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This Product has been discontinued, try SurgePlus instead.

WebShareIt is an easy to install, and use web based client program that allows you to provide file sharing to anyone with a browser.

WebShareIt allows your users to share their files with friends and colleagues via their web browser. Files can be uploaded / downloaded and shared and transferred between the web server machine and any ftp servers setup by you or you users.

WebShareIt provides file locking, this allows you to share a document between several people and ensure that only one person can have and change the document at one time, this stops changes to the document being overwritten.


Local storage area on web
Users are given a set amount of local storage disk space which they can use to store files to share or download at a later date.

Share files between registered users
Registered users can create and share folders in their local storage space. Allowing other users to upload and/or download files from them.

Share files with anonymous users
Registered users can choose to share their folders with anonymous users as well.

Easy interface to upload/download web pages
Using WebShareIts folder mapping facilities the administrator can setup relative folders for each user automatically so that they can upload web pages onto their very own live web site.

Upload/download files via any web browser
As WebShareIt is a cgi all that is required to carry out all of its features is a web browser.

Upload/Download files to any ftp server
WebShareIt allows users to setup ftp servers, and then upload / download files to and from them with ease.

Create folders, rename files etc
WebShareIt allows users to create folders, rename files, upload / download files to any folder, copy files, move files, transfer files to and from ftp servers, share files with other users or anonymous people, and lock and unlock files.

Admin controlled download quota.
The administrator has the power to set a download quota for each account, meaning they can set a maximum number of bytes downloadable from any one account within 24 hours.

Admin controlled storage quota
The administrator has the power to set a maximum storage space limit for each user account. This is the maximum number of bytes of disk space the user can fill with their own files.

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