Common Questions
The following is the list of most questions people ask about WebMail.
IISv6 unable to run WebMail
If you are having problems runing WebMail with IISv6 web server the reason is that the default setup of IISv6 does not allow any .exe to be executed.
You need to update IIS6 so that it allows '.exe' as a service extension. You have to add a '.exe' to the Web Service Extensions folder. This will allow the webmail.exe to be used.
New Attach Method Error
I upgrade webmail and now when my users attempt to send emails get the error message:
Sorry email was not sent
This template set is using an OLD Attach method.
You should contact your site admin as they need to upgrade
the template set to use the new attach_id method.
Add the following ini setting to disable this warning
     allow_old_attach true

Now the reason for the new method is so that you have have multiple compose message open and the attachments don't get mixed up.
If you are using Panel, Smooth or Surge all you need to do is just upgrade to the lastest version. The updated tpl code is already been added.
If you are using Marble, Iconic or your own customized templates, you have to decide if you want to just add the ini setting:
allow_old_attach true

Or update the templates to use the new method. The main point you need to consider is can you compose more than 1 message at the same time, like Panel, Smooth and Surge. If the answer is yes you MUST update to the new method.
Below is the information on how to setup your templates to use the new attach method.
All that is needed is on your send.tpl, sp_show.tpl, attach.tpl add the hidden field:
<input type="hidden" name="attach_id" value="||attach_id||">

This will store a unique value for each compose message.
The next step is on every page that takes you to the send.tpl file (exculding the sp_show and attach) MUST have included in the link or post this:

For example, on compose, reply, forward, redirect, clicking on an email address in address book or email.
What this will do is tell the CGI to generate a unique Attach ID that will be used.
No Password Entered Error
When you login and you see the error mesasge:

You should double check that you have the following webmail.ini setting
suffix_domain true
This error might only occur on some domains and not others. New installation of webmail already have this setting and normally only happens when upgrading or adding new domains.
How to setup Hot Keys
You can setup nearly any tempalte to have hot keys like 'Ctrl-N' for new message. The Panel templates are already setup for a number of hot keys.
The following will give guide lines on how to setup your own hot keys on your customised templates.
First you need to setup add to the body tag of the template the hotkeyoverload function like this:
<body onkeypress="hotkeyoverload(event);">

The next step is creating the 'hotkeyoverload' javascript function like this:
var netscape_version = "||netscape_version||";
if (netscape_version) {
	document.onkeypress = hotkey;

function hotkeyoverload(event){

function hotkey(event){
	switch (netscape_version ? event.which : event.keyCode) {
	   case 4 : // d - delete
	   case 18 : // t - reply
	   case 7 : // g - resend
	   case 6 : // f - forward
	   case 5 : // e - redirect
	   case 2 : // b - add to address book
	   case 14 : // n - add to recent addresses
	   case 16 : // p - print
	   case 91 : // [ - prev
	   case 93 : // ] - next
	   default :

Then all you need to do is fill in the javascript code for each button.
Importing / Exporting Outlook Addresses
Before you can import Outlook's address book you need to export them. On most versions of outlook this is available as Export - Contacts to CSV file.
When importing outlook addressbooks, webmail will expect file content along the following lines and Last Name must be defined.
		"First Name","Last Name","Name","","E-mail Address","",""...
If values are blank they must be quoted. So a header of the following would work:
		First Name,Last Name,Name,"",E-mail Address,"",""       <<< WORKS
		First Name,Last Name,Name,,E-mail Address,,             <<< DOES NOT WORK

On some older versions of outlook you are unable to export addresses at all.
How do I Upgrade
Now and again you might want to upgrade to get the latest features that are on offer.
You need to first download the WebMail version you need from our site at:
Run the 'self extracting archive' (it will extract into a temporary directory) and then run the installer. This will then ask you a few questions, if you are using the Panel tpl you should always upgrade the templates.
Go to the upgrades page to see the latest new features and fixes in this version at:
If you have installed SurgeMail you should following the same steps described above. The installer should notice you have SurgeMail installed and upgrade the WebMail CGI adn template correctly.
Installing New Templates
WebMail comes with multiple templates sets. When you install, it will automatically setup all the templates and images in their correct locations.
Sometimes you are given other templates, or are upgrading Webmail which only had 1 TPL available. An example of this is SurgeMail, which only comes with the Panel tpl set. If you are wanting the other tpl sets you will need to download WebMail, run the installer and do an upgrade. This will copy all the templates and images to the correct location on your system. All you need to do, is tell WebMail that these templates exist. This is done by adding lines like the following, to your webmail.ini file.
tpl_set 1 /webmail/Iconic /img/Iconic Iconic Set
tpl_set 2 /webmail/Globe /img/Globe Globe Set
tpl_set 3 /webmail/Marble /img/Marble Marble Set
tpl_set 4 /webmail/Vanilla /img/Vanilla Vanilla Set
I'll just run through the components of the first line here...
* "tpl_set 1" is fairly self explanatory
* "/webmail/Iconic" is the directory where all the iconic templates are stored
* "/img/Iconic" is the relative URL to the images that are used for the Iconic set (like the nwimg setting for this set)
* "Iconic Set" is the name of the set that will be displayed on the select list