DMail Servers' Complete Settings Reference List

This is the complete list of settings used by DSMTP, DPOP and DList which is generated automatically when DMail is compiled.

Many settings in this list will never be fully documented, as they will not be needed by all but one or two customers. We tend to add them at a very fast rate and often for very specific situations :-)

So if a link does not work, then please feel free to contact us at DMail Support. We will be happy to explain the use of the setting, and we will document it further at that stage.

You may also find that you can find more information on a new setting by searching for it on the updates page.

NB: The defaults shown are the code defaults, i.e. for when you have NO setting in dmail.conf, often DMSetup will have inserted recommended 'defaults' for you when it installed DMail. See the individual descriptions for such defaults.
Setting Default Value Description Version Added
add_footerno defaultAppends the given footer file if the envelope from matches the given domains (multiple entries permitted) 2.8a
add_statustrueIf true DPOP adds a status line with read or unread. ?
aliasno defaultwildcard list of aliases for enclosing domain (multiple entries permitted) 2.9
alias_fallthroughtrueTells DSMTP whether or not to use global aliases as a fallback. 2.8q
alias_fileno defaultSpecifies file where DSMTP is to look for user alias information. ?
alias_file_domainno defaultSpecifies file where DSMTP is to look for domain specific, user alias information. (multiple entries permitted) ?
allow_ddsfalseAllow ../ and ..\\ in usernames 2.9?
allow_ipno defaultno description available ?
allowduptrueAllows mutltiple deliveries to same drop file in same transaction. ?
alt_drop_pathno defaultSpecifies an alternative dropfile path for a particular domain (use only when not using external authentication). (multiple entries permitted) ?
apop_enablefalseno description available ?
archive_batchno defaultSpecifies the command line for a batch file that DSMTP should run at the end of every day (for moving archive files around) ?
archive_days14Sets a limit to the number of days worth of archive files to keep 2.8i
archive_dirno defaultno description available ?
archive_in_dirno defaultActivates archiving of incoming mail 2.8n
archive_incoming_tono defaultActivates selective incoming mail archiving based on the recipient (multiple entries permitted) 2.8n
archive_limitno defaultSets a limit (in kbytes) to the space incoming AND outgoing archive files EACH occupy. Overrides archive_days 2.8i
archive_msg_size8Puts a cap on the size (in kb) of a message when copied into either archive 2.8n
archive_out_dirno defaultActivates archiving of outgoing mail. If the are no archive_incoming directives, all incoming mail will be archived 2.8n
archive_outgoing_tono defaultActivates selective outgoing mail archiving based on the recipient (multiple entries permitted) 2.8n
atrn_expire96Sets the expire time for messages waiting for an ATRN () 3.0a
atrn_portno defaultSets specifics ports to listen for ATRN transactions. () (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
atrn_userno defaultProvides permissions for ATRN users. ( [, [, ...]]) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
auth_allowno defaultSets various permissions for ESMTP/AUTH success (multiple entries permitted) 2.7n
auth_hideno defaultSwitches off the announcing of ESMTP AUTH under various conditions (multiple entries permitted) 2.8a
auth_nocachefalseno description available ?
authent_autohostfalseTells DSMTP to add host_domain entries based on authent lookup results. {} 3.0d
authent_cache1000Number of authentication requests to cache, External authentication only. ?
authent_domainfalseSet to true to have 'user@domain' instead of 'user' to be passed to the external authentication process ?
authent_domain_legacyfalseActivates handling of legacy authentication mode 2.9a
authent_methodnt_userThe method used for user/password lookups Unix_User, NT_User or External (this setting requires a restart for changes to apply)?
(Windows only)
authent_methodunix_userThe method used for user/password lookups Unix_User, NT_User or External (this setting requires a restart for changes to apply)?
(unix only)
authent_number2Number of concurrent authentication processes to run (external authentication only) (this setting requires a restart for changes to apply)?
authent_processno defaultSpecifies the executable to use for external authentication process(when authent_method external) (this setting requires a restart for changes to apply)?
authent_process_smtpno defaultSpecifies the executable to use for external authentication process(when authent_method external) ?
authent_timeout60Timeout (in seconds) for external authentication requests. ?
bad_mailno defaultSpecifies a message action for a particular MAIL FROM (vanish or reject) (
...]]) (multiple entries permitted)
bad_rcptno defaultSpecifies a message action for a particular RCPT TO (vanish or reject) (
...]]) (multiple entries permitted)
ban_ipno defaultSpecifies an IP address that DSMTP should not talk to. (multiple entries permitted) ?
ban_ip_exceptno defaultSets ban_ip exceptions (). (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
ban_mailfromno defaultSpecifies patterns for banned mail from lines (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
ban_rcpttono defaultSpecifies patterns for banned rcpt to lines (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
bin_pathno defaultPath for user directories containing 'Bin' (i.e. DPOP's ordered drop file format) and msg index files. ?
bin_pfull0.5Criteria for compacting. Bins with less than bin_pfull get compacted. ?
bind_inno defaultSets the IP number DSMTP should bind it's listen socket to 2.7j
bind_outno defaultno description available ?
bomb_dec50Mail Bomb; Specifies how much to decrement the entries in the mail-bomb cache by. (multiple entries permitted) ?
bomb_dir./bomb/Mail Bomb; Specifies which directory mail-bomb messages are to be stored in. ?
bomb_entries2000Mail Bomb; Specifies how many entries to store in the mail-bomb detection cache. ?
bomb_exception_fromno defaultSpecifies sender-based exception to mailbomb checking (
) (multiple entries permitted)
bomb_exception_ipno defaultSpecifies ip-based exception to mailbomb checking () (multiple entries permitted) 2.9i
bomb_exception_tono defaultSpecifies recipient-based exception to mailbomb checking (
) (multiple entries permitted)
bomb_max50Mail Bomb; Specifies DSMTP's tolerance for detecting a potential mail-bomb. ?
bounce_bodyfalseSpecifies whether or not to include the message body in a Deliver Status Notification message (DSN). ?
bounce_maxlen20Specifies (if bounce_body is true) how much of the body (in kbytes) to include in a Deliver Status Notification. ?
bounce_to_returnpathfalseTells DSMTP to substitute the Return-Path for the mail's FROM. {} 3.0d
brandonfalseSpecial setting, DSMTP shuts down when cannot write .tmp file. ?
bulletin_fromEmail system administratorText to be sent as from line in all bulletins. Default is 'Email System Administrator'. ?
bulletin_hasheadersfalseIf true then DPOP expects you to give all headers when entering bulletin. Finish headers with a blank line before body! 2.8l
bulletin_max233no description available ?
bulletin_pathwork_path/bulletinsDirectory to contain bulletin messages of form nnn.txt. ?
cache_clear_fileno defaultActivates authent cache clearing when specified file is modified. (syntax: [max_frequency_limit_seconds] 2.9a
check_corruptiontrueSpecifies whether or not DPOP should check bin files for corruption at login time. Can increase time taken to log in. (syntax: ) 2.9i
check_gidno default(UNIX only) Set if group id for drop files should be checked before accessing drop or bin files. Default is no check and set no group access. (this setting requires a restart for changes to apply)?
check_lwrusernamefalseCheck lowercase usernames on lookup failure (syntax: ) 2.9e
check_owner_disablefalse(Unix only) Set if user id for drop files should not be checked. Default is to check. ?
check_regulardroptrueTells DSMTP to check that dropfiles are regular files 2.8i
check_slowfalseTells DSMTP to remember unresponsive ip numbers and not to talk to them for a while.() 3.0a
cleanout_disablefalseno description available ?
cram_keyno defaultSpecifies keys for CRAM-MD5 authentication.( ) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
crlf_storedfalseIs cr and lf stored at end of lines on this system. ?
(unix only)
crlf_storedtrueIs cr and lf stored at end of lines on this system. ?
(Windows only)
delay_badrcptfalsesend a DSN instead of a 5xx response for invalid/non-existent local users 2.8h
die_on_host_vdomainfalseTell DSMTP to die if it find a vdomain with a matching host_domain entry () 3.0a
disable_vcircuitfalseTells DPOP to disable log lines that involve the virtual circuit being reset. {} 3.0f
dlist_accept_from_requestfalseAdded for Backwards compatibility. If true then accept messages from usernames containing '-request' (default is false). ?
dlist_backup_sizeno default(defaults to 1 Mbyte). ?
dlist_domainno defaultSets the default @xxx address for messages from DList. Overriden by individual lists 'domain' setting (default is first host_domain setting). ?
dlist_log_datafalseSpecifies whether or not DList should log the TCPIP data it sends (syntax: ) 2.9g
dlist_log_levelinfoSets the logging level to one of error,info or debug. ?
dlist_namesno defaultno description available ?
dlist_pathno defaultThe directory for lists.dat and all DList work files, log file, and list archiving. ?
dlist_robotno defaultno description available ?
dlist_rotate60000Size of log file in bytes before it is rotated (default and minimum value is 60 kbytes) ?
dlist_smtp_hostno defaultUse this setting to set the port that DList should talk on, ipaddress:port (DList will ALWAYS send out messages to the ip address, ?
dlist_web_absno defaultno description available ?
dlist_web_relno defaultno description available ?
dns_disk_disablefalseIf true disables the new system for caching DNS lookups to disk 2.8i
dns_hostno defaultSet specific DNS servers to be used for domain lookups (instead of using system DNS settings). (multiple entries permitted) ?
dns_switch_nfails7Sets the number of fails before switching dns servers. (-1 is on every fail) 2.8r
dns_timeout99Specifies how long (in seconds) DSMTP should wait on a DNS lookup. ?
domainno defaultdrop file prefix to use for this domain 2.9
domain_banfileno defaultno description available ?
domain_blockno defaultno description available ?
domain_chrootno default(UNIX) Robots; Enables chroot functionality for domains. (multiple entries permitted) ?
domain_vscan_combineandTells DSMTP how to combine different domain_vscan_skip rules for the final test {<\ 3.0h
domain_vscan_skipno defaultTells DSMTP to skip virus scanning for certain domains. {} (multiple entries permitted) 3.0h
domusersno defaultSpecifies a file containing domain-user information.() 3.0a
dotstuff_robotfalseMakes DSMTP dotstuff robots for backwards compatibility. ?
(unix only)
dotstuff_robottrueMakes DSMTP dotstuff robots for backwards compatibility. ?
(Windows only)
dpop_allow_sslno defaultSpecifies those IP addresses from which users may use SSL (via. the STLS command). (syntax: ) 3.0a
dpop_hostno defaultThe TCP/IP address of the host DPOP is running on. ?
dpop_maildirfalseIf set Maildir format drop files will be scanned by DPOP only, for use in converting from maildir. 2.8r
dpop_path/usr/local/dmail/Installation directory for DPOP and manual pages etc. ?
(unix only)
dpop_path\\dmailInstallation directory for DPOP and manual pages etc. ?
(Windows only)
dpop_require_sslSpecifies those IP addresses from which users must use SSL (via. the STLS command). (syntax: ) 3.0a
drop_connectionno defaultSpecify an envelope command/string match condition to drop the connection on (multiple entries permitted) 2.8h
drop_extno defaultChange-over compatibility; Drop file extension. Default is none. ?
drop_killno defaultChange-over compatibility; File related to drop file to remove after drop file has been burst. ?
drop_max1048576Specifies how big DSMTP should let dropfiles get (in kbytes). ?
drop_oldno defaultno description available ?
drop_path./mail/Specifies the directory to use for email drop files ?
drop_permissions0750Specifies the permissions DPOP will give to users maildrops. The default value is 0750. 2.9n
drop_prefixtrueIf true then the virtual domain prefix is used as part of path for drop files. ?
drop_typeno defaultno description available ?
drop_usersno defaultSpecifies users who need to be able to read mail from another popper as well as DPOP (i.e. convert from bin file back to drop file). (multiple entries permitted) ?
dslave_log_pathno defaultSpecifies the path into which DSlave will place dslave.log files. {} 3.0c
dsmtp_path./Location of DSMTP executable (and default for many path settings). ?
dtablesizeno defaultAllows setting of DTABLESIZE above our suggested maximum of 1024 2.8d
dump_datafalseTells DSMTP to dump tcp data out to dsmtpdumpn.log. {} 3.0d
dump_stats60Time in minutes between performace statistics output 2.7d
dwatch_path./dwatch/Specifies path for .pid and .wat files and other DWatch information ?
etrn_relayno defaultGives a list of IP numbers for DSMTP to relay any ETRN requests to (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
expire_age366When expiring old emails from server, remove messages more than expire_age days old ?
expire_minsno defaultStart a new expire set every this many minutes, unless last one still processing ?
expire_no_authentfalseSpecifies whether DPOP should ignore authent database when expiring. {} 3.0d
expire_size1000When expiring old email from server, remove messages larger than expire_size bytes ?
external_processorfalseActivates DSMTP's message processing daemon functionality 2.8i
external_viruscheckerno defaultTells DSMTP to use an external virus checker on MIME attachments from extract_mime 2.8n
extract_mimeno defaultTells DSMTP where to extract particular mime attachments (multiple entries permitted) 2.8n
extract_mime_exceptno defaultSpecifies exceptions to extract_mime () (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
fail_bouncefalseCauses bounce messages to be rejected () 3.0a
fake_verifytrueIf true (default) DSMTP returns 250 OK on all VRFY commands. ?
fallback_addressno defaultEnables a 'catchall' address for a specific domain. (multiple entries permitted) ?
files_per_session2Number of file handles needed per DPOP session. Setting <2 may allow more concurrent sessions. Set between 1 and 2 use less than 2 at your own risk! ?
filter_skipno defaultGives a wildcard username that triggers message filter bypassing (multiple entries permitted) 2.8i
filter_skip_onlyifno defaultGives a wildcard username that triggers message filter bypassing only if all names match either skip or skip_onlyif (multiple entries permitted) 2.8i
forwardno defaultCreates a mail re-direction rule to be checked against all incoming mail. [priority]
(multiple entries permitted)
forward_ccno defaultCreates a carbon-copy mail re-direction rule to be checked against all incoming mail. (multiple entries permitted) ?
forward_fromno defaultAnti-SPAM; specifies a domain that is exempt from relaying restrictions. (multiple entries permitted) 2.4h
forward_from_and_ipno defaultSpecifies a two-tiered relaying criterion (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9g
forward_from_ipno defaultAnti-SPAM; specifies an IP address that is exempt from relaying restrictions. (multiple entries permitted) ?
forward_on_fromno defaultRedirects email based on the FROM (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
forward_userno defaultAnti-SPAM; turns on an anti-relaying system that allows relaying only after a recent DPOP login. ?
forward_window120Anti-SPAM; sets time (in seconds) in which relaying is allowed after POP login (i.e. expiry time of forward_user records). ?
forwardcc_on_fromno defaultRedirects with carbon-copy based on the FROM (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
from_testfalseIf true use slow test for valid From lines when bursting files. Only needed when DPOP is used with other smtp servers which use extended From line test. ?
fromip_dropfalseTells DSMTP to drop connections from IP numbers who have exceeded fromip_max 2.8n
fromip_max10000Anti-SPAM; sets a limit on message throughput per hour from any IP number. ?
fromip_max_remote10000Sets a limit on message throughput to remote addresses per hour from any IP number. 3.0a
fromip_nolimitno defaultAnti-SPAM; specifies IP addresses which are exempt from the fromip_max setting. (multiple entries permitted) ?
fromip_nolimit_remoteno defaultSpecifies IP addresses which are exempt from the fromip_max_remote setting. (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
gatewayno defaultBypass DNS lookups by specifying domain-IP_address pairs for DSMTP to use. (multiple entries permitted) ?
globalalias_before_fallbacktrueTells DSMTP to check aliases before using fallbacks. {} 3.0d
guessing_allowfalseSpecifies whether DPOP should prevent users from logging in if too many failed authentications are detected (syntax: ) 2.9n
hash_bindirfalseSpecifies whether or not to hash the users bin directory, if different from the maildir (syntax: ) 2.9e
hash_qfilesfalseActivates directory hashing of qfiles 2.8i
hash_spool0Sets hashing method (0,1 or 2). Hashing is where drop_files are distributed across multiple directories. (this setting requires a restart for changes to apply)?
hide_old_bullsfalseTells DPOP not to show existing bulletins to newly created user (syntax: ) 2.9d
hide_rcvd_ipno defaultMakes DSMTP hide the specified IP address in the 'received' message header. ?
hide_tlsno defaultTells DSMTP not to advertise TLS support to certain ip numbers.() (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
host_domain127.0.0.1Adds a domain name to the list of domains to be recognized as being local (multiple entries permitted) ?
imapd_include_levelno defaultSets the time in minutes between retries. 2.8q(4.3.3q)
imapd_mailbox_nameno defaultIf 'name' specified, IMAPD puts .mbx files in ~user/name (not required for most setups). ?
invalid_charsno defaultSpecifies which characters should be encoded when hashing usernames. This should almost always be left as default. (syntax: ) 2.9g
kill_authent_nosyncno defaultTells DSMTP to kill authent processes that get out of sync {} ?
kpop_portno defaultno description available ?
language_file_dpopno defaultSpecify a language file for DPOP to use 2.9b
language_file_dsmtpno defaultSpecify a language file for DSMTP to use 2.8h
lock_fcntlfalseUse fcntl locking instead of flock locking (syntax: ) 2.9e
lock_id(UNIX); sets a file locking id for multi-server systems. ?
lock_userfalseSpecifies whether multiple user logins should be checked for using flock (syntax: ) 2.9g
log_chainfalseIf set true, DSMTP will log everytime it modifies the final recipients address, so you can track mail redirection in the log. ?
log_channel_status60Specifies at what interval (in seconds) DPOP should log channel status. Default is every 60 seconds. (syntax: ) 3.0a
log_copylinesno defaultAny logline containing the plaintext will be copied out to (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9b
log_datafalseSpecifies whether or not DSMTP should log the TCPIP data it gets. ?
log_days14Tells DSMTP how long (in days) to keep summary logfiles. ?
log_dropsizefalseTells DSMTP to log dropfile sizes before and after writing (syntax: ) 2.9b
log_flushfalseSpecifies whether to flush buffer upon writing to log (syntax: ) ?
log_levelerrorSpecifies how much information to output to the logfile (one of error, info, debug). ?
log_millisecondsfalseTells DSMTP to log millsecond-accurate time 2.8f
log_mimefalseSwitch MIME info logging on 2.8h
log_passwordfalseSpecifies whether DPOP should log passwords in dpop.log. (syntax: ) 2.9j
log_pathno defaultSpecifies where the server log files are to go. ?
log_recentfalseSpecifies whether DPOP should log recent access information when forward_user is true. (syntax: ) 3.0a
log_slavesfalseLogs all info regarding slave channel creating and requests. May impact performance. {} 3.0c
log_status600Time (in mins) between logging DPOP status to log file. ?
lookup_namesfalseSets DSMTP and DPOP to do reverse DNS lookups. ?
lowercase_dropfilefalseForces the use of lowercase dropfiles, i.e. everything after the last slash in the full drop file name (syntax: ) 2.9b
lowercase_passwordno defaultIf true DPOP will always set passwords to lower case before using them for authentication (auth module must have lower case passwords or be case insensitive). ?
lowercase_usernametrueSets DSMTP and DPOP to be case insensitive for usernames and hence 'dropfile' names. ?
maildir_althomeno default2.8z: Sets base directory for the MAILDIR directories for the specified domain, when user_maildir is true (as per alt_drop_path) (Syntax: <wildcard_domain> <path> ?
maildir_homeno default2.8z: Sets base directory for the MAILDIR directories when user_maildir is true (as per drop_path) (Syntax: <path>) ?
maildir_usesuffixtrueTells DSMTP whether or not to use the .mdir suffix for maildir paths.() 3.0a
manager_ip_address*.*.*.*IP addresses manager commands can come from (affects tellpop and DMAdmin etc.). (multiple entries permitted) ?
manager_ip_nameno defaultDomain names that manager commands can come from (affects tellpop and DMAdmin etc.). (multiple entries permitted) ?
manager_passwordno defaultPassword for valid manager commands (OBSOLETE after DPOP version 2.0 - no longer in dmail.conf). (obsolete) ?
maps_actionno defaultInvokes certain actions should the connecting server be registered with MAPS (multiple entries permitted) 2.8e
maps_envelopeno defaultSets MAPS-specific SMTP envelope (both RCPT and MAIL FROM and others later) exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
maps_exceptionno defaultSets MAPS-specific IP-number exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
maps_mailno defaultSets MAPS-specific MAIL FROM exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
maps_rcptno defaultSets MAPS-specific RCPT exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
max_auth_quotano defaultTells DSMTP to impose an upper limit on authent-based quotas {} ?
max_log_size3000000Max size (in bytes) for DPOP log file before renaming and starting new one. ?
max_loglen1024Specifies the maximum size (in kbytes) of DSMTP's log files. ?
max_msgsize2048Specifies the maximum message size DSMTP may accept(in kbytes). ?
max_others20Specifies the maximum number of recipients recorded for each message in summary files. ?
max_queue1000Sets the number of rcpt lines from queue files that DMSTP queues up in memory, this is not a setting to idly play with:) ?
max_rcpt_except_ipno defaultSpecifies ip numbers to which max_rcpts restrictions do not apply () (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
max_rcptsno defaultAnti-Spam; Use to limit the number of recipients DSMTP should allow per message. ?
max_rcpts_sessionno defaultSets a per-session maximum RCPT count 2.8i
max_rcvd30Specifies the maximum number of received lines allowed in an incoming message - used as message loop detection. ?
max_retry48This command is obsolete, use max_retrytime (obsolete) ?
max_retrytime24Specifies the maximum time in hours to continue attempting (once every 2 hours) to deliver a message. ?
max_send10Sets maximum outgoing channels, which limits maximum simultaneous outgoing messages (50 is upper limit). ?
max_send_domain10Limits the number of outgoing channels to any one domain. {} 3.0h
max_sessions200Limit on number of concurrent sessions connected at one time, DPOP will try to make this many available. ?
max_sessions_override0Specified how many concurrent TCPIP sessions DPOP must allow. WARNING; only use this setting if you know what you are doing (syntax: ) 2.9e
max_simultaneousno defaultLimits the maximum number of simultaneous connections from the same ip () 3.0a
max_simultaneous_exemptno defaultSpecifies exemptions from max_simultaneous (
) (multiple entries permitted)
max_vdomain2048Maximum number of virtual domains which can be used 2.8b
message_processno defaultSpecifies a process to be run on all incoming messages (uses the $FILE macro). {} 3.0h
message_process_actionno defaultSpecifies a an action based on the message_process return value. Currently reject, vanish or deliver { } (multiple entries permitted) 3.0h
min_space10Specifies the minimum disk space (in Mbytes) DSMTP needs to operate. ?
monqno defaultNever you mind (multiple entries permitted) 3.0h
msg_filterno defaultTells DSMTP to use a message filter (in specified file) on all incoming mail. ?
msg_separatorno defaultChange-over compatibility; Message separator character if not defined then we don't use one. ?
msgid_suffixno defaultSpecifies a msgid suffix (instead of host_domain) 2.8c
network_byte_order_idxfalseSpecifies whether indexes for mailboxes should be written in network byte order vs native byte order. {} 3.0f
no_autohostfalseDe-activate the auto adding of hosts to DSMTP's internal host_domain list. ?
no_disablefalseSpecifies whether DPOP should prevent users from being disabled. If true, also logs attempts to enable / disable users. (syntax: ) 3.0a
no_dotforwardfalse(UNIX) tells DSMTP not to look for .forward files but .fwd files instead. ?
no_max_msgsizeno defaultSpecifies addresses exempt from max_msgsize restrictions (
) (multiple entries permitted)
no_routetrueForces DSMTP to remove routing information from RCPT amd MAIL lines. () 3.0a
no_xdpopfalseno description available ?
noquota_fromno defaultTell DSMTP to ignore quota restrictions for matching MAIL FROMs (
) (multiple entries permitted)
notify_expiretrueSpecifies whether users will receive expire.tpl upon expiry of their mail. {} 2.9x
nt_domainno defaultno description available ?
oneline_statsfalseSets the format for stats file loglines. 2.8p
orbs_actionno defaultInvokes certain actions should the connecting server be registered with ORBS (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
orbs_envelopeno defaultSets ORBS-specific SMTP envelope (both RCPT and MAIL FROM and others later) exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
orbs_exceptionno defaultSets ORBS-specific IP-number exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
orbs_mailno defaultSets ORBS-specific MAIL FROM exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
orbs_rcptno defaultSets ORBS-specific RCPT exceptions (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9a
pf_dflt_addressno defaultPOPFetch setting 2.8s
pf_domainno defaultPOPFetch setting 2.8s
pf_headerno defaultPOPFetch setting 2.8s
pf_isintervalno defaultPOPFetch setting 2.8s
pf_max_dudsno defaultPOPFetch setting 2.8s
pf_retry_delayno defaultPOPFetch setting 2.8s
pf_userno defaultPOPFetch setting (multiple entries permitted) 2.8s
plain_textfalseAllows plain-text authentication for manager commands 2.9a
pop_event_logburst,statSwitches on logging of various POP events: last,uidl,burst,list,listn,stat,user,pass,quit,retr,dele,rset (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
pop_port110Allows the the port number pop3 clients will access to be set to a non-standard value. ?
pop_timeout600How long DPOP waits (in seconds) before assuming a connection has gone and close TCPIP channel. ?
pop_welcomeDPOP Version number supressed.A template for the welcome line and gratuitous message headers. Does not accept \\r\\n delimited lines. Accetps and $DATE, $HOST macros 2.9e
prefixno defaultdrop file prefix to use for this domain 2.9
preserve_domainfalseAdded for Backwards compatibility. Do not replace all host domains with the first one for lookups 2.7i
proxy_domainno defaultTells DSMTP to use a proxy when trying to talk to the given domain (multiple entries permitted) 2.8n
qfile_split1000Tells DSMTP how many address lines to put into a q_idx file before making another one 2.8e
qroup_quotano defaultTells DSMTP the default quota for users in a given authent group ( ). (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
quiettrueTells DSMTP to direct minimal output to stdout. ?
quota_fixno defaultZeros user quota when they login, to fix previous fault (turn on for about 1 week only!). 2.7j
ras_domainno defaultRAS Dialup; This setting is NOT necessary in almost all cases. It specifies the domain on which authentication is to occur (NT only). ?
ras_entryno defaultno description available ?
ras_numberno defaultno description available ?
ras_passwordno defaultno description available ?
ras_smtpipno defaultno description available ?
ras_timeoutno defaultno description available ?
ras_timerno defaultno description available ?
ras_usernameno defaultno description available ?
rbl_banno defaultSpecifies the ban action for ip numbers in a given rbl database ( [, [, ...]]) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
rbl_except_envelopeno defaultSpecifies MAIL FROM/RCPT TO based exceptions for ip numbers in a given rbl database (
...]]) (multiple entries permitted)
rbl_except_ipno defaultSpecifies ip-based exceptions for ip numbers in a given rbl database ( [, [, ...]]) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
rbl_except_mailno defaultSpecifies MAIL FROM-based exceptions for ip numbers in a given rbl database (
...]]) (multiple entries permitted)
rbl_except_rcptno defaultSpecifies RCPT TO-based exceptions for ip numbers in a given rbl database (
...]]) (multiple entries permitted)
rbl_exceptionno defaultspecify ip number exempt from RBL-based actions (multiple entries permitted) 2.8h
rbl_rejectno defaultSpecifies the reject action for ip numbers in a given rbl database ( [, [, ...]]) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
rbl_vanishno defaultSpecifies the vanish action for ip numbers in a given rbl database ( [, [, ...]]) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
received_templateno defaultSets a template for DSMTP's Received from: lines.() 3.0a
recent_directoryno defaultSpecifies directory in which to find / create {} 3.0c
recent_id0Specifies identity number for access_now, should be unique for each clustered server. {} 3.0c
regularno defaultSpecifies a tellpop command to be run, and two wildcards for time matching. (syntax: ) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9j
reject_bad_headerfalseTells DSMTP to reject messages with invalid RFC822 headers 2.8n
reject_no_reversefalseTells DSMTP if it should reject messages where reverse DNS on connecting IP address fails (requires reverse_lookup to be set). ?
relay_check_processno defaultSpecifies a process whose exit value sets a connection relay permission. {} 3.0h
relay_tono defaultPermits unconditional relaying to particular domains. (multiple entries permitted) ?
relay_to_gatewayfalseTell DSMTP to relay to domains that have a gateway setting () 3.0a
remind_timeout3600Specifies the minimum time (in seconds) between critical error emails. ?
require_sslno defaultSpecifies IP number which must use SSL connections.() (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
require_ssl__out_exceptno defaultSpecifies IP numbers exempt from require_ssl_out rules.() (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
require_ssl_exceptno defaultSpecifies IP numbers exempt from require_ssl rules.() (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
require_ssl_outno defaultSpecifies IP number which must use SSL connections.() (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
require_user_vscanfalseTells DSMTP not to do virus checks unless a local user has requested it. {} 3.0d
retr_chunk10000Max bytes to send in one chunk for retrv command. Default is 10000. ?
retry_interval120Sets the time in minutes between retries. 2.8p
retry_invalid_domainfalseTells DSMTP to continue trying to deliver to a bad domain name, rather than bouncing 2.8r
reverse_name_banno defaultSpecifies domain names that should be banned (only works if lookup_names is true) (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
reverse_name_ban_exceptno defaultSpecifies exceptions to reverse_name_ban (only works if lookup_names is true) (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
robot_defaultuserno defaultSets an alternative uid for robots attempting to run as root 2.8i
(Windows only)
robot_defaultuser0Sets an alternative uid for robots attempting to run as root 2.8i
(unix only)
robot_try120Specifies how long DSMTP should try to give input to a robot before giving up (in seconds). ?
robot_wait600Specifies how long DSMTP should wait before killing a robot. ?
rotated_logs4Sets the number of old log files DSMTP keeps. ?
route_fromfalseTells to add routing information to the FROM envelope (syntax: ) 2.9d
scriptedfalseExperimental command. Currently less than alpha. DON'T DOCUMENT. 2.8b
self_rcvd3set a limit to the number of times DSMTP will send a message to itself 2.8h
separate_logsfalseCauses DPOP to create duplicates of log lines in separate log, info and debug logfiles. {} 3.0d
set_user_ownedfalseSpecifies whether or not DPOP should set ownership of bin folder to user. UNIX systems only. (syntax: ) 2.9i
shell_prefixno defaultRobots; tells DSMTP to use a prefix for autoresponder exec calls. ?
show_8bitmimefalseMakes DSMTP revert to pre version 2.5c default of advertising 8 bit MIME capability (not recommended). ?
show_cram-md5falseTells DSMTP to advertise CRAM-MD5 authentication.() 3.0a
show_ehlono defaultSwitches on the announcing of various ESMTP extenstions (multiple entries permitted) 2.7j
show_sizefalseTells DSMTP to advertise the ESMTP SIZE extenstion (syntax: ) 2.9b
show_tlsno defaultTells DSMTP to advertise TLS support to certain ip numbers.() (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
signal_coreno defaultIf true, DSMTP will not intercept signals such as segmentation fault(UNIX based platforms only). 2.8d
slave_burst_size1000000Burst drop files of this size (in bytes) or larger with a DSlave process. ?
slave_number4Sets the number of DSlave processes (sub processes of DPOP) for handling burst of large drop files (we recommend 4). ?
slave_processdpop_path/dslave.exeno description available ?
(Windows only)
slave_processdpop_path/dslaveno description available ?
(unix only)
slave_timeout100Timeout (in seconds) for commands (e.g. burst) given to DSlave processes. Default 100 seconds. ?
smart_reloadfalseUse smart (buffering) reloading code 2.7e
smtp_auth_outno defaultDSMTP will attempt to use AUTH PLAIN when talking to the given domain (syntax: < plaintext user> < plaintext password>) (multiple entries permitted) 2.9b
smtp_welcomeno defaultA template for the welcome line. Accepts \\r\\n delimited lines, and $DATE, $HOST macros 2.8a
spam_dumpno defaultTells DSMTP to dump filtered spam to the given filename, rather than the bit-bucket (multiple entries permitted) 2.8e
spool_dirno defaultActivates a mail spooling directory for incoming mail. DSMTP will deliver any mail found in this directory. (multiple entries permitted) 2.8n
spool_readyfilefalseActivates mail spool pseudo-lockfiles 2.9a
spool_suffix.msgSets the suffix for spool messages. $BLANK is also accepted.() 3.0a
spool_templateno defaultSets a template for the format of timed mailspool files.() 3.0a
stats_pathno defaultPath for log files of per connection usage statistics,if set turns on statistics logging. ?
stop_listenfalseon shutdown stop listening for new connections 2.8f
strip_headerno defaultCauses DSMTP to swallow certain header-lines () (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
strip_header_exceptno defaultProvides exceptions to strip_header () (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
suffixno defaultusername containing this suffix match enclosing domain 2.9
suspend_domainno defaultPermanently suspends a domain's q files (unless requested by an ETRN) (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
suspend_domain_timeout2880Causes DSMTP to expire suspend_domain messages after a time () 3.0a
sysadminno defaultThe email address of the system administrator and 'postmaster' for DSMTP. ?
tarpit_exceptno defaultLists IP addresses which are exceptions to tarpit_start. (multiple entries permitted) ?
tarpit_startno defaultAnti-Spam; Number of Recipients before DSMTP should start responding slowly. ?
tcp_list_nodelayfalseno description available ?
tcp_max200Limits the total number of TCPIP connections. Includes both incoming and outgoing connections. ?
tcp_nodelayfalseno description available ?
tcp_send_size65000tcp output buffer size 2.8d
tcp_timeout300Specifies how long DSMTP should wait (in seconds) for a response before giving up on ALL TCPIP connections (except sendlog connections). ?
tcp_timeout_inno defaultSpecifies an explicit timeout for incoming channels.() 3.0a
tcp_timeout_outno defaultSpecifies an explicit timeout for outgoing channels.() 3.0a
tellpop_hostno defaultThe address for tellpop to use to talk to DPOP. 2.8p
tellpop_keep_domainfalseSpecifies whether tellpop should try to trim @domain from usernames on drop. {} 3.0c
timezoneno defaultTells DSMTP to fake its timezone info with this value. ?
to_ipno defaultDPOP connections from this ip match enclosing domain 2.9
top_statusfalseTells DPOP to update the status of a message to read after a 'top n n' command (syntax: ) 2.9d
unix_casefalse(UNIX)Tells DSMTP to use strictly case sensitive user lookups. ?
(unix only)
use_atrnfalseTells DSMTP to use the ATRN ESMTP extension. () 3.0a
use_dropfalseWhen use_maildir true Tells DPOP to check for drop files as well 2.8?
use_drop_dirno defaultno description available ?
use_flocktrueIf true use flock. Use false on nfs systems if flock always fails. Use false with lockid so dotlock is used instead 2.8d
use_forward_filestrueUsed to stop DSMTP from checking for users' forward files. ?
use_fromsizefalseToggles the use of the FROM SIZE ESMTP extension (syntax: ) 2.9g
use_logon_networkfalseCauses DPOP to use LOGON_NETWORK rather than LOGON_INTERACTIVE login types on Windows NT. {} 3.0d
use_maildirfalse2.8z: If true, tells DSMTP and DPOP to use the MAILDIR format for drop files, instead of standard Sendmail style drop files. (NB: use lock_id too) ?
use_old_aliastrueTells DSMTP to use the old alias code. {} 3.0d
user_ip_address*.*.*.*IP addresses user connections can come from. (multiple entries permitted) ?
user_ip_nameno defaultValid domain names user connections can come from. (multiple entries permitted) ?
user_quotafalseEnables a per-user mailbox quota system and optionally sets the default quota(true/false/kbytes). ?
users_filework_path/users.idxno description available ?
usrfwd_appendno defaultSpecifies addition user fwd info ( ) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
usrfwd_defaultno defaultSpecifies default user fwd parameter for users who have none ( ) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
usrfwd_exemptno defaultSpecifies addresses exempt from user fwd paramter rewriting rules () (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
usrfwd_overrideno defaultSpecifies overriding user fwd parameter for users who have one ( ) (multiple entries permitted) 3.0a
valid_users*Valid usernames to get their mail here. (multiple entries permitted) ?
vdomainno defaultSets up a virtual domain for use with/by DPOP and DSMTP. (multiple entries permitted) (this setting requires a restart for changes to apply)?
vdomain_passwdno defaultTells DSMTP and DPOP to use a separate passwd file for a vdomain (Unix) (multiple entries permitted) ?
vdomain_separator_Specifies the separator character to use with Virtual Domain prefixes. ?
vdomain_substitutetrueAllows DSMTP to do 'smart' string replacement of host_domains with appropriate vdomain in message headers. ?
virtual_user_nocasefalseSets the case-sensitivity for virtual usertable lookup. {} 3.0c
virtual_user_postno defaultAdds a sendmail style virtual user table, actioned immediately before lookup (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
virtual_user_preno defaultAdds a sendmail style virtual user table, actioned before any other local-user rules apply (multiple entries permitted) 2.8b
warn_user4Specifies when (after x hours) DSMTP is to warn the sender of a delayed delivery. ?
welcome_bullno defaultSpecifies a file which DPOP should add in the form of a bulletin to any new users maildrop. (syntax: ) 2.9j
work_path./work/Specifies the directory for work files (also default for log and statistics files) ?
writetofile_default_userno defaultSets default uid for dropping directly to files 2.9a
xdpop_header_hidefalseno description available ?