Problem Escalation Form

Welcome to the problem escalation page, this form will let you inform NetWin product managers directly that you have been having trouble resolving an issue with our normal support staff.  Hopefully this will be a very very rare event but none the less such a mechanism will occasionally be needed and will allow us to improve the service level we give. It also lets you alert our staff that you consider a problem to be very serious/urgent.

When we recieve a message from this form your problem will be discussed with the relevant developers managers and support staff to ensure sensible action is being taken to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and you will receive an email to let you know what action has been taken.

Generally this form should not be used to report a new problem, your first port of call should be an email to the appropriate support email address and you should get a response within about 24 hours (excluding Sundays) e.g., etc..

Note: Are you in the right place? Do you personally run or manage one of our products, or are you a customer of a system that is running one of our products, if you are a customer and not running the product yourself then you probably need to find the address of the administrator of your system as we won't be able to help you directly (much as we might like to)

Your EMAIL address:
Alternate Email address: (Required, e.g. a gmail/hotmail account, some address that is not on your server)
Your FAX number: (required - if you aren't getting a response it may be because we can't email you!!)
Your Phone number
What email address did you initially report this problem to?
What product is this regarding
How urgent is the problem
What platform are you on

Please describe the problem and give any additional information we might need.

Include the relevant config file surgemail.ini etc, for cgi products include the relevant .ini file and the text of the error if possible in the following text box.. 

If we can get telnet or ssh or pc anywhere access to the system that may help in resolving the problem quickly.  (See this page for submitting passwords securely)

You can expect a response within 24 hours