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Simply one of the best; scalable secure carrier class email server

SurgeMail is one of the fastest, most robust and secure, full-featured email server on the market today supporting all the protocols and standards. Over 10,000 servers installed, serving millions of email accounts world wide. Too many additional features to list here, take a look at the surgemail page for more information.


SurgeMail spam filtering for existing mail servers!

Working with your existing mail server, get the benefits of SurgeMail's spam blocking, virus scanning and filtering features.


Fast AJAX web email for existing mail servers!

Use the fast, efficient SurgeWeb web email interface with your existing mail server to allow users acceses to email from anywhere.


SurgeFTP™ 2.3

High speed secure SSL/TLS FTP server

FTP server with remote web administration, load limiting and antihacking features. Group based access rules and multiple classes of users per domain. Connect internalor external user databse (LDAP, SQL, ODBC, Radius, nwauth). Emailed activity reports. Full RFC compliance.

Older products:

WebMail™ 3.1

Web based email for older browsers

Web based email that will work with any POP or IMAP server. Template based allowing the whole interface to be customised. Comes with multiple template sets. Unlimited number of accounts, easy to use, runs on many operating systems.