Welcome to WebMail Walk Through
WebMail is a web based mail application - This will show you what other customers have done to change the look and feel of WebMail.
The html template files (*.tpl) allow you to completely customize the look and feel of WebMail to suit your particular preferences. You can easily integrate web based Email into the other services provided on your website.
As you can see from the examples in this gallary, you can just change a few details and add your own logos or you can completely redesign the entire user interface. The template files can be edited with any text editor or with a little care you can use most GUI web page design software. In the list below, a screen shot of the "list new mail" page is provided for each site. Following the screen shot is some brief detail of where the site is and who did the design. On request we can also provide a contact Email address for most of these sites so you can talk directly to other system administrators who are using this product.
If you require more information or have any other questions please email our WebMail Support team at: