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WebMail is a product of NetWin Ltd. You may download and use this software for 1 month. At the end of this evaluation period you must register your copy of the software and purchase a software license, or stop using it.

Select a version to download from the list of supported operating systems below. If you would like to use the software on an operating system which is not listed below, please Email:

A PDF version of the WebMail manual can be downloaded from:

For more information about version differences please see the changes.
System WebMail Size
Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, 2003 & XP Download 3.1s 4,769k
BSDI4 Download 3.1s 6,695k
FreeBSD (4.x+) Download 3.1s 5,789k
Linux (Ver 6.0 onwards) Download 3.1s 6,001k
MacOSX Download 3.1s 5,910k
Sun Solaris (32 bit sparc) Download 3.1s 6,084k


If you would like to run WebMail on a system that is not in the current list, please let us know by
sending mail to If, during the evaluation period, you require
technical support or have questions about WebMail, please send Email to

Link to WebMail section of our ftp site and WebMail beta directory of our ftp site.