The DList Configuration File:

General settings for DList are contained in dmail.conf. List specific settings are stored in lists.dat in the dlist_path directory.

An example lists.dat file with entries for two lists, talk and juggling:
	    list talk
		archive true
	    list juggling

DList Settings in DMail.conf:

Setting Default Description
dlist_path (none) The directory for lists.dat and all DList work files, log file, and list archiving
dlist_domain host_domain The default @xxx address for messages from DList
dlist_loglvl info Logging level (debug,info,warn,error)
dlist_rotate 50000 Size of log file in bytes before it is rotated
dlist_smtp_host Destination of SMTP host to send outgoing list messages.

List Specific Settings in DList.dat:


Setting Default Example Description
list (none) dnews-discussion The name of the list. This cannot contain spaces and must be the first setting for each new list in lists.dat
moderator (none) A list of one or more moderator email addresses. A moderator often has extra access rights, like the ability to subscribe other people etc. Separate multiple entries with commas (not spaces)
archive false true If set, DList will record all incoming messages in an archive sub directory.
reply_to_user false true If set, the reply-to header in each message will be pointed to the original poster, rather than the mailing list. This is recommended for large mailing lists.
max_size 1MB 100K Limits the maximum size of an item that can go through the mailing list.
status_interval 7 1 Period in days between automatic status reports being sent to the moderator.
subject_prefix (none) Juggle: This string will be added to the front of every subject line of messages from this list. This makes it easy for people to sort list messages out from other messages.
access_join anyone * Controls who can join the mailing list
access_post members moderator Controls who can post messages to the mailing list
access_who members anyone Controls who can retrieve the list of current members
access_leave anyone members Controls who can unsubscribe from the mailing list. By default, anyone can unsubscribe anyone else.
join_cookie false true If set, when users join the list they will be asked to respond with a specific cookie (number) to prove that they are real humans. This setting prevents people from subscribing other people, or worse, other lists to an existing list.
title (none) N.Z. Juggling A title for the list, shown in headers and lists output.