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NoCem Support (Added in DNews 5.1a)

  1. Install PGP software on your computer (see pgp.htm)
  2. In DNEWS.CONF specify the path to the PGP program
  3. Add the public keys for the standard NOCEM messages to your PGP key ring
  4. Get the nocem.conf file and copy it to your DNews CONFIG directory
  5. In DNEWS.CONF add "nocem true"
  6. Restart DNews
  7. Get & Test the sample message, tellnews test_nocem d:\nocem.txt

(For best results upgrade to DNews 5.4c4 as that version contains some nocem bug fixes.)

In DNEWS.CONF specify the path to the PGP program

This step is only necessary if you have not put 'pgp' into your path.

	pgp c:\app\pgp\pgp.exe

You may also need to define pgppath to point to the 'news' users keyring, e.g. (the path should match the home directory of 'news' in  /etc/passwd)

	pgppath /var/spool/news/.pgp

Add the public keys of NoCem posters so DNews which messages to trust

Transfer the file This file is a list of the most common nocem posters keys, for the most up to date keys see the nocem home page:
Add the keys to your keyring, something like this with pgp 2.6

    pgp -ka nocemkys.txt

Get the nocem.conf file and copy it to your DNews CONFIG directory

copy   d:\dnews\nocem.conf (typically)

Modify nocem.conf, put '*' and 'yes' next to the NoCem posters you want applied to your system, you can find out details of each of their cancelling policies from the nocem registry

In DNEWS.CONF add "nocem true"

Add this line to dnews.conf, which can be found in \winnt\system32\dnews.conf or \etc\dnews.conf

    nocem true

By default DNews processes all nocem messages in the newsgroups "news.lists.filters,alt.nocem.misc" you can specify which groups to scan by defining nocem_groups in dnews.conf, e.g.

    nocem_groups news.lists.filters,alt.nocem.misc,alt.nocem.test

If you are also using other filtering methods you will need to stop those other filters from  blocking the nocem news groups. e.g.

    spam_allowgroups "news.lists.filters,alt.nocem.misc"   

Test the system

First resetart DNews, then download

	tellnews test_nocem d:\nocem.txt
	200 trek DNews Version 5.1a-beta1, S0, posting OK
	    Accepted NoCem message, see dnews.log
	281 Completed
	205 closing connection - goodbye!
You may also be interested in rules based filtering or external filter support.

Nocem.conf file format

Format: Originator <tab> type <tab> yes/no

This file lists the originator of each nocem message, the type of message they are sending, and wether or not to action that type of message.  For example the originator 'annihilator-1' may send nocem messages for 'binaries' and for 'spam' and you may choose to only action his messages that delete 'spam', e.g.

    annihilator-1    spam    yes
    annihilator-1    binaries    no

The classifications 'spam,binaries' are defined by the person who sends those nocem messages, DNews logs them so you can see the various types as messages come in.

You can use an asterix to indicate any type is acceptable, e.g.

    annihilator-1    *    yes

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