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The following table contains information on older versions of WebMail. The table is in reverse order, with the latest versions at the top. New versions may appear in the webmail/beta directory prior to full release. If there is not a current build of the latest version for your operating system, please let us know by sending an email to support-webmail@netwinsite.com.

For information on versions before 3.0y, click the link below:
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18th August 2003
  • Added TPL Command: ||begin_picklist||..||end_picklist||
    ||num|| - 1,2,3,4...
    ||pick_full|| - Pick value
    ||pick_email|| - Email only
    ||pick_personal|| - Personal info only
  • Added TPL Command: ||begin_distlist||..||end_distlist||
    ||num|| - 1,2,3,4...
    ||dist_full|| - Pick value
    ||dist_label|| - Label of Dist
    ||dist_value|| - Value of Dist
  • Added TPL Command: ||begin_rejectlist||..||end_rejectlist||
    ||num|| - 1,2,3,4...
    ||reject_full|| - reject value
    ||reject_email|| - Email only
  • Added TPL Command: ||begin_my_spell||..||end_my_spell||
    ||num|| - 1,2,3,4...
    ||spell_full|| - Spelling word
  • Fixed INI Setting: max_pick_size - If setup in the ini file if no matching setting in user.dat this setting will be used.
  • Added INI Setting: delete_sub_folders - The value of this is the folder seperator being used:
    ie. delete_sub_folders /
    delete_sub_folders .
    What will happen is that if you delete a folder it will also remove ALL sub folders
    as well.
  • Updated: Emails which have alternative parts the HTML is not included as an attachment. (IMAP only)
  • Updated: Swaping POP hosts to IMAP host now works with Hash 2 directories. (manager command)
  • Updated: <!doctype... > - is now removed when display an email to the user.
  • Added: spam filtering now supports the following:
    To and Cc
  • Added INI setting: from_use_dflt_reply - when set to true this will use the default reply address instead of building it. (for the 'from:' email header.)
  • Added INI setting: remove_none - When set to true will stop the '(none)' from being display in the pick list.
  • Fixed: Email layout issues with some emails.
  • Updated: force_imap_read_reload true - Speed increase (IMAP only)
  • Fixed: Sorting Crash on Date fields that were not RFC complient.
  • Fixed: On some emails which had no 'subject:' was displaying strange characters.
  • Added INI setting: cwmail_cvt_path - sets the workarea where the cwmail_cvt.dat file is placed. :-)
  • Added TPL command: ||dblbar|| - This will display '||'
  • Added INI setting: max_memory - This is the amount of memory webmail is allowed to use before it will exit. (in Megabytes) default 30.
  • Added INI setting: max_imap_single_download - Defaults to 30, but some broken IMAP servers require this to be set to 1.
  • Updated TPL cmd: The command ||do(...)|| can now be called like this:
  • Added INI setting: enable_flag_all - When set to true when using IMAP will flag all the emails. before a delete happens. Only used with: 'purge_trash true' ini setting.
  • Added INI setting: use_surgehost_http - When set to true will use HTTP_HOST for the surgehost.ini file lookups. :-)
  • Updated: ||begin_profile||...||end_profile|| - now also setups the variable:
    ||profile_type|| to equal textstyle if the signature is textstyle.
  • Updated: Removal of Some HTML tags.
    <base ... >
    Causes problems with links inside the page.
  • Updated: When an address book name is renamed it now says:
    {originalnickname} Nickname has been renamed to {newnickname}
  • Fixed: the folder.name file was not being created. Also updated so that on a login any missing POP folders are also grabed.
  • Updated: When the ini setting: log_login_users is set to true then any failed login will generate a line stating the user (failed_user_MM_YY.login)
  • Updated NFS Locking:
    increase time between lock checks to 1 sec
    found 1 stat command which needed a '!' check. set this limit to be ini settable. default 500
  • Added INI setting: mylock_sub_wait - defaults to 100 (500 for nfs servers) which is the number of msec between lock checks.
  • Fixed: nfs server locking routines. :-)
  • Updated: emails which had # of attachments of '-1' now display correctly.
  • Added: If the user.dat folders are lost they will not be rebuilt automatically on login.
  • Added INI setting: no_inline_cid_images - when set to true this will stop images which are inline as part of HTML message from being display when inline is turned on.
Panel Templates:
  • Fixed: on bookonly.tpl and addrbookf.tpl use ||encode_quotes|| to encode any '" or ! and then decode them using js function, or encode a value for comparisson
  • Fixed: fldbar.tpl needs tpl be changed as "page #" links display &amp;'s in netscape 4.* when they shouldn't (only with _nopreview)
  • Fixed: javascript error when "host" tr is displayed.
  • Fixed: redirect no longer puts "--forwarded on blah blah" in msg body
  • Fixed: reply and forward were using from header when replying, etc for default from field when "modify_from true" in ini file
  • Fixed: when using "delete draft" don't offer "move original to"
  • Using MACOSX IE fix: preview panel didn't work on check mail
  • Updated: use ||get_id_link||0|| to get link to user.cgi for forgotten password/etc on login.tpl and error.tpl
  • Updated: when attempting to delete a folder prompt the user asking are they sure.
  • Updated: tidied up attachf.tpl as it wasn't intuitive and add/attach don't match
3.0x 27th May 2003
  • Fixed: WebMail getting Timezone's on some O/S were not correct.
  • Added INI Setting: no_trash_quota - When set to true the trash can will NOT be part of the disk quota. And so trash can has no quota. Normally ONLY used if you also are emptying the trash on exit as well. NOTE: Only works with POP accounts.
  • Added INI settings: pophost_backup, imaphost_backup and smtphost_backup. The '_backup' are the backup hosts to use if the main one goes down.
    ONLY works if the fail happens on the socket open.
    The following template settings are setup if the back up server is used:
    backup_imap - IMAP server
    backup_pop - POP server
    backup_surgemail - xfile
  • Updated: Some emails which are not send in correct RFC822 layout can now be decoded correctly.
  • Added: ||line|| to be defined within ||begin_address||...||end_address||.
  • Added TPL Command: ||convert_text||var|| This will convert the variable to and from HTML/Plain text depending on other variables on the sendf.tpl.
  • Templates Added: Ability to delete draft when you send a draft message, same as OE.
  • Templates Fixed: Bulletins "Max Date", "sendbullf" to and "date" were not being preserved in spellcheck and attach
  • Templates Added: links on error.tpl and login.tpl to user.cgi forgot password page (SurgeMail only)
  • Templates Changed: Divided fldbar.tpl into 4 different files to avoid excessive template parsing and increase speed
  • Templates Added: customise setting to remove all the administrator stuff on the login page (panel set only)
  • Templates Added: ini setting so signature can be put into body on send page, reply page etc... instead of being tacked on when you press send. Sendf.tpl stuff for this is alreayd done with "inline_sig true", but also need stuff on config pages to turn it on or whatever, talk to lynden.
  • Templates Fixed: In item.tpl when displaying a bulletin some functions that are not available with bulletins were being displayed.
  • Templates Fixed: Netscape7 displayed the fldbar.tpl all wrong
  • Templates Added: In listf.tpl display pop and imap quota information all the time at the bottom of message list
  • Templates Changed: Filtering rules page made easier to understand
3.0w 12th May 2003
  • Added INI setting: netwin_autologin_id - Works the same as 'netwin_autologin' expect that you state the ID number first.
  • Added INI setting: enable_imap_quota - When used it will attempt to use the IMAP quota system if the IMAP server supports this feature.
  • Templates Changed: In panel templates changed tabbing order on config_rules.tpl to improve control flow
  • Templates Fixed: Bug reloading message flags from IMAP servers
  • Templates Added: Templates now XHTML compliant
3.0u 5th May 2003
  • Fixed: wordperfect files now correctly call wordperfect.
  • Fixed: The filtering message said: (no Subject) even if this was lang.dat
  • Fixed: when doing a folder listing and the IMAP server said: \NoSelect The cgi was not ignoring case.
  • Updated: IMAP fetch command calls.
  • Added ini Setting: max_imap_download - This is the max number of new mail webmail will download at a give time from the mail server. (defaults to be off)
  • Added: New SurgeMail NetAuth Autologin.
  • Added: User.dat can now be stored in SurgeMail (version 1.3c, Build Mar 10 2003+) Surgemail neededs this setting: g_xfile_allow "webmail.ip.address"
  • In WebMail you need to add this ini setting: use_surgemail_xfile true
  • Added INI setting: cookie_path - This sets up the cookie path of the cookies sent out by the CGI.
  • Added: APOP authenation support for POP servers.
  • Added: Automatically check disk space and give error message when drops below 10Meg.
  • Updated ini Settting: extended the following setting: log_user wild_username debug [socket [I_LOG_PATH [I_LOG_LEVEL [log_size [log_num]]]]]
  • Updated: Searching when talking ot an IMAP server will Now use the IMAP 'SEARCH' command to perform the search.
  • Updated: Increased the speed of the CGI.
  • Updated: So that headers of forwarded messages are preserved when asked to.
  • Updated Installer: changed installer to detect both webmail.cgi and webmail.exe on unix systems to account for upgrades from installs of surgemail.
  • Added INI setting: enable_xml - When set to true it will replace all '&' with '&' to follow the xml RFC.
  • Update: The web based manager interface: http://your.domain.com/cgi-bin/webmail.cgi?cmd=manager has been completly rewritten, it is now much faster, and easier to use.
  • Updated PGP: The entire messages can now be encoded using PGP.
  • Added: WebShareit/WebMail Interface.
  • Updated: PGP public keys in emails that you forward are not sent on.
  • Added INI setting: message_id_domain - This is used to generate the 'message-id:' on new emails.
  • Templates Added: autologin to user.cgi for friends/password/forwarding to vanilla,iconic and marble template sets
  • Templates Fixed: problem in netscape 4.7 where message textarea is not populated when doing a reply
  • Templates Added: ||top|| ini setting and support it in user.cgi
  • Templates Fixed: intermittent problem giving duplicated windows on delete.
  • Templates Updated: autorefresh of folders now only operates on the inbox folder
  • Templates Added: Server Spam Settings - links to user.cgi in Surgemail to provide advanced spam filtering
  • Templates Added: How many messages are in the folder and what folder you are in are displayed in fldbar.tpl
  • Templates Added: Abilityto select a folder to "move original message to" another folder when replying/forwarding
  • Templates Updated: timeout on okf.tpl (confirming message sent) reduced to 10 seconds
  • Templates Added: Capability to define messages to be highlighted on a per sender basis in the user.dat. Use a user.dat setting like: _highlight user@domain, user2@domain2
  • Templates Updated: Compressed "select all" into key line at bottom of listf.tpl and listf2.tpl so less likely to need to scroll screen
  • Templates Updated: Moved next\prev message from menubar into item.tpl so menubar now fits on 800*600 screen
  • Templates Updated: Converted itemmenu1.gif and itemmenu2.gif to individual images rather than image maps.
  • Templates Added: Cancel button to Spam Settings page.
  • Templates Updated: panel framenew.tpl and attachf.tpl fgor webshareit links.
3.0t 4th May 2003
  • Fixed: Some layout issues with sending HTML signature in non-html emails. HTML signature was not converting '&nbsp;', '&pos;', '&gt;', '&lt;', '&#...;'
  • Fixed: ||b_next|| and ||b_prev|| for fetch emails when 'updated_prevnext true' in your ini file
  • Added TPL Command: ||ifeven||x||...||else||..||endif|| - This command check a number for a even or odd value.
  • Updated: Fixed memory leak with '||href_text||..|| were the value was multi-valued.
  • Updated: Fixed memory leak with 'display email'
  • Updated: Address book so that it can reference Dist lists and just have the username.
  • Template change: moved 'add group' button on address book page to more sensible position.
  • Template change: Changed next/prev and deleting methods to display correct message after resorting the message list.
  • Template change: Fixed bug in 'send and delete' when forwarding multiple mesages.
  • Template change: Changed layout of options page to include 'Sending settings' and move Friends settings to inside the Spam settings.
  • Template change: Added to Sending Settings a default setting for 'keep copies'. Can be 'defaults to on', 'defaults to off' or 'sticky'.
  • Template change: Added support for autologin to autoresponder and friends settings in netauth.
  • Template change: Added a change password link that uses poppassd if poppassd present.
  • Template change: Updated newuser.tpl to use new options page.
3.0s 19th Feburary 2003
  • Fixed: quote printable encoding issue. Was encoding '='.
  • Fixed: vhost.ini was being bypassed in the code.
  • Fixed: --boundary apearing on some attachments.
  • Fixed: confirm messages having multipart/alternative content-types.
  • Fixed: When using Fetch accounts the page numbers were not accounting for the fetched emails.
  • Fixed: ||from_personal|| to only display personal information from from fields in this layout: user@domain.com (just more text)
  • Fixed: Crash in some cases when viewing an email with an HTML attachment with inline images on.
  • Updated: Reject list are now case insensitive
  • Updated: IMAP Code to account for Microsoft Exchange response.
  • Updated: Import address book to include: Pine and Eudora file types.
  • Added INI setting: include_inbox_size - When set to true the INBOX size is also included when it comes to the amount of disk space the user has used. (POP only)
  • Added INI Setting: modify_from - When set to true the 'from' address will display when writing an email for the user to change.
  • Added INI setting: use_http_host - When set to true it will use 'HTTP_HOST' environment setting instead of 'SERVER_NAME' to build the ||http_server|| settings.
  • Added INI setting: updated_prevnext - When set will use the new method of going to the next/prev email, but using the commands: 'nextitem-..' and 'previtem-..'
  • Added INI setting: empty_spam_on_exit - When set to true when the user login/logout their SPAM folder will be emptyed.
  • Added INI setting: friends_only - When set to true this will display the friends link. (see below for 'netwin_autologin' ini setting that is also needed)
  • Added TPL code: On the sendf.tpl you can now setup your own headers in emails that are sent.
    <input type="hidden" name="extra_headers" value="X-myname,X-org">
    <input type="hidden" name="X-myname" value="test">
    <input type="hidden" name="X-org" value="Netwin Ltd">
  • Added: spam filtering integrated with surgemail's X-SpamDetect header, turned on and off with the 'smitespam' user.dat setting, no. of stars to filter on defaults to 5, but can be set using the '_smitespam_stars' user.dat setting.
  • Added: On the configuration page if you are using SurgeMail it will also display a friends list link. For this to work correctly you need to have in webmail.ini the following:

    netwin_autologin /cgi/user.cgi C:\surgemail\work lcmd=user_load_friends

    In your surgemail.ini file you need to have:
    g_friends_only "TRUE"

    For this link to work

3.0r 9th January 2003
  • Added INI setting: inbox_folder - This is the name of the folder that is to be used for INBOX emails.
    ie. inbox_folder New Mail
  • Added INI setting: body_add_exe - This will run an external program and phase the output just like a template file and attach the result to the end of any email sent.
  • Updated: When a cookie login happens the CGI will select frames/non-frames depending on what the user last used.
3.0q 11th December 2002
  • Fixed: Users that had characters in their password larger than 127 were not working.
  • Fixed: Filter bug with 'fowarding Emails'
  • Added: Module information.
  • Added: New command prompt manager feature for removing x old emails from y users.
  • Added: New command prompt manager feature for checking the user.dat file sizes and attempting to drop their sizes.
  • Added: New vhost.ini file in the workarea. This file only stores the vhost lines that are normally in the ini file and it attempts to determine what 'host' to use.
    ie. user = username@host (login)
    host = host (login)
    utoken = username@host:110... (all other cmds)
    It grabs the 'host' field from one of the above. If none available will not load in the file.
  • Added: If you have a nick name in more than 1 address book it will now use clashf.tpl if you attempt to send an email using this nick name.
  • Added: ||mod_config|| that works the same as ||mod_action||
  • Added INI setting: no_slash_filename - for webservers that don't like <a href=.../webmail.cgi/filename?...
  • Added INI setting: bypass_last_default_port - This will stop WebMail from using the last IMAP or POP server they connected to.
  • Added INI setting: keep_attach_size - This sets up the limit of the users kept files.
  • Added INI setting: rel_attach_base - This is used to give the base directory for the following
    URL: cmd=rel_attach_add&selected_rel_attach=small01.jpg
    for attaching other files from on the web sever.
  • Updated: wysiwyg conversions convert the character ' into ' has been updated to &#39; as the wysiwyg code does not support ''' correctly.
  • Updated: The CGI has been updated to build on 'OpenVMS'
  • Updated: Global address to account for suffixing.
3.0p 31st October 2002
  • Fixed: Bug with moving some emails for some users. *m_* matching issue.
  • Fixed: Emails that were send that had attachments were the name was "" now defaults to "unnamed_file"
  • Fixed: user.dat mutiple folder creation.
  • Fixed: Fixed javascript error in new wysiwyg
  • Templates.
  • Fixed: When using IMAP server the size of emails were getting lost.
  • Fixed: Some HTML only emails was causing the CGI to crash.
  • Added INI setting: log_sent_emails - When set to true it will create a log file and append 1 byte each email that is sent out. Filename: email_sent_MM_YY.dat
  • Added INI setting: log_template - A setting that allows you to log the number of times a particular template file was used. eg:
    log_template item.tpl item
    This will log the number of times an email is read. Filename: template_MM_YY.dat
  • Added INI setting: log_environ - A setting that allows you to log the number of times a particular environment variable was passed in. eg:
    log_environ HTTP_X_NOKIA_BEARER This will log the number of times a Nokia Cellphone was used to access WapMail. Filename: value_MM_YY.dat
  • Added INI setting: log_login_users - When set to true this will enable the logging of the number of users that login within a month. An updated managers.tpl is also required.
  • Added INI setting: no_cookie_domain - When set to true the domain section is not sent for all cookies
  • Added INI setting: enable_wml_text - This will make any text attachments display inline when using wap.
  • Added INI setting: enable_wml_html - This will make any HTML attachments display inline when using wap with all the HTML code stripped off.
  • Added INI setting: enable_wml_rfc822 - This will make any message/rfc822 attachments display inline when using wap.
  • Added: ||dflt_reply_email|| - just the email address part of the default reply address.
  • Added: command prompt switch:
    ./webmail.cgi -stats
    This creates a file called stats.dat in the workarea with information about the webmail system when it was run.
  • Added INI setting: check_suffix - When set to true it will check that if there is already a suffix on the username it will not add it again.
  • Added INI setting: cookie_key_enable - When set to true it will encode passwords with a random key generated by the CGI.
  • Added INI setting: 'msisdn_header' and 'msisdn_path' these headers are used to store cookies on WAP (or Web) for customers that have gateways that do not support cookies, but provide an MSISDN or unquie variable for each phone. eg:
    msisdn_header MSISDN
    msisdn_path /var/spool/webmail/msisdn
  • Added INI setting: delta_cookie - When set to true all cookies use 'Max-Age=..' instead of 'expires=..' in all cookies
  • Added INI setting: enable_ns_wysiwyg - when set to true will display the netscape wysiwyg interface.
  • Added: ||msg_line|| within ||begin_list||..||end_list|| which is a count (line no.) 1,2,3,4.
  • Added: ||title|| and ||display_name|| variables setup in ini file and defaulted to WebMail
  • TPL change: added autologin into wml
  • Templates.
  • Updated: You can now translate the '(none)' in the pick list on the send page.
  • Updated INI setting: cookie_valid_days - to accept hours as a setting.
  • Updated: Allowed addresses inside the address book not to be limited to 200 characters.
  • Updated: WYSIWYG messages so that the alternative part places '\n' in correctly.
  • Updated: 'ist - Indian Standard Time - GMT +05:30' to the list of timezones.
  • Updated: Leading spaces of attachmnet names are removed.
3.0n 4th September 2002
  • Fixed: ||http_action|| to use cgi_path if it begins with "https:", was only doing so for "http:"
  • Added INI setting: cvt_cwmail_live - When set to true this will automatically convert cwmail users by spawning the 'cwmail_cvt' for any users that do not have a user.dat
    You MUST also have the ini setting:
    cwmail_workarea /your/cwmaildir/here/
  • Added: WYSIWYG Editor in the Marble TPL set.
  • Added INI setting: max_download - When using a POP account this setting limits the number of new messages to be downloaded on 1 reload mail command. The default is 200.
  • Added INI setting: enforce_new - When set to true this new flag will be lost between mail checks instead of session logins.
  • Added INI setting: not_allowed_attach - This is a comma seperated list of wild card names of files that are not allowed to be attached. eg:
    not_allowed_attach *.exe,*.doc,*.pdf,*.xls
  • Updated: Signature Profile Names how keep their case.
  • Updated: If a user states the port number of the host it will default to every login unless another port is stated.
  • Updated: can now delete multiple address book entries when using wap.(';' seperator)
  • Updated: Increased the speed of accessing POP account that have large numbers of emails.
  • Updated: Searching for Non-English characters in the body of an email now works.
  • Updated: Email Search function now will search words on mutiple lines.
3.0m 28th June 2002
  • Fixed: todo list was displaying the date incorrectly
  • Fixed: empty_trash_on_exit ini setting was not emptying trash on logout.
  • Fixed: cgi did not exit if send_wrap or read_wrap were set to 0 or a negative number. now webmail will not wrap if they are set to 0 or a negative number.
  • Fixed: Some messages with 'Content-Type: application/rtf' were not being downloaded correctly.
  • Updated: multipart/alternative messages are now forwarded with same conent type.
  • Updated: If the values of max_email_rcpt or max_email_sends are in the user.dat file they override the default setting for that user.
  • Added INI setting: cache_control - This is used to set a Cache-Control page header:
    cache_control no-cache
    converts to:
    Cache-Control: no-cache
    when sending page headers like the 'content-type' of the data to the webserver.
  • Added INI Setting: use_x_uidl - When set to true it will cache the 'UIDL' for use later.
    NOTE: Not all Mail servers correctly support this.
  • Template Change: most of the javascript in the panel set has been moved into seperate <tpl_name>.js files that go into the panel image directory
  • The CGI has gone through general speed improvements. :-)
3.0k 27th May 2002
  • Fixed: Bug in ||begin_attachments||...||end_attachments|| some attachments
    not being downloaded.
  • Fixed: ||message_text|| used in panel template set spell checking.
  • Fixed: NFS server fix - Locking on nfs server has been updated. Was not working previously, anyone using WebMail over NFS should upgrade to this version.
  • Added: When doing a 'letter_pos' on the adderss book for nick names then
    the following variable 'letter_match' is setup with one of the below variables:
    WHOLE - Matches the 'letter_pos'
    LETTER - The first letter matches
    NUMBER - The first letter is a number
  • Added INI setting: debug_new_user - When set it will log user.new failures.
  • Added INI setting: store_bcc - when set to true it will save the 'bcc' when saving message as a draft and copies to self folder. :-)
  • Added: command line manager function to move user directories from one pophost to another.
  • Added: now allowing CWMail and DMailWeb keys to work, (CWMail)WapMail keys will work in wap mode.
  • Added INI setting: enable_user_encode - When set to true it user profile directories that have '/\:*?"<>|!' will be encoded.
  • Added: binhex encoding so that attachments work when using WebMail from a mac and eudora on a mac.
  • Added INI setting: folder_uft7_encode - When set to true, when the CGI is talking to the IMAP server folder names are UTF-7 Encoded.
  • Added TPL comand: ||just_include||varaible|| - like the ||include|| however, using this command the file will not be phased through the template phaser, it will be displayed as is.
  • Updated: 'javascript:' and 'onmouse..' tags when viewing emails are now replace with '_...'.
    ie. <img src="javascript:...">
    <a onmouseover="...">
    <img src="_javascript:...">
    <a _onmouseover="...">
  • Updated: when using the 'valid_host' ini setting, the pophost/imaphost in the ini file is always valid.
  • Updated: Increased the speed of the Folders page.
  • Updated: the 'Save to Disk' link on the item page now actually gets the browser to save the message to a file on the user's system. Used to just display only raw email to screen.
  • Updated: 'netwin_autologin' to allow multiple commands to be sent when doing an autologin to netauth.
  • Updated: 'charset=utf-7' message that arrived from 'Microsoft Outlook IMO, Build 9.0.2416 (9.0.2910.0)' to display correctly.
  • Updated: On some Windows systems the manager page would not detect or modify some users.
  • Update: New Date Layout: 28-Mar-2002 14:14:01 CEDT now converted correctly.
3.0i 29th April
  • Fixed: When 'x_originating_ip' and 'x_mailer' settings were used at the same time caused
  • Fixed: Forwarding of emails not all attachments were getting kept.
  • Fixed: 'savaddr' command when called using <input type=image ... > submit rather than href.
  • Fixed: ||begin_attachments||..||end_attachments|| with emails that were uuencodded attachments also get displayed. Added: 'letter_pos=x' were x can be any letter or combo of letters. When this is send when viewing an address book it will default to display this as the first item in the list. Implemented in WML to allow quick access to known nicknames.
  • Added: command line prompt action '-manager_bypass'. Same as '-manager' command, but does not remove empty user directories (takes too long on particularly large systems).
  • Added: the user.dat variable ||email_sent|| is now available so the user can be warned that
    he/she has reached their max_email_sends.
  • Added INI setting: force_send_wrap - forces words longer than the send_wrap ini setting to be chopped onto multiple lines.
  • Added: 'attach_id' for use on the plan template set to allow seperate attachments for each
    message being written.
  • Added INI setting: remove_dfltreply_prefix true When set to true when creating the default email address and the pop host has:
    imap. pop. pop3. mail. webmail. www.
    It will remove it when creating the default reply address.
  • Added: ||remove_email|| - template function, used to remove a particular email
    address out of a list. Used: ||remove_email||list_of_emails||email_to_remove||
  • Updated: So that HTML emails that have '<style>...</style>' tags, the contents is not
    display to the user.
  • Updated: when sending a bulletin the sender is included in who to send the message to.
  • Updated: no longer allowing '!' characters in profile names.
  • Updated: no longer wrapping words longer than the send_wrap value.
  • Updated TPL: ||http_action|| - This variable will be set to 'action' if the cgi_path
    ini setting has 'http:' at the start.
  • Updated: eanabled usernames to be able to contain ','.
  • Updated INI setting: reply_prefix - '_' characters in the ini setting are translated into ' ' characters to allow spaces.
  • Updated: Usernames that used the characters '/\:*?"<>|!' are now encoded when generating the user profile directory. Normally occured with suffixing.
  • Updated: send_wrap - Now chops at ' '(spaces) ','(commas) and ';'(Semicomma)
  • Updated: If the Folder name has non printable characters (or ") then it will use
    the list in this way:
    A0019 SELECT {3}
    Create in this way:
    A0019 CREATE {3}
    A0019 COPY 1:* {3}
    NOTE: setting 'bypass_folder_break' to 'true' in the ini will stop the CGI
    from breaking the folder onto the next line.
  • Updated: 'r_header' to now include: 'X-SpamDetect'
  • Updated: Remove leading and training quotes on the variables ending with '_personal'
  • Updated: Setup EMail header:
    Importance: High
    Importance: Low
  • Updated: setup so that 'reject' is allowed to be larger than 1k.
  • Updated: Emails that do not have a 'date:' for 'from:' headers are now displayed
    as empty.
  • Updated: user.dat now written to user.new then renamed to user.dat to avoid loosing
    user.dat files if process is killed while writing to the user.dat.
  • Updated: quota used now correct for saving draft messages and copis to self,
    along with renaming folders.
  • Updated: Rebuild indexes now remembers the folders name even if the user.dat file is lost.
    Users the 'folder.name' to determine folder name.
  • Updated: Rebuild indexes rebuilds the fld-* user.dat setting to make them correct.
3.0h 14th February
  • Fixed: no longer replacing tabs with 4 spaces when viewing user.dat in manager's page
  • Fixed: Bug with IMAP 'BODY' decoding when {xx} is used.
  • Fixed: IMAP bug which displayed 'Failed to delete (x*) to trash' or 'invalid Message ID (x*)'
  • Added INI setting: answer_update - When set to true it will use the new answering flag
                    method where only when the reply message is sent is the message flaged
                    as answered. The variable 'answered' is used to store the UID of the message.
                    Required template changes
  • Added INI setting: auto_timezone - When set to 'true' this will automatically account for
                        daylight savings when display dates to the user.
  • Added: sgt timezone (Singapore).
  • Added TPL variable:    list_email_charset
    TPL change at the END of the listf.tpl added the following:
             <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=||list_email_charset||">
  • Updated: WML now does not display '[emsg.txt]' inside the email message.
  • Updated: Some Email message layouts were not being display correctly.
                (All Outlook express / Outlook "embraced and enhanced" layouts)
  • Updated: When replying to an email the body is as nicer paragraphs.
  • Updated: disabled "raw" viewing style in WapMail.
  • Updated: Code so that is first fails to locate a message it will check the cache and
            try again.
  • Updated: rfc1522 encoding to only encode none english characters.
3.0g 26th January
  • Fixed: Some display problems with Outlook express email layouts
  • Fixed: Viewing Outlook express emails in WAPMail
  • Added: The command line manager (./webmail.cgi -manager) has been intended to also remove empty users as well as display how long ago in days the account were lasted used.
  • Updated: Repaced 'tab' characters in an email with 4 spaces when
            viewing email only.
  • Updated: If the message headers are encoded then the variable
                ||email_charset|| is setup with the same 'charset'
3.0f 24th January
  • Fixed: copy/move/delete/etc on IMAP when leave_headers_cache=false.
  • Fixed: priority header wasn't being stored correctly so list generally ignored priority when
  • Fixed: '#' character in username now works.
  • Fixed: Headers for emails which have "Received:" headers on multiple lines below other
              message headers.
  • Fixed: converting users from hash_method 1 to hash_method 2 on manager page.
  • Fixed: 'cache login page' error on cookies when the user logs out.
  • Fixed: Attachment problem with users that have '+' as part of their username
  • Fixed: address book and profile names that contain ()<>+=etc characters.
  • Fixed: '.' characters in email bodies were causing problems
  • Fixed: disk_quota when using pop was not limiting users disk space.
  • Fixed: special characters in address book and profile names now work.
  • Fixed: Some images with '[]' charcters were not being displayed correctly.
  • Updated: Email Search to display the results as it finds them.
  • Updated: "Cache-Control: no-cache" page header sent in wml mode.
  • Updated: cmd=bulletin to setup ||fld|| and ||folder to be bulletin_fld.
  • Updated: cvt_host_file ini setting now affects the name of .flg files that WebMail uses to
                   store the "recent" flag.
  • Updated: The address book, 'cmd=del_addr' now checks for 'old_nickname' instead of
                   'nickname' so that it is possible to 'process=del_addr' and still do a
  • Updated: The Fetch Accounts, 'cmd=fet_delete' now checks for 'old_fet_host' and
                   'old_fet_user' so that it is possible to 'process=fet_delete' and still do a
  • Updated: The Fetch accounts to now be setup automatic or manual setup. Where
                   automatic will be done any time the 'INBOX' is re-checked, manual the fetch
                   emails will only be checked when an seperate button is clicked.
                   (list.tpl and config.tpl changes)
  • Updated: Fetch accounts when active on the list page if it fails to connect will generate a 1
                   of the following messages:
           is not responding
           failed to connect
           did not reply back
           does not support IMAPrev1 (IMAP servers only)
  • Updated: NFS server locking not to lock on all commands only the commands that
                   require locking.
  • Updated TPL: 'sendf.tpl/send.tpl' has been updated so that when a draft is edited and
                           save as draft again an popup window asking if you wish to delete the old
  • Added CMD: soft_list and soft_item - Gets lock but doesn't mine not having it and will
               continue. These two settings are used on the panel sets, and needed for slow Mail
               server or users that have large number of emails, so the download is slow.
  • Added: address book information now available on the send page and forward page.
  • Added INI setting: strip_suffix - When set to true the 'suffix' is remove when building
            the default 'from:', 'sender:' as well as the 'default reply' fields of an email.
  • Added INI setting: invalid_user - Which lists the users that are not allowed to be used.
                    ie.     invalid_user *smith*,*f??k* etc...
  • Added: If the variable '_bypass_filter_flags=true' is setup when a list of the inbox is done
            every message will be refiltered even if they have been filter before.
  • Added: The command 'cmd=replyall' now removes any mutiple email address.
  • Added TPL Command: ||begin_email||variable||....||end_email||
                    This will take the 'varaible' and cutup into seperate email addresses.
                    The following Varaibles will be setup.
                                email             (Whole)
                                email_email         (Email address only)
                                email_personal     (Personaly Details only)
                                num                 Email Numbered starting at 1+
  • Added INI setting: smtp_mail_domain - Which will use this domain when talking to the
               SMTP server for the the 'sender' and also the 'Mail From:' smtp command.
               The reason for this is that some mail servers double check the 'domain' is a
               valid before accepting the mail. If the SMTP server that WebMail is talking to is
               internal to a network you need to setup this ini setting to point to the SMTP
               that is valid on the internet.
  • Added INI settings:    main_timeout - This is the timeout for conecting to the main account.
                                                            (default 20 seconds)                            
                        fetch_timeout - This is the timeout for connecting to fetch accounts
                                            when setup to automatic. (default 10 seconds)
                        fetch_man_timeout - This is the timeout for connecting to fetch accounts
                                            when setup to manual. (default 20 seconds)
                        multihost_timeout - This is the timeout for checking multihost accounts.
                                            (default 10 seconds)
  • Added INI setting: fetch_autodetect - When set to true this will check the fetch account
                    when created and if it fails will not add to the fetch list.
                    Possible Message responses:
                            Failed to Connect to
                            Connected to did not detect IMAP/POP server
                            Username/Password was invalid
  • Added INI setting: x_originating_ip - When set to true this will setup the following header:
  • Added INI setting:    log_user wild_username debug socket
            This allows selective users information be loged into seperate files or just a selected
                    ie.     log_user lynden@* webimap.log d:\webimap\socket.log

                    wild_username: Can be of a wild list of users without any spaces.
                            ie.     lynden@*
                    debug:     will use the 'log_path' ini setting.                                        
                    socket: will not.
            If 'debug' or 'socket' are set to 'none' then that will not be logged
                    ie.     log_user lynden@* webimap.log none
  • Added: The folowing variables setup on a cmd=config
                v_raw, v_headers, v_font, v_inline
  • Extended CMD: cmd=pick_save so that when
                        'save_only=dist_list' only the dist list will be saved.
                        'save_only=pick_list' only the pick list will be saved.
3.0d 1st November 2001
  • Fixed: 'delitem_next' on IMAP, was going to list page.
  • Fixed: Incorrect password for user with active fetch accounts on login caused cgi crash.
  • Fixed: CGI UIDL error that can occur on QPOP.
  • Fixed: 'Rebuild Indexes' was causing messages to be displayed twice in pop folder lists.
  • Updated: Sorting now ignores the following charcters if they are first in a header: space, tab, double quote, single quote, '<'.
  • Updated: When sending a message or saving a draft message, you can use the back button and the 'attachment' will be available.
  • Updated: When you edit a Draft message and you save it as a draft message it will not ask you if you wish to replace or create a new draft message.
                        Changes in 'send.tpl' and 'sendf.tpl'
  • Added INI setting: disallow_profile_characters - list of charcters to disallow in profile names. Already not allowing #&@~/."
  • Added: New template variable, ||fld-foldername|| will give the size of the folder 'foldername'. eg: ||fld-Dreaft|| will give the size of the 'Draft' folder. POP folders only.
  • Added: The following settings are setup on the ||begin_folder||..||end_folder||
                         fld_fetch         - Set to true when INBOX folder is being displayed.
                         fld_fetch_msg     - The number of Emails in the fetch accounts.
                         fld_fetch_size     - The Size of all the meailk in bytes in the fetch accounts.
                         fld_fetch_ksize     - The size in kbytes.
                         fld_fetch_draft     - The number of draft messages in fetch accounts
                         fld_fetch_delete- The number of marked to be deleted messages in fetch
                         fld_fetch_seen     - The number of seen messages in fetch accounts
                         fld_fetch_unseen- The number of unseen messages in fetch accounts
                         fld_fetch_flagged- The number of flagged messages in fetch accounts
                         fld_fetch_reply     - The number of reply messages in fetch accounts
  • Added TPL Command: ||add||var1||var2|| and ||sub||var1||var2|| These two new commands will only work for intergers and if 1 of the values have a 'k' in it it will attach a 'k' to the result.
                                            ie.   ||add||1||2||        --> 3
                                                 ||add||1k||2k||     --> 3k
                                                 ||add||1||2k||       --> 3k
  • Added INI setting: enable_stdout_blocking - when set to true it will make the stdout output blocking.
  • Added INI setting: stdout_blocking_time - This allowed to change the default 60 second timeout when talking to the web server.
  • Added INI setting: lock_wait_time - sets the ammount of time in seconds to wait for file locks when "lock_force_wait" is true in the ini file. Default is 2 seconds.
3.0c 4th October 2001
  • Fixed: Coookies were not being cleared properly.
  • Fixed: ||beign_attachments||..||end_attachment|| in some cases did not provide the correct URL.
  • Fixed: ||java_text||var|| and ||href_text||var|| when ||var|| is multi valued.
  • Fixed: IMAP mailbox list now updated on login and saveconfig.
  • Fixed: email addresses inside links now display correctly
  • Fixed: public address books fixed when sending outside local domain.
  • Fixed: delitem_next-* command wasn't going to correct item in POP folders (Worked in INBOX)
  • Fixed: delitem_next-* command on IMAP wasn't updating the total number of messages in the folder ||nitems||
  • Fixed: v_myfrom wasn't being saved to user.dat.
  • Updated: Error message 'No Such Net exists' to:
                    Attempting to access mail server before initalising connection.
                    Setup query/post to pass 'force_connection=true'.
  • Updated: negative values for number of messages per page automatically changed to positive
  • Updated: ||server|| to also include the port number if not port 80
  • Updated: target=".." now added to all hrefs in html attachments when being displayed using inline images.
  • Updated: "(Recipient List Supressed)" in "To:" field when sending with bcc field only.
  • Updtaed: Handling of html attachments is improved as some cases of html were causing display issues.
  • Added INI setting: body_add_tpl - This will phase a template file from the
  • Templates directory and attach the result to the end of any email sent.
  • Added INI setting: force_imap_read_reload - "Read" flags updated on every reload on IMAP if true.
  • Added INI setting: show_tpl_names - When set to true adds an html comment at the top of each page parsed out stating the name of the template (also happens for ||include|| files).
  • Added INI setting: disable_internal_connection - When set to true, disables the "non-essential" internal connections set up by WebMail.
  • Added: ||version|| gives the version number of WebMail.
  • Added: require_lock=true when sent as part of a post or query will override the normal file locking and force the file locking to occur.
  • Added: If 'do_admin_fn=true' is sent as a post or querry then the admin auto-delete/auto-logout functions are called.
  • Added TPL variable: If your username is 'user@domain' then two extra varaibles will be available called:
  • Added CGI Command: cmd=quick_login - This will preform a login without download of new mail.
  • Added: Extra debugging line in CGI_INPUT.
  • Added TPL Command: ||env||value|| - This returns back the environment variable of the value.
  • Added: The following variables are available on the folders page:
                fld_inbox_total - The total size of INBOX.
                fld_kinbox_total - The total size of INBOX in kbytes.
                fld_isize_total - The total size of all folders less INBOX.
                fld_kisize_total - The total size of all folders less INBOX in kbytes.
  • Default Tpl Change: Fixed behaviour of Panel
  • Templates when opening a folder from the foldersf.tpl
  • Default Tpl Change: Updated folders pages so that pressing "Enter" creates the folder typed in.
  • Default Tpl Change: Fixed folder list on list page of iconic
  • Templates for pages other than page 1.
3.0b 14th August 2001
  • Fixed: utokens being timing out automatically after GMT day change.
  • Fixed: IMAP/POP cache timing problems, only occured on slow mail servers.
  • Fixed: ||fld|| was being encoded twice, so folder names that had spaces were not working.
  • Fixed: The changing of the flags was not being updated in cache.
  • Fixed: From addresses that had:   
              were displaying nothing on list page when should be displaying:
  • Fixed: Disk quota's and ||pop_size|| variable on POP connections now display correct values
  • Updated: Profiling to automatically update user.dat as needed.
  • Added: Variable: ||number_fetch|| - which states the number of fetch accounts setup
  • Added INI setting: cvt_host_file - sets a file used to convert hosts when creating user directories, file layout is:
    <current.host> <destination.host>
    my.new.pop.host my.old.pop.host
3.0a 23rd July 2001
  • Fixed: cgi_path - not being used.
  • Fixed: 1 Email was causing problems on the IMAP side.
  • Fixed: ||begin_attachments||..||end_attachments|| - Some attachments links were not correct more than 1 boundary deep.
  • Updated ini setting: auto_delete <wild user> <x days> [<y days>]
    This setting is used to determine when accounts will be automatically
    used if not login for x number of days. You are allow multiple settings.
    When set to 0 days then this account will never be removed.
    Accounts that haven't been used for y number of days their cache will be removed
    to save disk space.
                            NOTE: order of these settings matter.
                                    ie.     auto_delete lynden* 0 0
                                        auto_delete *@temp 1
                                        auto_delete * 60 20
  • Added INI setting: leave_headers_cache - When set to true the index.dat files will be left on server so that the download of the new Email headers is faster. (ie login in and reload_mail)
  • Added INI setting: socket_timeout - defaults to 30seconds but you can change the default timeout seting on mail server commands.
2.0v 10th July
  • Fixed: hostlist - was not correctly being setup. Only happens when viewing in mode 3.
  • Fixed: EMails which had more than 1 image at a time displayed.
2.0u 5th July
  • Fixed:    ||attach_link|| filename was not being converted using ||href_text||x|| so that filenames with spaces was causing problems.
  • Fixed: Bcc field only send an email to the first email address.
  • Updated: Hotmail EMails sent attachments are sent with full path ie 'c:\winnt\hotmail.gif' which causes problems. Also inline images from Hotmail somedon't have names.
  • Updated: So that the error "No 'To:' field enter" will only occur if their is no 'To', 'Cc' and 'Bcc' fields.
  • Updated: Added new error messages when you try to forward, copy, move, delete no messages.
                 Please select a message to forward
                 Please select a message to copy
                 Please select a message to move
                 Please select a message to delete
  • Added: Extra code to manually remove any left temp files if they are too old (30 mins). Processed at the same time when auto_logout checks are done.
  • Added: Message read receipt.
                 Template changes: send.tpl(sendf.tpl), sp_show.tpl(sp_showf.tpl), attach.tpl(attachf.tpl)
  • Templates: confirm.tpl, confirm.msg
  • Added: New Mail sound when every new mail arrives, not just on login.
  • Added: default.dat is now phases just like a template.
  • Added: ||reply||, ||reply_email|| and ||reply_personal|| to be available on the forward.tpl.
  • Added TPL Variables: last_page, _current_page - Which are setup with the template name so that you can tell which this template is named as well as the last template it sentout.
  • Added TPL Command: ||java_text||var|| - Which will convert the value of the variable to work correctly as a javascript variable, no spaces, commas, qoutes, etc..
  • Added TPL Command: ||/*||...||*'/'|| - This will not phase out any tpl code within these.
  • Added INI setting: disable_user_locking - This will stop the CGI from preforming locking.
                   true - stop locking
                   false - Always lock
                   (none defined) - Depending on Command.
  • Added INI setting: disable_imap_checking - If your IMAP server does support mutiple connections to the same folder then setting this to true will allow this.
  • Added INI setting: mylock_wait - This determine how long the CGI will wait for the locking file before continuing or generating an error.
  • Added INI setting: mylock_timeout - This determine how long the the lock are allowed to be valid before they are ignored.
2.0t 13th June
  • Fixed: the 'delitem_next' was not accounting for the reverse sort order.
  • Fixed: An IMAP email error, when a single ')' was on a line by itself caused an 'Failed to locate MSG ID' error message.
  • Fixed: Auto login mail server not located with accounts that the user.dat file is not already setup.
  • Fixed: When you do a forward then click back and then do a forwardsel the attachs of the orginal forward were being attached to the forwardsel emails.
  • Updated: all wml conversion functions not convert the character ' into &apos; and the charcter " into &qout;
    As not all gateways accepted &#xx; correctly.
  • Updated: the 'x_mailer' ini setting can now have the uses name setup in it.
                 ie.     X_Mailer WebMail ||version|| ( ||remote_ip|| - ||user|| )
  • Added: Global External Address books to be added to or changed.
  • Added INI settings: max_email_size - If an EMail which is equal to or larger than this amount. A new template called 'large.tpl' will be display asking if the user wants to download such a large email and that it will take a while to perform this action.
    When force_download=true is also sent this check is ignored.
  • Added INI settings: bind_sockets - This will force all outgoing sockets to bind to a selected IP number. Only used if the machine has mutiple IP's and you want to make sure that the CGI when talking to the Mail server, looks like that it is comming from 1 address.
2.0s 25th May 2001
  • Fixed: Attachments were not being view in folders that had spaces in them.
  • Fixed: Next and Previous buttons on Bulletins.
  • Fixed: Moving Emails from a Fetch account to a IMAP folder on some IMAP servers caused viewing problems.
  • Fixed: 'valid_host' ini file stoped working.
  • Fixed: Having 2 Filtering for one Email message.
  • Fixed: User listings on Unix style systems to be correct.
  • Fixed: Sending headers that were larger than 1024 bytes now are cut up into lines.
  • Fixed: The 'hostlist' first line was changed if you selected another host.
  • Fixed: Some Emails were not beging displayed on some IMAP servers. (unexpected headers returning)
  • Fixed: Profile signatures of larger than 1024 caused some large user.dat files.
  • Updated: Email address inside of Emails were not correctly picked up if more than one per line.
  • Updated: The email date fields to accept the layout:
                                Tue May 1 15:54:31 2001 -0400
  • Updated: Increase speed of filtering, deletion, move, copy, and reloading of EMails.
  • Updated: the TODO list to be in date chronological order.
  • Updated: the TODO list to be able to update note.
  • Updated: Plain text attachments are displayed all the time to the user.
  • Updated: The filtering logging messages changed and also translateable in the lang.dat file.
  • Updated: '(no subject)' be language converted.
  • Added TPL command: ||length||str|| - This returns the lenght of the string.
  • Added TPL command: ||begin_host||..||end_host|| - This is used to replace the old 'hostlist' variable.
  • Added TPL command: force_sort - when set to 'new' this will force only the new items, in the folder to be sorted and the next/previous emails are setup.
             ie.         ||force_sort||new||
  • Added TPL command: ||cvt_date||var1||var2|| - This will convert the date field 'var1' to the layout of 'var2'.
             ie.     ||cvt_date||h_date||date_layout||
  • Added TPL command: ||divide||lot||var|| - This will take the variable value (var) and convert it into seperate images for each letter, using the 'lot' as part of the src="...".

             ie.     ||divide||(||nwimg||/fonts/russian_)||h_subject||

             builds:    <img border="0" src="||nwimg||/fonts/russian_xxx.gif">
                            where the 'xxx' is the decimal number of the character.
                                    ' ' = 032...etc.

    When used in conjuction with '||email_charset||' to select which character sets to display you can setup the page to display in one character set but display stuff in others, using images.
    NOTE: This will not work correctly with characters sets that use wide characters.
  • Added INI setting: disallow_folder_characters - The list of characters setup with this setting, folder names are not allowed to be created with or renamed with.
  • Added INI setting: nt_convert_\ - When set to true this will replace '\\' with '\' when decoding the list command. Only needed on some NT IMAP servers that use '\\' as their seperator.
  • Added INI setting: header_charset - This will replace the default 'ISO-8859-1' character set the setting provided. This can also be setup the send page when passed in with the send cmd.
  • Added INI setting: force_8bit_encoding - When set to true any email message that is sent the text will be left in is 8bit's and not 'quoted-printable'encoded. This can also be setup on the send page when passed in with the send cmd.
  • Added INI setting: escape_imap_pass - When set to true when talking to the IMAP server the character '\' is replaced with '\\' on password sending only.
  • Added INI setting: remove_fwd_inline_text - When set to true the plain/text attachments are not display inline when a forward_edit command is generated.
  • Added INI setting: remove_inline_text - When set to true the plain/text attachments are not display inline all the time.
  • Added INI setting: multi_host_allow_@ - When set to true the CGI will stop phasing the user field of the 'multi-host' and leave as entered. So that usernames like:     lynden@ are left alone.
  • Added INI setting: time_offset - This is used when the CGI does not correctly determines the CGI's GMT. Set this to the timezone that the computer is on. This also shows up on the 'cmd=test' page.
  • Added INI setting: rset - When set to 'true' when talking to pop server and downloading of the headers the command 'RSET' is used to reset the read flag.
  • Added INI setting: force_imap_redownload - When set to true will force the headers to be downloaded again when the EMail message body is downloaded. On 'OpenMail' server changes the boundaries each time it was accessed.
  • Added INI setting: top_limit - Which is used to change the number of tops the CGI sends before reading data. default 100. This increases the Speed of the process of downloading Email headers.
  • Added INI setting: mail_wastebasket - This the name of the wastebasket that the mail server creates that should be deleted. (IMAP only)
              ie.     mail_wastebasket WASTEBASKET
  • Added INI setting: debug_external_book - When set to true, a file called 'external.log' is create and all the input and output of global external address book are logged into this file.
  • Added INI setting: allow_fld_spaces - When set to true will allow spaces to be created in folder names.
  • Added INI setting: no_email_hr - When set to true the '<hr>' are not display when viewing.
  • Added INI setting: imap_alt_fetch - when see to true it changes the header fetch from:
                     UID FETCH 1:* (FLAGS BODY RFC822.HEADER)
               to    FETCH 1:* (FLAGS BODY RFC822.HEADER UID)
    Some IMAP servers do not correctly support 'UID FETCH'.
  • Added INI setting: default_folders_first - When set to true all the menubar and folder lists are all in alpha-numberic order, but with the default folders first.
  • Added INI setting: translate_fld - when set to true the error messages that display the folders name will be translated using the lang.dat file before being displayed to the user.
    Currently only does it on the following error message:
                            Message was Saved as a Draft in Folder '%.100s'
                            Message was Saved to '%.200s' Folder
                            Errors Occurred when Saving to '%.200s' Folder {%.200s}
                            Not allowed to create this folder {%.200s}
                            Not allowed to delete this folder {%.200s}
                            Not allowed to rename this folder {%.200s}
                            Not a Valid Folder Name {%.200s}
                            Folder {%s} has been renamed to {%s}
                            Failed to Open '%.200s
  • Added INI setting: set_umask - This will change the umask bits. Needed on some O/S that has setup the umask to be strange, so directories can't be created with executable access.
                     ie.     set_umask 002
  • Added Setting: purge_trash - When set to true and is sent with the empty trash command, this will only delete messages that are marked to be deleted.
  • Added:    email_charset - To be setup on the item template so that you can add the following to the item.tpl
                   <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=||email_charset||">
  • Added: Allow bulletin admins to delete bulletins.
                    Updated:   bulletinf.tpl and bulletin.tpl
  • Added: To allow the user to select if the sig should be first or last. when sig_first is set to true then it is placed first.
                      Updated: sendf.tpl and send.tpl
  • Added: The ability to search EMails using the 'To:' field.
                      Update: search.tpl and searchf.tpl
  • Added: Automatically add addresses to my Pick List from people I respond to. (instead of every Email you view)
                        Update: pickf.tpl and pick.tpl
2.0r 29th March 2001
  • Fixed: Reject List to Account for wild cards '*' and '?'.
  • Fixed: Some IMAP server were using NIL instead of "" for a LIST responce.
  • Fixed: Limit on distribution lists to be 10,000 per line.
  • Fixed: Address book and Dist List for users with dots in their names.
  • Fixed: Fetch move on NFS.
  • Updated: Plain text attachments are displayed all the time to the user on WAP.
  • Updated: Create/Delete and Rename folders to check folder names without case.
  • Added: Account search and deletion via command prompt.
                 ./webmail.cgi -manager
    you mush have setup a managers page. Extensions to this will be made.
2.0q 15th March 2001
  • Fixed: Signatures setup not to use user profiling not being saved.
  • Fixed: Internal server error on some systems that use 'cmd=show'.
  • Fixed: Fetch accounts.
  • Added INI setting: lowercase_host - this will lowercase the host fields, normally used in conjuction with @pop or @imap settings.
2.0p 1st March 2001
  • Fixed: CGI crash on deletion on the item template.
  • Update: WAP
  • Templates.
  • Added TPL command: ||begin_for||start||end||...||end_for|| - This will preform a for loop starting at 'start' and ending at 'end' and setup the variable '||for||' the the number.
2.0n 20th February 2001
  • Fixed: A date problem on Emails that generated a time before 1st Jan 1970.
  • Updated: Speed of the CGI though many of the commands.
  • TPL change: In the newuser.tpl you need to add the following inside your form.
                   <input type=hidden name="force_connection" value="true">
  • TPL change: In the attach.tpl (and attachf.tpl) you need to add the following inside your form.
                   <input type=hidden name="force_connection" value="true">
  • TPL change: in the configf.tpl (and config.tpl) you need to add the following as part of the links that display the filter list.

              ie.<a href="||action||?cmd=config&con_display=filter
                         <b>Filtering Rules</b></a>
Version Date New Features and Bugs Fixed
2.0m 16th February 2001
  • Fixed: External address book SEARCH command.
  • Fixed: Selecting Folders which had 'INBOX" as part of the folder name failed.
  • Fixed: Folder display when a folder was deleted.
  • Fixed: Unable to delete a signature with no text. (ie displaying: '(No Signature)')
  • Fixed: html_body and wml_body was breaking in the middle of <..> causing display problems.
  • Fixed: mailto: being converted incorrectly in emails.
  • Fixed: Sorting method for pop folders.
  • Fixed: External address book for the pages to work for all address books, not just the first one.
  • Fixed: Bulletin Displaying
  • Fixed: Not setting up cookie straight away on configuration save.
  • Fixed: .pdf display problem on IE on PC's.
  • Fixed: LOGIN on imap-2000b.
  • Fixed: Spellcheck erro when the last word on a line is incorrect the line is display is incorrect.
  • Updated: Decoding of POST's to account for lower case (ie. %3a and %3A).
  • Updated: The folder listing and pick listing to do a multi-lang convertion.
  • Updated: When replying to an Email if it already has the "re:" then it will not add it.
  • Updated: h_pri - Now will be 'Priority' or 'X-Priority'.
  • Updated: X-Priority is set to '1 (High)' when Priority is anything other than 'Normal'.
  • Updated: command line parameters so that they don't work from browser.
    (ie check environment var 'SCRIPT_NAME')
  • Added ini setting: imap_quota_msg - This is the string that it looks for on a failed COPY IMAP command and if it finds it then the failed reason is a disk qouta issue.
  • Added ini setting: no_cookies - When set to true this will disable ALL cookies.
  • Added ini setting: default_port - This sets upthe default port to try when none is provided.
  • Added ini setting: command_admin_only - When set to true then the admin functions can only be done by processing via the command prompt.
                ie.         ./webmail.cgi -admin_fns
  • Added INI setting: smtp_auth - This is the string that the CGI will use when doing an SMTP AUTH command. It will only pass out the username and password, when prompt.
                ie.     ini file:
                                 smtp_auth LOGIN

                                 C: EHLO domain
                                 S: 250- Hello domain (
                                 S: 250-ETRN
                                 S: 250-DSN
                                 S: 250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN
                                 S: 250 HELP
                                 C: AUTH LOGIN
                                 S: 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6
                                 C: encoded username
                                 S: 334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6
                                 C: encoded password
                                 S: 250 Authenation success.
  • Added INI setting: disable_picture - This will disable the CGI passing images out. On some web servers that automatically setup the environment:
    This setting is needed.
  • Added INI setting: enable_inbox_transfer - This will attempt a copy/move to the inbox as some IMAP servers allow this funciton.
  • Added INI setting: host_remap - This is the filename that the inputted host lines will be remaped to. Only used to change the host on login.
                  layout: host_name value
                  ie.         domain.com mail.domain.com
  • Added INI setting: pop_host_only - This allows only POP servers to be multi-host.
  • Added ini setting: del_fail - When set to true when a disk qouta problem occurs it will use the 'del_fail' template.
  • Added ini setting: imap_list_* - When set to true, the CGI will change the method of the listing to use '*' instead of '%'
  • Added ini setting: outgoing - The filename is appended to, for every EMail that is sent out, Either sending or draft message etc.
                      OUT: time username@domain smtp_server:port num size text
                      NOTE: The size is the size of the EMail only.
  • Added ini setting: ingoing - The filename stats is appended to, for every Header download and EMail download that occurs.
                       IN: time username@domain pop_server:port num size text
                       NOTE: The size is the size of the EMail only.
  • Added ini setting: keep_del_flag - When set to true, is a delete fails then the items is marked as deleted. (on delete and move to trash can)
  • Added: Reject lists. (Michael)
  • Added: on_error - Any template command can have this set. What this is used for is if the command that it is processing generates an error then this command is processed.
                             ie.     on_error=url&link=http://your.domain.com/
  • Added TPL Command: ||begin_fld_list||..||end_fld_list|| - Which displays x per page. (uses 'pos=x')
  • Added tpl setting: included_file - This shows how deep 'include' statement the template is. Also used to stop too many recursive includes.
  • Added: nwords - Number of words checked on the sp_show.tpl page.
  • Added: webimap.cgi -checkutoken utoken
                        returns: -error string - on error
                                +ok string - on success
  • Changed: The pophost setting now overrides imaphost setting.
2.0k 27th December 2000
  • Fixed: NFS new user problem.
  • Fixed: Quotes in spell checking were not being ignored.
  • Fixed: Public Address book was not being displayed.
  • Fixed: old POP Folders were being lost.
  • Fixed: When using Multi-hosts, they were always new.
  • Updated: valid_host and allow_host_login to also translate ip names to IP numbers
    to check as well.
  • Added: ||msg_no|| on the list page, between '||being_list||..||end_list||'.
  • Added: ||name|| - Setup between '||begin_address||...||end_address||' which is just the nick name.
  • Added INI settings: log_size and log_num - These are used to setup the log sizes and the number of logs to cycle.
  • Added INI settings: no_override_error_tpl - Then displaying the error.tpl (or errorf.tpl) the page setting is ignored.
  • Added TPL Command: ||lang||var|| and ||var_lang||var|| - that will look up in the lang.dat file the translation for the variable. The 'var_lang' is where the variable states which variable to display. This variable is also HTML and WML text converted to display correctly.
  • Added TPL: del_fail.tpl - This template is displayed when the disk quota has run out and a delete or a move to the trash can fails. To enable this you need to add the following ini setting:
              del_fail true
  • Added TPL Phasing: Template commands that require 1 or more variables/parameters now have have (....) instead. Where the stuff in the brackets can be template phased.
              i.e.     ||ifdef||(||ifdef||welcome||welcome_msg||else||by_msg||endif||)
2.0j 27th November 2000
  • Fixed: Problem with displaying an Hotmail auto-response message.
  • Fixed: The web links (<www.netwinsite.com>) incorrect seem to also included then
    last angle bracket.
  • Fixed: Emails which ended with '=' on a line was getting removed.
  • Fixed: Emails that have content-type 'message/rfc822', to correctly get decoded.
  • Updated: When replying to all users the 'user@domain' fields are removed from the to and cc fields.
  • Updated: List template to highlight priority Email. (listf.tpl change)
  • Updated: The Message 'Sent Message' now also appears when you send to your sent folder.
  • Updated: Folders messaging. Now there are the following messages:
             Folder has been created {xxxx}
             Folder has been deleted {xxxx}
             Folder {xxxx} has been renamed to {xxxx}
    A template change on the 'foldersf.tpl' to display this message.
  • Updated: SMTP interface to also ignore line like:
             220-text field.
  • Added INI setting: max_user_folders - which is the number of folders that the user are allowed, excluding the INBOX. This does include the 'trash', 'sent' and 'draft' folders.
  • Added INI setting: read_new - Which causes an Email message to loose it's new status when it has been read.
  • Added INI setting: session_new - When set the new messages are not cleared on reload but cleared on logout/login.
  • Added INI setting: new_mail_name - This setting informs the CGI what the INBOX should be called, when displaying it to the user. If this setting has spaces in it then every form which the folder name is hidden must use the variable ||folder|| instead of ||fld||
  • Added INI setting: email_name - this is the name that is display when display the Email message link. If this is set blank then the link is not added. (DEFAULT: Email Message)
  • Added INI setting: keep_attach - When set to true will not remove the attachments of the Emails.
  • Added INI setting: lock_force_wait - This will force the lock files to timeout before they are removed. (2 seconds on nfs_servers)
  • Added INI setting: no_folder_case - This will make sure that the folder doesn't exist ignoring case of the folder names.
  • Added INI setting:
             new_login_prg program "||user||@||host||:||port||" "||pass||"
             new_login_input error,msg
             login_prg program "||user||@||host||:||port||"
             login_input error

             tpl_prg program "||user||@||host||:||port||" "||tpl||"
             tpl_input error
    These settings are used to called external programs when a new user is created in WebMail, when a user logs in, on every TPL that is used. These can be used to generate stats and other information.
  • Added INI setting:    max_fetch_accounts - The max number of fetach accounts 1 user can have this can not be larger than 12.
  • Added TPL command: ||html_line||var|| - This is similar to ||html_text|| expect that the '\r' and '\n' are preserved.
  • Added TPL command: ||date_today||layout|| - This is the today's date, where the layout is the same as 'date_layout' ini setting
  • Updated TPL command: ||html_line||var|| and ||html_text||var|| to also account for multiple values.
  • Added: User Fetch option - This Allows users to state which accounts will display as part of the inbox.
  • Added: The address book entries to be sorted in Alpha order.
  • Added: Email address inside an Email are converted into a link back to the new message page with the to field setup.
  • Added: The following variables are available on the folders page:
              fld_msg_total - The total number of Emails.
              fld_size_total - The total size of all emails.
              fld_ksize_total - The total size of all emails.

              fld_draft_total - The number of Draft Messages.
              fld_delete_total - The number of messages that are marked to deleted.
              fld_seen_total - The number of read Email.
              fld_unseen_total - The number of unread Email.
              fld_reply_total - The number of Emails that have been replayed to.

              fld_trash_total - The size of the trash can.
              fld_ktrash_total - The size of the trash can.
              fld_tsize_total - The size of the folders less trash size.
              fld_ktsize_total - The size of the folders less trash size.
  • Added: On the folders page inside the ||begin_folder|| each folder has a variable called: ||fixed|| when set then this folder is a folder the user is not allowed to delete or rename.
  • Added: New method of forwarding. This forward is similar to the reply except that the attachments are also preserved. the tpl code is:
    <a href="||action||?cmd=forward_edit-||h_uidl||&fld=||fld||&utoken=||utoken||">Forward</a>
    Also changes in sendf.tpl to display this.
  • Added: The following command for address book addition.
    This checks to see if the nick name exists first and if it does then it generates the error message:
                Nickname already in use. {%s}
  • Added: Priority option on the sending email.
             (Changed sendf.tpl)
  • Added: The following template variables are available on the list page.
             ndeleted - The number of messages marked to be deleted.
             nseen - The number of messages that have been seen before.
             nread - The number of messages that have been read.
             nreply - The number of Email messages that have been replied to.
             ndraft - The number of Draft messages.
             nunseen - The number of new messages.
             nunread - The number of messages that have not been read yet.
2.0g 22th September 2000
  • Fixed: Usernames with '&' and '+' would not allow them to login correctly.
  • Fixed: POP folders were being removed.
  • Fixed: Uudecoding problem.
  • Fixed: Draft Messages were getting lost.
  • Fixed: Problem with sending email to address like: "john, smith" <john@>
  • Fixed: Problems displaying some images inline.
  • Updated: Inline HTML now has <style> and </style...> removed.
  • Updated: File Locking.
  • Added ini setting:    allow_style - When set will keep the <style> tags inline.
  • Added ini setting:    body_sig_spaces - This setting in the number of lines between the body of hte email and the users signature.
  • Added: Extra testing details for timezones.
  • Added: External Address Book - This is to allow an global external address books.
               -    Their is a new template called 'external.tpl'.
               -    Also the pickf.tpl and pick.tpl has been updated to add a link to this feature.
                          i.e.     href="||action||?cmd=ext_addr&utoken=||putoken||"
               -     sendf.tpl, send.tpl, addrbook.tpl and addrbookf.tpl have been updated so when fully loaded it gets the focus.
                          i.e.     onload="focus()"
               -    Added ini setting to enable
                          external_book external_book -user ||user||@||host||
               -    It uses the '_max_message_display' user setting to determine how many to results to display on a page.
               -    There were also added template commands:
               For more informtion on the external address book see the URL:
  • Added: New method to add attachments. Where a new template is used.
               -    Template changes in send.tpl, sendf.tpl, sp_show.tpl, sp_showf.tpl
               -    New Templates attach.tpl and attachf.tpl
               -    There are also added template commands:
2.0f 5th September 2000
  • Fixed: Moving/Copying emails to POP Folders only copied the headers.
  • Fixed: Inbox was reporting incorrect size.
  • Fixed: POP item position on the list page.
  • Fixed: Displaying of inline HTML for IE browsers. (had problems with <pre>)
  • Fixed: Managers Page it was losing Folders names.
  • Updated: The 'to do' dates now use the date_layout ini setting.
  • Updated: emails that are 'multipart/alternative' now have a link to display both. The ini setting 'alternative_multiple' is created if the message has alternative parts. When 'alt_multi_display' send to cgi when displaying an email then the alternative part is also displayed.
  • Updated ini setting: netwin_autologin <url> <product directory> <extra> - This is used to setup autologin to other NetWin products.
                       i.e. (WebMail/WebMail, WebNews, DMailWeb/CWMail).
  • Updated ini setting: cookie_valid_days - to accept hours as a setting.
                       i.e.     cookie_valid_days 1h
  • Updated: Inline HTML has been updated so that the background image does not mess up the page.
                        Removal of Some HTML tags.
                            <meta ... >
                            <header> ... </header>
                            <body ... >
  • Added ini setting:    listserver_from - this is needed for some smtp servers that are expecting
                         From username@host
    on email being sent.
  • Added ini setting: authen_using_spaces - This will convert underscores to spaces during authentication. This was added as Exchange servers allow usernames to have spaces when authenation only.
    NOTE: Setting this will mean that no underscores to be in usernames.
  • Added ini setting: force_addr_bk - This will force some address books to always be displayed. (multiple setting)
  • Added Variable: '||total_pop_size||' and '||total_pop_ksize||' that is the total folder size, including INBOX and folders stored on the web server.
  • Added: process=xxx which will force WebMail/WebMail to process that command directly after the main command. :-)
  • Added: The ability to search email from, subject and body of emails. A new template called 'search.tpl' does this. The command to display this page is 'cmd=msg_search'
  • Added: The ability for users to select which 'timezone' they what their emails displayed. Updated config.tpl file for this.
2.0e 25th July 2000
  • Fixed: email which had from address like:
                        "anything@" <lynden@>
                        was causing sending problems. :-)
  • Fixed: The ||do(..)|| command
  • Fixed: On non-frames the popup button fails directly after a login.
  • Fixed: Displays 'Selected Book Does not Exists.' when no address book and only a nickname (no other fields) are entered and clicked on add.
  • Fixed: Moving/deleting emails once quota filled. :-)
  • Fixed: Displaying of HTML that has been 'quoted-printable' encoded.
  • Fixed: Some email server seems to be using unexpected UIDL's characters
  • Updated: The '<hr>' tag that is being seen on item.tpl is now only being inserted when the Attachments are being displayed inline.
  • Updated: Administrator manual to also include how to setup profiling and changing passwords.
  • Added: Matching default reply address with matching mail host setting.
                        A file called: dftreply.dat
                        layout: host_name value
                        i.e. value
  • Added:    Extended Multi-Host to also select a default Profile to use. Changed the config.tpl (and configf.tpl) for this feature.
  • Added: Multiple template support for users.
  • NOTE: Cobalt Raq3 systems does not like empty gets commands so when referencing the CGI you should use a URL similar to the following
2.0d 27th June 2000
  • Fixed: Date on email when in Daylight Saving, being an hour out.
  • Fixed: On some Unix system sending very large files causes timeout errors.
  • Fixed: Crash on some Cookies.
  • Fixed: When using 'Hash_Method 2', keep getting 'No Password Entered'.
  • Fixed: Displaying some attached files.
  • Fixed: Display of Forwarding emails.
  • Fixed: on Failed POP logging the directory was not being removed.
  • Fixed: Renaming Folders.
  • Fixed: Copying emails between POP folders.
  • Updated: Replying to emails which were 'multipart/alternative' the HTML was being used and not the first text field.
  • Updated: Replying to emails which were 'multipart/alternative' the HTML was being used and not the first text field.
  • Added ini setting: auto_delete <wild user> <un-used days>
    This setting is used to determine when accounts will be automatically used if not login for x number of days. You are allow multiple settings. When set to 0 days then this account will never be removed.
    NOTE: order of these settings matters.
                 i.e.     auto_delete lynden* 0
                        auto_delete *@temp 1
                        auto_delete * 10
  • Added: The ability to save address to address book instead of the pick list. (item.tpl change)
  • Added ini setting: attach_target - Which allows settingup a target for all attachments.
                 i.e.     attach_target target="_blank"
  • Added: Two settings that are setup. netscape_version and ie_version.
2.0c 5th June May 2000
  • Fixed: Problem with uuencoding attachments.
  • Fixed: Mail From: xxxx to use '<' and '>'. Some mail server require to to be their.
  • Fixed: Changing a flag (i.e. deleted) on an email on page two will cause to appear back on page 1. This was a template change in list.tpl and listf.tpl. added '&pos=||pos||' as part of the href.
  • Updated: Automatic Logout on ini Timeout (auto_logout_mins xx).
  • Updated: The user search on the managers page now automatically adds the leading an trialing wild card.
  • Updated: The 'Save as Draft' message has changed to also state which folder it was placed in.
             i.e.    Message was Saved as a Draft in Folder 'xxxx'
  • Updated: list.tpl and listf.tpl to add pop up list of new messages only.
  • Updated: When creating a message that is very long and the automatic logout occurs, the message is lost. Now the message is sent before logout.
  • Added Template: new_msg.tpl - This displays the new messages.
  • Added: A 'TO DO' list.
             - Changed menubar.tpl and nfmenu.tpl to use 'to do'.gif file.
             - Changed list.tpl and listf.tpl to display the latest 'to do' items.
             - Added New Template ''to do'.tpl'.
  • Added: Multiple User-profiles. This allows the admin to setup user variables that the user can setup different profiles for. The default templates have the signature file setup with this.
             - Major overhaul in configf.tpl and config.tpl.
             - Minor changes in sendf.tpl and send.tpl.
  • Added: Popup New Message list. Their is an added button that appear when their are new message that appears. This will bring up a popup window displaying only the new messages.
             - Minor changes in listf.tpl and list.tpl.
             - Added new templates 'new_msg.tpl'.
  • Added: The ability to login to other NetWin products. (WebMail/WebMail, WebNews, DMailWeb/CWMail).
  • Added: The ability for other NetWin products to automatically login. (WebMail/WebMail, WebNews, DMailWeb/CWMail).
  • Added ini setting: netwin_autologin <url> <product directory> - This is used to setup autologin to other NetWin products.
              i.e. (WebMail/WebMail, WebNews, DMailWeb/CWMail).
2.0b 31th May 2000
  • Fixed: Placing 'saveaddr' in href did not work.
  • Fixed: Solaris bug that occurred when too many Emails were in a folder.
  • Fixed: Problems with passwords that used '&'.
  • Fixed: Invalid UIDL's appear on Mail server when Empty Box and messages are waiting to be downloaded.
  • Fixed: Bug using Exchange MAIL server with UID's.
  • Fixed: Some Emails caused very large files to be generate and caused running aways processes.
  • Fixed: Cannot delete all words from Personal dictionary.
  • Fixed: Problem with some attachments from different Email client.
  • Fixed: Problem with next and previous message not working on all folders.
  • Fixed: Email filtering on POP servers.
  • Fixed: When using Non-Frames on login the Email list was not getting sorted.
  • Updated: sp_dic.tpl to close down personal dictionary once done.
  • Updated: Some Email were encountered that had a date header field as:
                        Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 Pacific Daylight Time
                  Updated to pickup the date only. :-)
  • Updated: For Email clients do not mime encode forward attachments.
  • Updated: located MAIL server that uses a slightly different LIST response.
                 * LIST (\Noinferiors) ":" {9}
  • Updated: listf.tpl and list.tpl to add the 'goto page' code and also example of
  • Updated ini setting: x_mailer - to also allow ||remote_ip|| and ||version|| to be converted. The 'remote_ip' is the IP address of the users machine.
  • Added ini setting: fixed_folders - this list of folders the users are not allowed to rename or delete.
  • Added: Attached Files also have the header:
                 Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="xxx"
  • Added: Allowing to enter Email address instead of username and host. Can use the template variable 'email_address' instead of 'host_user' on the configf.tpl and config.tpl.
  • Added: Automatically checking host to ensure it works, and is failed also check for mail.host, pop.host, mail.host. :-)
  • Added ini setting: multi_host_autodetect - This enables the multi-host automatically checking the host entered.
    NOTE: This can cause a long delay on some systems if the domain exists but the port 110/143 does not. Mainly on NT systems.
  • Added: ||html_text||var|| - This will convert the variable to correctly display in HTML. Used to solve problems with fields that are inside '"' that have '"' inside of them.    (i.e. _real_name)
  • Added: ||begin_xpages||num|| .... ||end_pages|| - This allow on the list page the pages short list to only display x at a time.
               i.e.    on page 20 you see pages 15 - 25 numbers.
  • Templates Changes:        config.tpl, sp_show.tpl
  • Added: Changed item deletion on the item.tpl to move to the next Email. command is: delitem_next-||uidl||
  • Added: The ability to login to other NetWin products.
                (WebMail/WebMail, WebNews, DMailWeb/CWMail).
  • Added: The ability for other NetWin products to automatically login.             
                (WebMail/WebMail, WebNews, DMailWeb/CWMail).
  • Added ini setting: netwin_autologin <url> <product directory> - This is used to setup autologin to other NetWin products.
                 i.e. (WebMail/WebMail, WebNews, DMailWeb/CWMail).
2.0a 12th April 2000
  • Fixed: Multi-attachments finial boundary was incorrect.
  • Fixed: 'Document contains no data error' when clicking on 'Edit Personal Dictionary' if their are no words in the dictionary on Solaris systems.
  • Added ini setting: dictionary - This is used to default what words.dat file to use for the spell checker. (default words.dat)
  • Added ini setting: x_mailer - This allows the admin to change the 'X-Mailer' Email header. If left bank then no 'X-Mailer' is sent.
  • Added ini setting: enable_wml - This enables wml features for WebMail. The Content-Type for pages sent back to the web server are converted to:
  • Updated: POP3 side to account for UIDL's with alpha characters.
          Template changes:
                      saveaddr||uidl||     --->    saveaddr-||uidl||
                      setview||uidl||       --->    setview-||uidl||
                      copyitem||uidl||     --->    copyitem-||uidl||
                      moveitem||uidl||    --->    moveitem-||uidl||
                list.tpl and listf.tpl:
                      itemflag||h_uidl||    --->    itemflag-||h_uidl||
                newuser.tpl, config.tpl and configf.tpl
                      set_pass0             --->     set_pass-0
                      set_pass1             --->     set_pass-1
                      set_pass2             --->     set_pass-2
                      set_pass3             --->     set_pass-3
                      set_pass4             --->     set_pass-4
  • Updated: Default to using 'user@domain' instead of 'user@pophost' for main account.
  • Added ini setting: display_pop - this changes the default for main account to be: 'user@pophost'.
  • Remove ini setting: display_domain (not required anymore).
  • Added: on forward.tpl (and forwardf.tpl) added the list of Emails that are being forwarded. Clicking on the Email subject link will cause another browser window to open so allowing you to see the Message that is being forwarded.
  • Added: The ability to have user defines ini settings (i.e. _*) to be in files.
             i.e.    label |filename
  • Added: Replying to Emails that have attachments the following is added
             > [Attachment: filename]
1.4s 16th March 2000
  • Fixed: '#' character not displaying correctly on Web Browsers.
  • Fixed: Coping Emails to folders that had spaces in their names.
  • Fixed: Problems with usernames that have '%' in them.
  • Fixed: Attached RTF decoding errors from different mail clients.
  • Fixed: Runnway process on some types of Emails.
  • Fixed: Attachments send from WebMail attached 1 or 2 extra bytes.
  • Added ini setting: multi_host_size - Forces the host menubar to a max width
  • Added: Email message that have content type: application/msword and application/rtf
  • Updated: Forced MAIL to default to MAIL servers and not POP server on host login and multiple hosts.
  • Updated: Words.dat file to account for languages that do not use the letters 'a'...'z'
1.4r 16th February 2000
  • Fixed: Some Emails cause incorrect message UID message.
  • Fixed: If 'To/Cc' of incomming messages totaled over 1000 bytes caused problems. Removed buffer limit.
  • Fixed: Page display problem when changing from one folder to another.
  • Fixed: Suffixing that had '/' or '\' as part of the suffixing.
  • Fixed: Limit on Body of Email (excluding attachments).
  • Added: Email message that are content type: multipart/alternative
             The first part is ignored. (i.e. the 'plain/text' part)
  • Added: Email message that are content type: multipart/appledouble
             The first part is presumed to be the resource and the second the physical binary file. (For use with Mac Mail Clients)
  • Added: v_show_alt on Email display to force WebMail to show the first part of 'multipart/alternative' Email messages.
  • Added: "=\n" means merge into the next line.
  • Added: ***    MAIL bulletins ***
                    Bulletins can be User specific, domain and time limited.
                        Added ini settings:       
        bulletin_path        (none)      Path to where the Bulletins are stored.
        bulletin_users       (none)      Users that are allowed to send Bulletins.
        bulletin_dflt_time  (7 days)   The default time displayed when creating a bulletin.
        bulletin_max_time (14 days) The max time Bulletins are allowed to be active.

        Added Templates:
                 bulletin.tpl (bulletinf.tpl)
                 send_bull.tpl (send_bullf.tpl)

        Changed Templates:
                 menubar.tpl (nfmenu.tpl)
1.4q 1th February 2000
  • Added: Cookies Login requires ini setting:
             authent_cookie true
  • updated 'config.tpl/configf.tpl': To allow the user to allow cookie login.
  • Fixed: Saving Signature Problem.
  • Added: Authentication via Environment variables.
             environ_user REMOTE_USER
             environ_pass AUTH_PASSWORD
      or    environ_pass HTTP_AUTHORIZATION
  • Added ini setting: disallow_folders - this allows the admin to restrict what folders names are allowed to be called. This setting is also used to determine which folders that are currently on the MAIL server that WebMail will not display to the user.
              e.g.  disallow_folders mailboxdir
1.4p 27th January 2000
  • Added ini setting: allow_dot - Display folders that have '.' as the first character.
  • Added ini setting: hash_method - This determines which user profile hashing method is used.
  • Added ini setting: time_layout - This defines the layout that the time will be displayed
             H = hour (1,2,3,...)
             HH = hour (01,02,03...)

             hr = hour (1,2,3...12, 0)
             HR = hour (01,02,03...12, 00)

             M = Minutes (1,2,3...)
             MM = Minutes (01,02,03...)
             S = seconds (1,2,3...)
             SS = seconds (01,02,03...)

             pm = am/pm (am or pm)

             i.e.    time_layout HH:MM
                    time_layout HR:MN pm
  • Added ini setting: date_layout - This defines the layout that the date will be displayed
             d = day (1,2,3,4..)
             dd = day (01,02,03,04...)

             m = month (1,2,3...)
             mm = month (01,02,03...)
             mon = Jan, Feb
             month = January, February

             y = year (99,2000,2001)
             yy = year (99,00,01)
             yyyy = year (1999,2000,2001)

             wkd = Mon, Tue....
             weekday = Monday, Tuesday...

             TIMEZONE = time zone string, i.e. nzst, +1200....
             i.e.    date_layout mm/dd/yy
  • Fixed: When using POP - Copyies to self flag caused a crash.
  • Fixed: Crash on MAIL Email messages that had very large BODYSTRUCTURE's.
  • Updated: When using POP/MAIL as it will display and use the domain setting when displaying configuration and the 'From:' address.
  • Added ini setting: display_domain - Forces on the configf.tpl to display the domain setting for the first host instead of the MAIL/POP host. Also forces the 'From:' address to be user@domain.
    NOTE: Using this setting will also disable the 'HOST' setting on the login screen.
  • Updated 'Manager.tpl': To allow Easy user conversion to and from
                  hash_method 1 (default)
                  hash_method 2
  • Updated 'list.tpl/listf.tpl': Their was a javascript error in the '_refresh' section.
  • Added template command: '||chop||variable||x||' - This will chop the stated variable to x number of characters.
  • Added template variable:    '||is_checked||variable||' - If the variable is either 'yes', 'on', 'true' then this will be replaced with the word 'checked'. Manly used for option lists.
1.4o 14th January 2000
  • Fixed: Folder lock with folders that have '/' as part of the name.
  • Fixed: Problem with some Email Attachments.
  • Added ini setting: href_target - Any <a href="...."> inside of an Email will have this also added as part of the link.
              i.e. href_target target="_blank"
                  <a target="_blank" href=".....">
  • Added ini setting: force_empty - This will force any marked message to automatically to be removed straight away.
  • Added ini setting: always_attach - This will always display the attachments list.
  • Added ini setting: no_folder_sort - Sorting for the list of folders.
  • Updated Templates: Remove Status bar. See download for status bar template set.
1.4m 14th December 1999
  • Fixed: Current Folders that Exists that have spaces inside the names.
  • Fixed: Date and size Sorting when changing page.
  • Updated: Increase folder stats speed
  • Added INI Settings:    force_rfc822    true
                                  force_imap4rev1 true
  • Added: target=\"_blank\" for the HREF's HTML attachments.
  • Added: Enforce Disk Quotas for pop accounts.
1.4k 16th November 1999
  • Fixed: Sorting problem.
  • Updated: Manager Folder for large boxes to download later.
  • Added: Quick Goto Page x on listf.tpl and list.tpl.
  • Added: managers_password can be stored in a separate file.
              i.e. Managers_password |/var/spool/webmail/pass.pass
  • Added INI setting:    managers_ip - This allows you to stat the IP address managers are allowed to access from.
              i.e.    managers_ip 1.2.*,
  • Added INI setting: log_sent_mail - Any Email that is sent using WebMail Will add one line to this file in the layout
             Sent Mail: from: <username> (<hostname/IP address>) (ID=<msgID>)
1.4i 5th November 1999
  • Added: Status Bar in Frames templates. All templates have been updated.
  • Added: telnet:// links gets converted to html code.
  • Added: Hidden variable 'remove_setting' to force remove user settings.
              e.g.  <input type="hidden" name="remove_setting" value="_user_var">
  • Added INI setting: force_delete - This will force on a empty_trash all emails to be marked as deleted.
  • Added INI setting: smtp_no_domain - This will stop the CGI from placing the @domain when sending to the SMTP server. Only required if using only one server that requires the username to be:
  • Fixed: Updated LIST layout to account for some MAIL servers
             return the Box name in Quotes.
  • Fixed: Updated CGI server decoding to account for Mac browsers that 
    do not
             Content-Type: application/octet-stream
  • Fixed: Remembering that the sort was in reverse.
  • Fixed: Some servers return unexpected return characters inside the command:
  • Fixed: Hostnames with '-' were not display correctly.
  • Fixed: Pegasus/Outlook Attachment files were not being displayed.
  • Fixed: HTML display problem when in variable width font.
  • Updated: From and Reply address for Multiple hosts.
  • Updated Template: sendf.tpl and send.tpl updated for multiple hosts.
  • Updated: Attach HTML files when click on will open new browser window.
1.4h 5th October 1999
  • Fixed: Page Up/Down on Folders.
  • Fixed: Filenames with Spaces to '_'.
  • Fixed: Made the New Mail Sound play once on login.
  • Fixed: Removed case dependency on 'boundary=...' and 'base64' for emails.
  • Updated: Displaying Email Messages.
  • Added: http,https, ftp and ftps links gets converted to html code.
  • Added: Build Dist Lists from Pick List. (added group.tpl)
  • Added: UUdecoding for Emails.
  • Added INI setting: 'reply_prefix' which defaults to '> '
  • Added INI setting: 'allow_java' which allow javaapplets to be left on HTML attachments.
  • Added INI setting: 'allow_script' which allow scripts to be left on HTML attachments.
  • Added INI setting: 'allow_form' which allow forms to be left on HTML attachments.
1.4g 30th September 1999
  • Fixed: Solaris Image Displaying.
  • Fixed: multi_host_display 2,3.
1.4f 16th September 1999
  • Fixed: Renaming of Folders.
  • Fixed: Clearing Cache when Selected Different Multi-Host.
  • Fixed: @POP ini setting sending incorrect Username.
  • Fixed: Some MAIL server did not like trailing spaces on the command:
             A0002 UID STORE xx -FLAGS \DELETED
  • Fixed: Forwarding Messages with Attachments.
  • Fixed: On some MAIL server Failed to get the correct UID.
  • Added: Displaying xx Messages per page.
             max_message_display xxx
  • Added: Added the ability to display folder stats.
  • Added: Saving Draft Messages on POP server.
  • Added: Viewing of Folders stored on Web Server.
             i.e. POP server folders
  • Added: Template variable called - clear_vars
             This will clear the stated user vars (_*), only used on save config.
                      i.e.         _fullname,_country,_age
  • Added ini setting: @mail - Similar to @pop except that it will default to port 143.
  • Added ini setting: mail_host_only - This makes that only MAIL servers are allowed to be multi-host.
  • Added ini setting: max_email_sends - Then maximum number of messages that can be sent in one day.
  • Added ini setting: max_email_rcpt - Then maximum number of people you can send the message in one message.
  • Added ini setting: multi_host_display - This determines the display in the multi-host pull down menubar.
             (i.e. ||hostlist||)
              0 - user@host:port (default)
              1 - user@host
              2 - user@domain / user@host
              3 - reply / user@host
  • Added: Saving Draft Messages on POP server.
  • Updated: Date Sorting also Sorts by Time as Well.
  • Updated: Dates are Displayed as from the Admin setting:
              timezone nzst
  • Updated: Valid Usernames to allow any characters except:
              '<', '>', '"', '\', '/', spaces.
  • Updated Template: list.tpl to account for multiple Email pages.
  • Updated Template: folders.tpl for display Folder stats.
1.4e 8th September 1999
  • Fix Bug: Message Deletion Bug.
  • Fix Bug: Web Server Input Conversion.
  • Fix Bug: Sorting by Dates and Bytes.
  • Fix Bug: Saving To, CC, Bcc Addresses When Sending Emails.
  • Updated Template: The menubar was not display the logout button in 640x480.
  • Updated Template: Config.tpl Layout into table.
  • Updated Template: folder.tpl so that INBOX is not displayed.
  • Added: Conversion of Cc, Bcc fields from dist list and address books.
  • Added: The 'flag' settings (h_isremote, h_isunseen, etc..) to be placed on the item.tpl
  • Added: Template routine ||Do()||, used to run other CGI's or programs.
    NOTE: Will remove the 'Content-Type:' of other CGI's.
  • Added: The 'copies to self' folder:
              ini setting 'copy_name xxxxxx'
  • Added: Managers Cleaning Tools.
              Removing Old account, Large Emails, Old Emails.
  • Added: The ability to change the ICONS displayed for the messages.
              where flag can be
  • Added: Ini setting to Auto-Create the default Folders (Trash_Can, Sent, Drafts)
              auto_create_folders xxx,yyy,zzz
1.4d 17th August 1999
  • Fix Bug: Displaying Public Address Books in POPUP address book.
  • Fix Bug: Displaying POPUP.
  • Fix Bug: Clearing User variables.
  • Fix Bug: Managers Page.
  • Fix Template: Configuration template wave files.
  • Updated: POP Interface.
  • Updated: Template Images.
  • Added: Number of New Messages. (||nnew||)
  • Added: Caching of Email messages on webserver for MAIL/POP servers.
  • Added: Reload Emails from Mail server button cmd (cmd=reload_mail).
                (listf.tpl, list.tpl)
1.4c 27th July 1999
  • Fix Bug: Sorting By Message Size/Date.
  • Fix Bug: After Automatic Time out Count cannot login again.
  • Fix Bug: Displaying EXE attachments.
  • Fix Bug: Sending/Displaying quoted-printable.
  • Fix Bug: After sending a message Not going to INBOX.
                Changed send.tpl (and sendf.tpl)
  • Fix Template: Cancel on Change Password.
  • Fix Template: Corrected Sounds Position.
  • Updated Template Phaser Routines.
  • Updated Templates: To use Backgroup ini setting.
  • Added ini setting: background xxxx.
  • Added ini setting: lock_timeout xxx.
  • Added ini setting: read_wrap xxx.
  • Added ini setting: send_wrap xxx.
  • Added: Clicking on column header again will reverse the sort order.
  • Added: Date/Time stamp for draft messages.
  • Added: 'h_kbytes' which displays the message in Kilo-bytes
  • Major Refit of Manager Options.
               must update the manager.tpl
1.4b 12th July 1999
  • Fix Bug: Debug Message Error For long Written Messages.
  • Fix Bug: Managers Screen Internal Server Error.
  • Fix Bug: body_add not adding to Outgoing Messages.
  • Fix Bug: Incorrect Order When Sorting By Date.
  • Fix Bug: Removed the default mail_prefix 'mail/'.
  • Added ini setting 'read_wrap' to force text wrapping for long lines.
  • Added the ability to reverse the sorting order. Updated list.tpl template.
  • Updated list.tpl to also included description of icons.
1.4a 30th June 1999
  • Fixed Bug: Incorrect Displaying of ",<,> when replying or reply-all.
  • Fixed Bug: Correctly Passed Email with no Headers and Body.
  • Fixed Bug: Updated popup address book templates so work correctly.
  • Fixed Bug: Default log file to template directory if can not write to cgi directory.
  • Fixed Bug: Slight Encoding Attachment Ending Error.
  • Added Sorting List.tpl by date, size, from and subject. (Sorting Folders).
  • Added 'no_log' ini setting to switch logging off.
  • Added Virtual Host lines. (vhost_match, vhost, vend)
  • Added ||h_reply||        ('Reply to:', 'From:' or 'Sender:' of Message)
             ||h_from_personal|| (personal name only)
             ||h_from_email||    (email address only)
    for listing Emails.
  • Added The ability to colour every other line.
             added '||define||max_line_count||2||' to listf.tpl
             and ||line|| then ranges from 0-1
  • Updated MAIL Interface to use:
             A0001 UID SEARCH 2
  • Added ability to save draft messages.
             Stores: To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Message.
             Does not store attachments.
             Does not Convert 'To, Cc, or Bcc' labels.
  • Updated Template passer.
             You can have conditions inside ||begin_list|| and ||end_list||
             Added the Functions 'ifndef', 'define', 'undef'
1.3d 16th June 1999
  • Fix bug: Crashed when 25+ Mail Folders.
  • Fix bug: Displaying Filters Rules in config templates.
  • Fix bug: Always sending a Blind copy to user.
  • Fix bug: Always Adding to Pick List.
  • Added 24hr clock setting (time_24hr_format).
  • Added Message Filtering.
1.3c 10th June 1999
  • Change layout of pick list display in New Message.
    "Lynden Sherriff" instead of
    Lynden Sherriff <support-webimap@netwinsite.com>"
  • Fixed Bug, 'Internal Server Error' when reading last email in folder.
  • Fixed Bug not allowing '%' in username or password.
  • Limit the Address Book and Dist List on New Message Page.
                 added 'max_pick_size' user and ini setting.
  • Update the install instructions to also say about prefix. (wmsetup to come)
  • Added the command (cmd=test) that does a basic test.
  • The Ability to change Passwords (using poppassd)
                 (Added template 'ch_pass.tpl')
  • Added new user variable that is set if the user did not press the logout button in last session. (_no_logout) Can be check on every page.
  • Fix bug of not removing failed login users directory. (only new users)
  • Fix bug with displaying HTML attachments.
  • Added ini setting 'time_24hr_format' (i.e. 24hr clock)
  • Added the language file, 'lang.dat' for translations.
  • Added option to save Email to local drive. (will not decode any attachments).
  • Fixed '||ifinstr||' and '||ifequal||' logical Error.
  • Fixed WebMail refusing to display folders with a 'NIL' setting when doing a LIST.
1.3b 26th May 1999
  • Fixed adding/renaming bug when using spaces. Spaces are replaced with underscores ('_').
  • Fixed 'tcode' bug.
  • Added 'no_tcode' ini setting.
  • Added 'Rebuild Index' for POP servers. (Does nothing for MAIL servers).
  • Added 'mail_prefix'.
  • Added separate 'prefix' for each multi-host.
  • Updated 'config.tpl' template for separate 'prefix' for each multi-host.
  • Added Check Spelling (Java Scripting Required to Use).
  • Added 'sp_show.tpl', 'sp_fix.tpl' and 'sp_dic.tpl'.
  • Added 'page=xxxx' command to override default template to display.
  • Added 'cmd=show' command optionally used with 'page=xxxx'.
1.3a 20th May 1999
  • Added POP Server ability added.
  • Improved folder unlocking.
  • Checks Capability of MAIL server is IMAP4.
  • Fix Username of Multi-host to display correctly.
  • Auto changing to use RFC822.xxxx calls instead of 'BODY[xxxx]'.
    For IMAP4 servers and using 'BODY[xxxx]' for IMAP4REV1.
  • Fixed Multi-Host bug.
  • Allowed Multi-Host to POP or MAIL servers.
  • Updated Templates for POP/MAIL usage.
  • Fixed Bug in Empty Trash Routine.
  • Added 'debug_socket' ini setting.
1.2l 10th May 1999
  • Fix continually logging bug when logfile failed.
  • Fix Bug fixed when incorrect template directory set.
  • Fix SMTP HELO to use Domain setting.
  • Added the 'prefix' to MAIL server.
1.2j 3rd May 1999
  • WebMail - Web MAIL Based Mail Client -
    1.2j beta release available for testing
    WebMail is an MAIL Mail Client system which enables your users to use MAIL server to be accessible using web browsers.