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Click here for the latest normal or pgp control.conf

This file controls the action taken when control messages are received. This is the secret to the administration of news. Control messages are just like normal Usenet news articles, but they are read by your news server and make it automatically do things, like adding and deleting news groups. This may seem invasive but with dozens of news groups being created and deleted every day you really don't want to be doing this yourself.

See the section on Adding PGP authentication to control.conf if you are concerned about security issues involved with control messages. However there is not too much need for concern, DNews does not actually remove anything if a news group is deleted so it can always be recreated if necessary.

See this page for instructions on sending your own control messages on NT, only advanced admins need even consider looking at this page.

Cancel messages are not processed by this file, for performance reasons they are dealt with differently.

The following control messages are checked by this file:

However only the following four are implemented.

Blanks are not allowed, e.g. :: would be misinterpreted.

For each type of control message, you can specify based on who sent it, whether or not to do what the message says, just log it, or email the message to the news administrator. The log file that DNews creates can be used to action the control messages at a later date as it contains valid commands.

All control messages are logged to files in the workarea as 'control_(message).(action)'


message-type rmgroup, newgroup, version
email-address A wildcard email address, e.g.
action "drop", "log", "mail", "doit", "doit,mail", "doit,pgp"


newgroup:tale@** ,misc.*, news.*, rec.*, sci.*, soc.*, talk.*:doit
rmgroup:tale@**, misc.*, news.*, rec.*, sci.*, soc.*, talk.*:doit