Exceptional support and after sales service

Every purchase  includes a complimentary twelve months email support, plus access to upgrade free to any new release of that product, for a period of twelve months from your purchase date. We pride ourselves on the quality of the support we provide for our software. We will answer most email questions within twenty-four hours. We also have user mailing lists to enable users of our software to share experiences and insights. These lists also provide us with feedback on what new features would be of general interest.
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Pre-Sales Support

Please feel free to contact our support engineers with any technical pre sales questions (click here) Or contact for general inquires.

Online Documentation (searchable)

  • WatchDog - documentation is all included online in the windows help file

Support EMAIL addresses

Problem Escalation

If you have a problem that is not being resolved quickly enough for your satisfaction via our normal email support addresses above, you can use this web form to alert the relevant product managers of the situation. Please try the email addresses above FIRST :-)

Granting us access to a system (passwords etc.)

If you wish to give our support staff access to your system you can do so via this secure web page and avoid sending passwords in plain text in email messages.

Mailing lists & News Groups (searchable)

Support options

In general our products all come with the following support options:

Sales questions

Use this address for questions on Registering and Registration Keys.
This is also the contact address for information on becoming a reseller.

Miscellaneous useful web links

Click here for miscellaneous useful web links.

Contacting NetWin

As a general rule, email is the best way to contact us pick one of the support addresses above for technical assistance or for sales questions, however if your EMail is faulty, or if you have had no response for 48 hours on any question then please use this contact form.

FAX us, +64 6 353 7359

Physical Mail can be sent to:   NetWin Ltd, 146 Goodland Drive, Albany 0792, New Zealand.

SurgeMail Mailing List

The SurgeMail mailing list is also gatewayed to a News Group and to the web via a DNewsWeb gateway, click here to read the group directly via the web:

To subscribe to the SurgeMail discussion/support mailing list send to:

A message containing one word:


(That is in the message body, not in the Subject line)

Then to post to the list send to:

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