Activation Guide

Outline of how this activation system works

When you download the product it will automatically install with a trial license. At any time you can then purchase a full license from our website using the buy now links.

When you get a full license you will get an email with activation instructions, typically something like this, e.g. for surgemail:

tellnews activate N123455

If your system resides behind a fire wall and cannot talk to our key server, then the product may ask you to send an email direct to our key robot. In either case you can download, activate a temporary key, purchase and activate a permanent key all through our web site at any time of day or night.

If anything goes horribly wrong email and we will sort you out as quick as we can.

How to activate your permanent registration.

To activate your permanent registration use the exact same command you used when enabling your temporary registration (and use the SAME registration number). eg: for SurgeMail you would type in:

           tellmail activate n243

See above for details of other product activation commands.

How to get the latest version

Click on our normal product pages and select 'download'.

How to upgrade to a higher USER LIMIT

If you want to upgrade from a 10 user to 100 user license etc, simply email all your details:

Registration number: e.g. Nxxxxx
EMail address for registration: e.g.
Current license limit: e.g., 10
Desired license limit: e.g., 100

Our sales staff will work out the difference in price and charge your card (if requested) or invoice you. Sales will modify your license details so you can re-activate your key with the new limit, to do this you will just have to issue the "tellmail/tellnews activate Nxxx user@domain" command again.

If your user limit is exceeded but you don't have more users than you should, then issue this command:

tellmail users_recount

This may fix the problem if the user count has drifted out.

What to do if all else fails and you need it reactivated NOW!

First, don't panic! Try purchasing the product as described above, that should get you a working activation key in minutes, it's all online and automatic.

If that fails then you can try adding '_extend' to your registration number e.g.

         tellnews activate n1234_extend your@email.address

That should give you another 2 weeks to resolve the registration problem with our human sales staff