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File Formats


        group end start modflag cacheflag feed1last life range feed2last feed3last feed4last gid xover lastmsg
group = The name of the news group
end = The last item in the group
start = The first item in the group
modflag = m=Moderated group, y=Normal group, d=Deleted, g=Gone,
cacheflag = n = not cached, c = cached
feed1last = The last item successfully sucked from our upstream site.
life = Number of days to continue caching this group for.
range = Number of items in the group, -1 means it will be calculated when
feed2-feed4last = The last item successfully sucked from our upstream site.
gid = The GID given to this news group, these are unique and MUST NEVER change.
xover = Number of days since xover data was read by a user
lastmsg = Days since a message was received in this group



This file is used by news readers to find new news groups.
      group time
group = group name
time = time in seconds that the group was created.


Don’t worry too much if you don’t have this file, almost no news readers
even use it.



user:password:manager access(none,full):managed groups:full name:usergroups