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DBabble Template Usage by Filename

Below is a list of template filenames, with what they are used for. To find which source file a page you are viewing is generated from, make sure the
tpl_names setting is true, and view the page source. There will be a comment at the start with the source filename. Template names containing text that can be seen by non-administrator users are in yellow.

This page is just a rough guide. More detail will be added later.

Filename Usage
broadcast.htm When a user is composing a new broadcast message (if they have permission to broadcast messages)
close.htm Shows a form that automatically closes the window. For use when a user has performed an action and we want to close the window afterwards.
cmd_post.htm For composing a new message to be posted to a discussion group.
config.htm Server configuration for administrator.
c_frame.htm The frame page for a chat room.
c_items.htm The frame containing a list of what users have said in a chat room.
c_menu.htm The frame containing a the form for typing a message to be sent to a chat room.
c_users.htm The frame containing a list of users present in a chat room.
define.txt A list of customizable variables and values for including in templates
deleted.htm The page shown after a user has deleted an article from a discussion.
email.htm For composing a message to be sent by email
error.htm An error message page in case something goes wrong.
files.htm A list of attachments in a discussion or chat room.
friends.htm The pop-up window containing a list of the users friends.
functions.htm A list of Java-script functions included in some of the other pages.
g_frame.htm The frame for a discussion group.
g_intro.htm A window showing the introduction to a discussion group.
g_item.htm A window showing a single article content in a discussion group.
g_items.htm The frame showing a list of articles in a discussion group.
g_menu.htm The frame at the top of a discussion group listing the options available to the user such as post-article, view attachments etc.
g_noitem.htm Showed in case the user tries to view an invalid item number.
login.htm The first page shown to users before the login. Contains a link to download the windows client.
main.htm The main page shown after a user logs-in (as long as they don't have new messages). It lists the users subscribed groups and displays an advertisement.
main_frame.htm The first shown frame after a login request. Contains the tiny updating frames (for checking for new messages) as well as main_frame2
main_frame2.htm The frame that contains main.htm and the command list at the top (q_menu.htm)
manager_commands.htm A list of commands available to administrator users only
members.htm A list of members of a chat room or discussion. Provides the ability for the group administrator(s) to change the members of the group.
message.htm Displays the content of an old instant message when the user wants to read it.
message_now.htm Displays the content of an instant message that the users has just received in a separate window.
newchat.htm The page for creating a new chat room.
newchat_fail.htm Shown if there is a problem with creating/modifying a chat room.
newchat_ok.htm Shown after successfully creating/modifying a chat room
newgroup.htm The page for creating a new discussion group.
newgroup_fail.htm Shown if there is a problem with creating/modifying a discussion group.
newgroup_ok.htm Shown after successfully creating/modifying a discussion group.
newuser.htm Page for creating a new user, or when a user modifies their existing settings.
no_message.htm Shown only when a web browser requests to show the user's latest instant message, but there isn't one. Should only happen if something has gone wrong due to browsers sending requests when they shouldn't.
ok.htm Shows an OK message to confirm some action was successfully performed.
okclose.htm Shows an OK message to confirm some action was successfully performed, with a button that closes the window when clicked. For example the user successfully posted a new discussion message, then we close the window after successfully completed.
popup_sub.htm The frame in the main-window that automatically reloads to check for new messages. Contains nothing that is visible to the user.
program_error.htm Shown in the unlikely event something has gone wrong with DBabble, preventing a request from being completed.
q_menu.htm The quick list of commands at the top of the main window.
redirect.htm A page shown temporarily while the user is redirected to some other page. Used for advertisements so we can record that they clicked on it before they go to the advertisement web page.
relogin.htm If the user's login has become invalid this is shown telling them to login again.
search_group.htm The page for searching for a chat room or discussion.
search_user.htm The page shown for searching for a user. Also shown when finding members to add to a group.
send_failed.htm Shown if the user's instant message could not be sent (eg other user is ignoring them, or has no message-quota left)
slaves.htm A list of slave servers. Only accessible by administrators.
slave_register.htm Only reachable if config setting slave_auto_register is true. For allowing other DBabble administrators to register their server with your master server.
slave_register_ok.htm For confirming the slave server auto-registering succeeded.
talk_request.htm Shown to user when they have an incoming talk request (private conversation).
toomany.htm Shown to user if server rejects their request due to too many existing connections.
toomuch.htm Shown to user if they try to send in too much data. For example an attachment larger than 5MB (by default).
t_frame.htm The main frame for a private talk (conversation) with another user.
t_him.htm The frame containing what the other user has said in a private talk (conversation)
t_me.htm The frame containing what the user has said them self, as well as what they are currently typing in a private talk (conversation)
update.htm A frame containing no visible text that is updated when information needs to be changed within a page the user is currently viewing.
user_list.htm Lists the details of another user, as well as providing a form for sending an instant message to them.