Configuration Settings Specific to DList:

This page details only those dmail.conf settings which apply specifically to DList.
For more settings, see: Settings Common to all servers , Settings specific to DSMTP and Setting specific to DPOP

DList does not have a reload command. It will automatically notice any changes you make to DList settings in dmail.conf.

NB: All DList settings in dmail.conf begin, DList_

For more information on the configuration file, see:
The Configuration File, dmail.conf

Setting Example Description
dlist_path (none) The directory for lists.dat and all DList work files, log file, and list archiving.
dlist_domain host_domain Sets the default @xxx address for messages from DList. Overridden by individual lists 'domain' setting (default is first host_domain settings).
dlist_loglvl info Logging level (debug,info,warn,error)
dlist_rotate 50000 Size of log file in bytes before it is rotated (default and minimum value is 60 kbytes)
dlist_smtp_host <domain[:port]> In version 2.5g and above, this setting lets you set the domain or IP Address of the SMTP server it should send mail to. Optionally you can add a colon followed by a port number that DList should connect to other than the default SMTP port 25. (On older versions, DList will ALWAYS send out messages to the ip address,, but you can use this setting to set the port that it talks to.)
dlist_accept_from_request <true/false> true Added for Backwards compatibility. If true, it will accept messages from usernames containing '-request' (default is false).

Dmail.conf settings used by DList:

DList settings used by DSMTP or DPOP:

  • dlist_path

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