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Getting DNews

A fully working trial version can be downloaded from NetWin LTD We recommend you install 4.2m or later.

Taking a newsfeed direct from ClariNet.

In access.conf you need to add entries for Clarinet, currently DNews uses reverse DNS to check who is sending you data, so you need entries which will match all clarinet news hosts. Give the ClariNet tech support READ access to your server as well.


In dnews.conf, enable reverse DNS lookups:

nodns false

In newsfeeds.conf, prevent any clari groups from being accidentally sent to your normal upstream sites or any outgoing feeds you have (if any). And add an upstream feed for the clarinet discussion group, be very certain you don't send any other clarinet groups anywhere.

site me
    groups *
site $nntp_feeder
    groups *,!clari*
site clari.
    groups !*,

Choose a subscription and fetch a newsgroup list appropriate for it, these are just some of the options. You may find the groups already exist on your server so this step may not be necessary.

newsgroups.1 	One-Star Edition 
newsgroups.2 	Two-Star Edition 
newsgroups.3 	Three-Star Edition 
newsgroups.3c	Three-Star Edition with Commerce Business Daily 	Educational Edition 
newsgroups.4 	Four-Star/Corporate/Edu+ Edition 
ftp> user anonymous
ftp> cd help/admin
ftp> get newsgroups.1

Add a dummy header line and one blank line to the newsgroups.1 file so it looks like a real news message, and then use the checkgroups command to merge it in with your current list of news groups.

  tellnews checkgroups newsgroups.1   (Note: This only works in DNews 4.2m or later)

Add a dummy line to your moderators.conf line as the clarinet groups are not really moderated groups. This should go above the last rule in this file, e.g.


That's all you need to do, you should now have all the ClariNet news groups and your news items should start arriving as soon as you email/call ClariNet and ask them to turn on your feed.

If you have any problems feel free to contact NetWin Support for advice and assistance. We will usually want to see a section of DNEWS.LOG and your DNEWS.CONF and or NEWSFEEDS.CONF files.

If you plan you use the webextract perl script to create html pages from your DNews uucp bag files you will need to make a minor change in order to get it working.  This change is required because DNews creates outgoing uucp bag files with a name
different to what the webextract script expects.  Edit the file and make the following change...

CHANGE:    @files = sort grep(/^\d/, readdir(DP));
TO:        @files = sort grep(/^.*\.BAG/, readdir(DP));

Then it should work correctly.