NetWin develops and distributes advanced software solutions that meet the needs of Internet and Intranet providers for reliable, high performance software that is easy to administer.

Product Excellence

Building on the company's broad development expertise, we endeavor to set new standards of excellence with each new project by bringing to the market solutions that are unmatched in functionality, performance and reliability. Products that are easy-to-install and minimize administration overheads where possible.

We recognize the need to minimize the total cost of ownership of software. Product reliability and ease of use remove the high cost associated with downtime and minimize product training and administration time. Our product licenses, upgrade and support packages are affordable and provide value that will exceed expectations.

Support Excellence

We endeavor to provide the highest quality support for all our products with access to experienced engineers that can give you the answers you want when you need them. With our emphasis on ease-of-use and reliability, we view support as a critical part of our product and integral to the development process and quality assurance.

This approach enables us to provide support options at a much lower cost to users than most competitors. Users are often surprised to find that they are talking directly with engineers on the product development team, and that their suggestions are quickly reflected as enhancements in new releases.

Global Distribution

NetWin sells its products directly and through distributors, re-sellers, and OEMs throughout the world.

Our Customers

NetWin software is used by thousands of organizations world wide. Our customers range from small businesses to many fortune 500 companies. From major Universities and technical colleges to the Pentagon, military and other government institutions. They include many Internet Service Providers and telecommunications companies from the small to the very large.

Contacting NetWin

Contact support an any time via email: or via this form

Physical Address:

NetWin LTD, 146 Goodland Drive, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.