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groups update program common gateway interface - for use via the WWW

1999 verison (DNEWS version 5.0g and greater)


This clever little program will allow your IHAVE downstream sysadmid to modify the groups that their news server receives from your DNews news server through the WWW. This is incredibly useful for you, so you dont have to answer the phone in the middle of the night when someone wants to change their IHAVE news feed.

Please Note this!

In the 1999 version you no longer have to schedule a cron job or the "at" comand on NT to issue a "tellnews reload" every few hours, as DNews detects when the files change, and automatically reloads them.

Installation: - 3 easy steps

  1. Copy the two files gupcgi.exe and setfeed.ini into you web server cgi-bin directory or where ever the CGI programs get run. This command would be something like:
    copy \dnews\gupcgi.exe \inetpub\scripts
    copy \dnews\setfeed.ini \inetpub\scripts
  2. Add into the setfeeds.ini the location of your newsfeeds.conf file, "newsfeeds newsfeeds_location" where newsfeeds_location is a string identifying the file location of newsfeeds.conf i.e. "newsfeeds n:\dnews\newsfeeds.conf".
  3. Modify the setfeeds.ini file for the sites that you wish to be able to access via the web. The format specifications are in the setfeed.ini file. Basically a line with "site site_name password" is the format. You can specify as many sites as you like. Dont forget to tell your downstream sites what their password is.

You and your fellow server administrators are now ready to run your GUPCGI . You may wish to add the address of it to one of your links pages.