more than 1000 users in the user class, we recomend that you switch on the hashing for users home directories, enter "f/o/o/o" in the setting labled "Hashing of users home directory". It is important to not change this setting on an active FTP server, as all the users will not be able to log into their ftp directory.

Enter any other settings that you require for the class.

4) Enter all the domains and IP numbers that you want SurgeFTP to respond to, by following these steps. You can also set up a local Domain with IP, which can only be reached from the local computer.