Local file path

The directory to copy files to on this system.

Remote host

The remote computer that has the files you want to mirror/backup.

Remote path

The path on the remote system that you want to mirror/backup.

Files to get

Files you want to mirror. This can be a wild card or list, e.g. "*", or "*.c,*.h"

Sub directories

If set, this makes the server copy all sub directories as well.

Use Full Path Local

If set, this copys files from remote site path to local site path plus the remote site path. If not set, this copys files from remote site path to local site path, plus any relative directory names.

Minutes between checks

This specifies how many minutes between checks. Setting this too small will waste bandwidth.


This is the username that will be used on the remote FTP server to access the files. You may specify 'anonymous' or a real username.


This is the password on the remote system. For anonymous access, this should be your email address e.g. 'bob@netwin.co.nz'

Delete files removed remotely

If set, this will make SurgeFTP delete any local files that were deleted on the remote system. It does not actively delete files that never existed on the remote system.

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