Change WebMail Defaults
The following covers how to change the common defaults within WebMail.
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Changing the Default Template

Changing the default template in v3.1n and higher is as simple as adding 1 webmail.ini setting.

The default installation of WebMail currently sets up 3 template sets, Panel, Smooth and Surge, where the webmail.ini settings like this:

SurgeMail on Windows
# Default Template
templates surge c:\surgemail\webmail\panel
nwimg /nwimg/imap/panel

# Available Templates
tpl_set panel c:\surgemail\webmail\panel /nwimg/imap/panel Panel
tpl_set smooth c:\surgemail\webmail\masterset\smooth /nwimg/imap/smooth Smooth
tpl_set surge c:\surgemail\webmail\masterset\surge /nwimg/imap/surge Surge

By adding the webmail.ini settings 'default_tpl smooth' or 'default_tpl surge' to match the 'tpl_set' of the template that you want to have as the default, it will change the default template for your new users.

On older systems the tpl sets were numbered (i.e. 1,2,3) on these systems you would use the number instead of the tpl name.

Changing the Default Language

Changing the default language that is used with any of templates in v3.1n and higher is as simple as adding 1 webmail.ini setting.

The setting you add is 'default_lang German' or 'default_lang French', etc. Depending on the language you want all NEW users to see webmail as.

This setting will ONLY effect the templates which has language files set up to support the selected language. Otherwise it will default to English. Smooth and Surge support a number of languages. Panel only supports English.

WebMail v3.1o does support the webmail.ini seting 'supported_languages English,French', which allows you to limit the languages that you wish to provide to your users. By default it will support all languages.