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DNews News Server Manual

Usage information for utilities


The xmit service performs several functions, it can send a news feed to another site, it can send news messages to a mail address (or email list) and it can build the full text searching database.

xmit [-at minutes hours] [-mail list@address -name list-name] The site exactly as specified in newsfeeds.conf that this process should send items to
-at mins hours Specifies how often to wake up and attempt to send more articles
-mail Specifies the email address to post articles (this is the gateway from news to email
-smtp mail.gate Your local SMTP mail gateway
-name Specifies the site name as found in newsfeeds.conf (optional) don't use upper case!!!
-fts Specifies this feed should be used to build the fts search database
-dots When sending to multiple groups, use instead of group_name@xxx
-all Wild card of group names, e.g. "comp.lang.*"
-user fred Username to access local DNews site, (only supported after DNews version 5.3d)
-pass xxxx Password to access local DNews site, (only supported after DNews version 5.3d)


Unix mail gateway
    ./xmit -at "*2" "*" -mail JUGLIST@HERE.COM -name juggle"
NT news feed  (superseded by DFeed, never use xmit to send news feeds now!)
    addsvc -add dxmit1 xmit.exe "dxmit1 -at *5 *"
NT Full Text Searching
    addsvc -add dfts xmit.exe "dfts ftsfeed -fts -at *5 *"
Sending all the comp groups to a mail gateway on unix
    ./xmit lists -at "*5" "*" -mail -smtp
        -all "comp.*"  -name complists &


The dposter service is intended to only be used in conjunction with the drobot email robot. drobot writes email messages into a directory, and dposter scans the directory periodically and then posts the email messages into the news server.

dposter -dir workarea -to

-dir workarea The directory to scan for messages written by drobot
-to news.server The name of the news server to post these messages into


   addsvc -add dposter dposter.exe "dposter -dir c:\ntmail\news


drobot -dir workarea -group -from gatway_name [-approved]

-dir workarea The directory to write  messages for dposter to scan
-group rec.juggling The name of the group to post the mail items to
-approved you@your.domain If set, adds an approved header (useful for moderating a group)
-file xxx.dat Input file, if set drobot reads from this file instead of stdin
-admin you@yourdomain Admin address to attach to posts for complaints
-from you@your.domain From address to use, sometimes needed by some mail servers
-subject "subject text" Subject to add to messages that have no subject, otherwise they will be bounced by dnews.
-any Use if you are setting up one robot to send to multiple groups, the group name is taken from the desitination user (the part before the @)
-remove_reply If set reply-to headers are removed
-dotstuff If set drobot will un-dotstuff incoming messages and stop reading when it sees a line containing a full stop on its own.  Some mail servers send messages in this format. (This setting is only valid in DNews 5.1)

This program should be run by NT-mail (or other mail server) as a robot, it will take the incoming message, reformat some of the headers, and write them to a directory ready for dposter to read.


   drobot -dir c:\ntmail\news -groups rec.juggling -from juggle-list 
On unix place this in your .forward file (in your home directory)
   |"/usr/local/dnews/drobot -dir /var/spool/gateway -groups rec.juggling -from juggling"


This utility is used for adding or removing services from the NT services list.

addsvc [-add servic_name program.exe "Name in service list"]
addsvc [-del servic_name]

-add Add a service to the NT services list
-del Remove a service
service_name A unique name for the service, you can use this to delete the service later on
program.exe The executable program to install, typically it must be in the system32 directory
"parameters" This string is shown in the service list, it is also used to emulate the parameters that would be used if the program was run from the command line.


   addsvc -add dfts xmit.exe "dfts ftsfeed -fts -at *5 *"


dtail -lines filename

This command can be used to show the last 'n' lines of a file, it is a simplified version of the unix tail command. This is very useful for checking the end of the dnews.log file.


        dtail -30 dnews.log