DEye - Free software

What? its free?  yes, its free. We do not charge for the use of this program. If you like this program please send a copy to people that you think would like to have it. If you want to distribute this program on a shareware CD or something similar please contact us at  

Program description

This program sits in the background and checks your email account on a regular time interval. If it finds that you have new email, it will let you know.


File Description Bug Fixes / New features
DEye46.exe 790,978 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 5 November 2001
Self installing archive.
Added ability to specify pop port on server name, append colon and port number to server name, e.g.
DEye45.exe 790,737 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 26 June 2001
Self installing archive.
fix for deleting messages when only selected to be downloaded in urgent messages secion.
DEye44.exe 790,608 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 29 Sept 2000
Self installing archive.
fix for win2000 problems, media feature removed
DEye43.exe 821,314 bytes. Win95/NT
Release date 22 Feb 2000
Self installing archive.
possible fix for win2000 problems, Use the .AVI on win2000 platforms if you have problems with the .MPEG!
DEye42.exe 821,153 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 25 January 2000
Self installing archive.
Pops to the front correctly when new mail arrives, a few more subtle code improvements (this download includes the extra media files below)
(zipped media files for DEye)
66,006 bytes
Release date 20 January 2000
Zip File
Here are some alternative media files that look the same, some mpeg players didn't like the original mpeg. The contains both bounce2.mpg and bounce3.avi
(media file for DEye)
25,017 bytes
Release date 20 January 2000
bounce2.mpeg uses only "I" frames, so it is Xing compliant, I think its them that only play mpegs with "I" frames... some others do so too.
(media file for DEye)
122,880 bytes
Release date 20 January 2000
AVI File
An AVI version of the bouncing planet.
DEye41.exe 747,984 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 27 October 1999
Self installing archive.
New Feature, plays a media file in the new mail window. DEye.exe File size reduced by 350Kb (old animation), animating planet is now a 17kb MPEG file!, if you make any neat ones you want to share email me and I'll put them on this web page.
DEye40a.exe 789,337 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 1 October 1999
Self extracting archive.
Fix for deinstallation, it now removes the registry setttings.
DEye39a.exe 788,310 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 30 September 1999
Self extracting archive.
fix for rare "unknown command" bug. This actually includes the 3.9 installation. Sorry, I bundled the wrong directory. :o)
DEye38.exe 788,702 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 3 August 1999
Self extracting archive.
fix for email download double CR-LF
DEye37.exe 788,896 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 14 July 1999
Self extracting archive.
Can now download emails and run programs for emails that match rules. Do not use verion 3.5!!!!
DEye34.exe 695,160 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 17 Feb 1999
Self extracting archive.
Fix for Large fonts problem with New Mail window
DEye33.exe 695,019 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 24/12/1998
Self extracting archive.
Allows usernames greater than 20 chars (max 200), reports itself to be ver 3.2
DEye32.exe 695,024 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 11/12/1998
Self extracting archive.
May have "invalid command" bug, 3.1 code was lost, had to go back to 2.9 code(please let me know if you get this problem).
Has support for command line configuration.
Lets you run your favourite email program from New Mail Window
Correct window sizing for large font systems
Lets you put DEye into the system tray
DEye31.exe 691220 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000
Release date 27/4/1998
Self extracting archive.
Fixes for "-ERR invalid command" bug and incorrect subject line.
DEye29.exe 691,037 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000 
Release Date 30/3/1998
Self extracting archive.
New feature, big window showing when urgent email arrives, attach this property to the rule that specifys your important emails.
DEye28.exe 688,580 bytes Win95/98/NT/2000 
Release date 18/3/1998 
Self extracting archive 
improved to work with Netscape Mail Server 
Odd length passwords fixed
DEye27.exe 688,599 bytes. Win95/98/NT/2000 
Released date 26/2/1998 
Self extracting archive. 
original release


(These are actual screen shots taken from version 2.7)

This is the main window.  The green arrow (left side) turns clockwise, indicating when the next mail check will occur, the mail check occurs when the arrow is pointing up.

This is the same window as the one above after the "Open Options ->" button has been pressed. Here you enter the user POP details. You can click on the "Config for Multiple POP accounts" button to enter up to eight user accounts.  

This window provides additional functionality to the program. If you want DEye to let you know when email from a particular person arrives, you can put their name (or email address) into the rules.  If you are only interested in knowing if there are new emails, you can click on the "Ignore rules" and then "Number of email". With these options selected, the time taken to perform a check is very small.  

Here you can see the window that notifies you of new mail. The picture of the planet rotates and bounces in the black box.