The amount of time elapsed since current SurgeFTP process was started.
Served FTP sessions
The number of connections processed on the FTP (21) or implicit FTP (990) ports.
Served Web Admin Pages
The number of html pages that SurgeFTP has served through its Web Admin GUI tool.
Served Web Admin Images
The number of image files (jpeg's) that SurgeFTP has served through its Web Admin GUI tool.
Served Erroneous Connections
The number of connections made to SurgeFTP that did not result in any useful data transfer, e.g. FTP port opens and then closes with no data being sent by client.
SSL/TLS Encryption
Indicates if the version of SurgeFTP supports SSL/TLS and if the global setting is set to "disable", "allow" or "require"
Indicated the version number of SurgeFTP software.

The Table

The table shows what SurgeFTP is currently doing.
This indicates a unique SurgeFTP thread that processes requests for connecting users.
Times used
When "Thread Reuse" is active, this records the number of "Sessions" or "user connections" that this thread has processed.
Indicates how much CPU time the computer has actively spent processing requests on this connection.
Indicates how many connections of the same "Task" (see below) have connected before this one.
The number of seconds elapsed since the user connected to SurgeFTP, or number of seconds since the user disconnected.
IP Address
The IP Address of the connected user.
Indicates if the connection is encrypting data using SSL.
General Task information, one of (FTP, Web Admin, Opening Connection)
Indicates the Username of the user connected.
Indicates the current action of the current user (if connected)