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If during the evaluation period you require technical support or have questions about DMail please send email to and we will try to help you.

If you would like to run DMail on a system not in the current list please let us know by sending mail to

Operating System DMail (dsmtp,dpop,dlist) File Size
Linux (libc6) dm31b_linux_libc6.tar.gz 2.79 M
Windows 95/98 dm31b_win32.exe 3.29 M
Windows NT dm31b_win32.exe 3.29 M
Windows 2000 dm31b_win32.exe 3.29 M
Windows XP dm31b_win32.exe 3.29 M


dm31b_solarissparc.tar.gz 3.34 M


dm31b_aix.tar.gz 3.74 M
Free BSD 4 dm31b_freebsd4.tar.gz 2.50 M
MacOSX (server) dm31b_osx.tar.gz 2.6 M
Linux (old pre RH5.0) dm29v_linux_libc5.tar.Z 3,675 K
Digital Unix(OSF) dm30k2_osf.tar.Z ?
Free BSD 3 dm29x3_freebsd3.tar.Z ?
HP-UX Building, contact us ?


dm30k2_solarisx86.tar.Z ?


dm29v_bsdi3.tar.Z 5.81 M


dm30k2_bsdi4.tar.Z 3.45 M
Linux PPC
dm29x3_linux_ppc.tar.Z 3.76 M

Linux_MIPS (incl. Cobalt)

Building, contact us - K


Building, contact us - K


NB: Linux users you have to choose between, linux_libc6,for the newer version 6 C libraries in distributions like Red Hat 5.0 and above, and, linux, for the older version 5 C libraries. If you have the file, /lib/ then you should use the libc6 version.

NB: MACOSX users the download on this page is for OS X Server, not the newly released OSX 'Public Beta' for home users.

Please read our License agreement, License.htm, which applies to all of the software downloadable from this page. 

Having Trouble Downloading?

Installing DPOP by itself

You can install the POP server, DPOP by itself. Download the normal DMail distribution and then run ./dpopsetup instead of ./dmsetup  (this only applies to UNIX)

Printing the DMail Manual

Click here to download the DMail manual in pdf format.
Follow this link to see it in black and white which is good for printing,
and this one for the whole manual in one page and in black and white,
and this one for just the reference section in one black and white file,

For existing users . . .

DMail Utilities

NetWin and our customers have produced Utilities for use with DMail. You can download these from this page.
DMail Utilities Download Page (Including IMAPD, ODBC Authenticator, Columns ...)

Beta Directory

New versions of the software will normally be made available in the beta directory first. Software in this directory is still undergoing testing, so download and use it entirely at your own risk. We will of course be very interested to know of any bugs you find in the beta versions. The beta directory for DMail is and the beta directory for authent modules is

You should check the updates page for details of the beta versions.