"All the 'bells and whistles' in the world are no good
to you if you cannot make them work!"

"DMail works well, and keeps on working."

The team at NetWin appreciate that ongoing administration is an important issue, they have designed DMail with the administrator in mind - your technical staff will really appreciate this attention to their needs.
  • The Mail server is easy to administer using both command line and Windows utilities.
  • The NetAuth utility provides user administration from the web. So you can allow your customers to look after their own routine changes to things like passwords and autoresponders.
  • User statistics for charging are automatically  generated by the mail server software.
  • DMail allows administrators (remote or on-site) control of individual user settings, ie: the amount of mail or disk space a particular POP account can use, etc. Chose from having as much, or as little control over individual users as may be required.
  • The Mail Server is highly configurable without requiring recompilation or restart.
  • DWatch provides built in  email server monitoring, to ensure 24*7 service.
DMail will run on even the most modest hardware. We have customers with 300k+ users running on one NT box!


  • The Mail Server Supports Dial Up or Continuous Internet Connections.
  • The DMail Mail Server conforms to all appropriate Internet mail standards, ensuring the widest possible interoperability including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP,.....
  • The DMail Mail Server provides support for the user database of your choice, including LDAP, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft's SQL 7 and Access. We also provide an excellent alternative of our own.
  • DMail Supports ESMTP - Extended SMTP, including ETRN request.
  • Cross Platform Support - The DMail Mail Server is supported on a wide range of operating systems including Windows NT,95,98, UNIX, Solaris, Linux, BSDI, MacOSX, HP-UX, Digital UNIX etc......
  • The DMail Mail Server supports server farming and NFS.


The Mail Server is  a snap to  install and setup using DMSetup wizard. DMail has been developed by people with experience in the use and installation of such software. Always mindful of the 'workability' of the product, they have designed DMail to be 'The Email Server they would choose to use.'


The DMail Mail Server comes with 12 months complimentary email support and upgrades. Purchasers are provided with virtually unrestricted access to our support team.

When clients contact the NetWin Support Team they are talking to the very people that designed their software. This not only means our support staff know their product inside-out, it means they have a vested interest in seeing that all clients are able to utilize every feature of their software.


Security is such an important issue to Service Providers and users alike, DMail excels in this crucial area with it's much admired 'Fort Knox' approach to security issues.

  • High Mail Server Security -  Mail Server Access can be controlled by; username, password, IP name, IP address, wildcards, or external authentication routine.
  • Another feature is the easy to add SHH tunnelling for clients connecting from a known origin to provide a secure login.


Spamming is not only a waste of valuable operating resources, it is an unwelcome invasion of email that your users could well do without. DMail contains a host of anti-spamming measures - a feature much appreciated by all users!

  • Powerful email 'spam' detection and  filtering protect the server from abuse from 'Spammers'.
  • Numerous anti-relay features are incorporated into DMail like, IP-level relay restriction, 'SMTP AUTH' and 'POP before SMTP' which allow your administrators to keep the system off open relay blacklists such as 'ORBS'. All this is done in the background without ever compromising the ease of mailing for the customer.


Our clients demand software they can count on - DMail is our answer to issues of unreliability found in so many other software products. Through meticulous attention to detail, the DMail design team have set a new benchmark in reliability.

  • DMail's reliability is every bit as good as that of our DNews server - which is renowned for its 'don't touch for 6 months' reliability.


Our clients, and our client's clients each have their own expectations of their email service. DMail, with its highly flexible format, can be tailored to meet the needs of all its users.

  • DMail provides true Multiple and Virtual Domains on a single server.
  • The Server provides Mail Forwarding and Aliases with all the flexibility of Sendmail, but via simple, easy to use configuration.
  • Mail Server provides Broadcast facility for efficiently sending messages to all mail server users.
  • Mail Server Add Ons - Full featured,  instant  web interfaces to give all users the convenience of  accessing their email  from any computer anywhere. User Personalized Active Spam Control. Web based management of email for administrators, domain administrators and users.

Extending your mail server solution

NetAuth (Free with DMail) - User Admin functions

A Web Based Email Management system for Email users, domain administrators and system administrators.   FREE with your DMail Mail Server License.
NetAuth allows users to create (if desired) and manage their own email accounts. Virtual domain administrators to manage accounts in their domain. System administrators to manage all accounts and create domain administrators. NetAuth is supplied free of charge with your DMail license.

CWMail - Web Interface

Its easy to give your users Web access to email from anywhere! Or set up a web based "HotMail" like mail service.
DMailWeb or CWMail are server side applications that can be added to your mail server to provide an instant web interface to provide all email users web access to their mail from any computer - anywhere. Or provide a full featured web based mail service.


Are you providing - Full Email for Mobile Phones and other wireless handheld devices?

WAPMail - WAP/WML Email System. CWMail and DMailWeb now have a companion product WAPMail Email for Mobile Phones and other hand held devices. Allow your users to send, check, reply and delete normal POP based email messages from WAP enabled cell phones.