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Error Messages

Common error messages and what they mean.

411 License key expired, sorry

This error is returned to users when your license key has expired. NetWin are always happy to provide a temporary license key to get things going until the 'paper work' can be sorted out, or until you have finished your testing process -

411 no such news group

This means the news group does not exist in the active.dat file on this server.

411 no permission to read that group

This means the user does not have permission to read the group, see the file access.conf

411 group did exist but has been deleted

This means the group has been deleted with the 'rmgroup' tellnews command, it can be undeleted with tellnews if necessary.

Read error on group %d:%d, offset %d wanted %d got %d

This usually means the index file '.idx' for the specified group was corrupt. An addlost is probably a good idea if these happen too often.

Error reading index file {%s}

Ignore this error, DNews will often look for files that don't exist, this is considered normal :-)

Syntax error in expire.conf
expire: syntax error in expire.conf line %d
Syntax error in expire.conf {%s}

This means one of the lines in your expire.conf file did not make sense, check the file carefully and make sure you are editing it with a 'text' editor.

active.times is too big, please use command: tellnews fixtimes -100

This means the active.times file which grows slightly every day is getting a bit too large, you must issue the suggested command - you need to do this every 6 months or so.

Discarding incoming data due to big error above %d

This may occur if you run out of space in the workarea directory, basically look above this error to find the real cause of the problem.

nntp: Socket closed, errno=%d

This means an nntp connection from a reader or another server closed in an unusual way, normally this can be ignored. You can lookup the errno in a unix errno.h file to see if that gives more help but it is unlikely to.

socket_read failed

Often this occurs when a news reader closes a connection unexpectedly, it can usually be ignored.

Socket newchan accept() call failed

This means someone tried to connect to your server, but when DNews tried to 'accept' the connection the user had gone, or something prevented the connection being accepted. This is an unusual error and may be significant if you are having other problems.

socket_write error

Ignore this, it's usually just caused by a connection closing unexpectedly.

wsock: (%s) The virtual circuit was reset by the remote side.

This usually means the other end closed the connection.

wsock: (%s) Connection Refused

This usually occurs when you try to connect to a news server that isn't running at all, it doesn't mean that you were refused access by the access.conf file.  Also check the 'myname' setting in dnews.conf is correct.

wsock: (%s) Address in use

This often means you have some other news server or port mapper running which has a hold on port 119, or you already have DNews running!

last error: NNTP open of {%s} failed, check dnews.log

This error can often be ignored, but it implies that the sucking feed may be down briefly. If you stop getting new news then this would indicate something is wrong with the place you are sucking news from.

suck: BAD status code returned {%s} {%s} {%s}

Read the error message inide the brackets carefully, this error probably came from the site you are sucking from, not DNews itself, so if the error in the brackets says 'you have no permission to talk' then the problem is that the place you are trying to suck from has not given you permission to talk.

DNEWS.IN error messages

Already in history file, Already got messageid, Article in history file

The item has already arrived, it was found in your history index which uses the unique message id of each message to establish if it already has a given message

No newsgroups match 

None of the newsgroups in this news item exist on your server. If you get a few of these then ignore them, if you get too many you may have no active file, or an out of date list of news groups. You should get a new active file from your provider and use the group_merge command to add the new ones into your system. DO NOT overwrite your own active.dat file. !!!!

Control item rejected

Control messages are for creating and deleting news groups, and for cancelling news items. They are rejected for various reasons, see control.conf for more info.