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Links related to these sponsor tags

Where the sponsor message is added and why?

These sponsor messages are added to 10%-20% of posts made on DNews servers running in sponsor mode, typically this means NetWin provided the software at no cost, we do this for schools and universities.  It is not our intention for these messages to be added without the knowledge of the administrators or users of such systems it should have been made clear in the license response email.  Further, it is not a requirement of our free licenses that you allow us to send these messages, you can disable them, for details see below.

These messages are NOT added on normally registered DNews systems or on ones running a tempororary license key unless you wish to promote our products then you can add 'sponser_enable true' to your dnews.conf (thanks :-)

How to stop them as the system administrator

It is not our intention to annoy anyone with these messages, and we appreciate sites that allow us to send these sponsor messages.  If you are not comfortable with these messages  you can stop them from being added to posts made on your system by adding this line to dnews.conf

    sponser_disable true

Then type in:

    tellnews reload

How to stop them as a user.

As a user, if you dont like these sponsor messages appearing then you can prevent DNews from adding them by including your own tag as long as it includes a line of 'minus' sigs, "-------------+" then DNews will NOT add it's own tag.   Most news clients allow you to define your own 'signature' file so it will be automatically added to all posts.

If anyone has been annoyed or in any way upset by these sponsor messages then please accept our appologies for the inconvenience they have caused. - Managing Director, NetWin Ltd.