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The DNews News Server is advanced news server software that makes it easy for you to provide users with fast access to Internet (Usenet) news groups. Installing your own local news server software also gives you complete control to create your own private or public discussion forums for enhanced communications across the organization and Internet.

Advanced technology allows the DNews News Server Software to easily outperform traditional news server software.

The DNews News Server softwares advanced design allows the server to out-perform other news server software. DNews News Server software provides a huge array of features and unequalled ease-of-use, reliability and scalability, making it the ideal News Server Solution for any organization.

The DNews News Server is installed in thousands of organizations world-wide, ranging from large Internet Service Providers and Fortune 500 companies with millions of users, to medium-sized and small ISPs and organizations.


"Overall, no other news server combines the ease of use, blazing performance, flexibility, cross-platform support, scalability, and wide range of features found in DNEWS." - ServerWatch Review. DNews News server receives highest 5 star software rating  and a Showcase Award

DNEWS  awarded top rating by TUCOWS!



Our invitation to you to evaluate the DNews News server software . Download the server now from the downloads page.

Key Features of DNews

News Server Software Performance - With Full News Feeds:

The DNews News Servers advanced database allows the DNews News server to handle news articles much faster and more efficiently than traditional Internet news server software.  This enables the DNews News server to take a full Internet news feed with ease and modest resources.  More importantly the DNews News Server Software has the performance to accommodate the higher news volumes expected if the current rapid growth in the volume of news continues for the next few years.

News Server Software Performance - With Suck News Feeds:

The DNews Dynamic Suck Feed option can provide enormous savings in Network bandwidth and disk space, while still delivering all the benefits of a full news feed.  Of the 20,000+ available Internet news groups, users will actively be reading only a fraction  of these groups at any time. This means that most of the disk space and bandwidth used in providing a full news feed is normally wasted on receiving and storing thousands of groups and messages that are not being read by anyone on your server at a given time. The DNews News Server Softwares unique Dynamic Sucking Feed option is able to save this waste of resources by dynamically monitoring and automatically reflecting users' changing reading habits in the groups that it is downloading and maintaining on your server.

Unique Header-Only Sucking Software: 

The  unique Header-Only sucking option allows you to supply binary news groups efficiently. The large message bodies are only  downloaded to your server when users actually select a specific article. This can save 90% of your bandwidth and disk space.

Built-In DFeed Feeds Software for sending Full News Feeds:

Built-in DFeed feeds technology allows the DNews News Server to pass on multiple full news feeds to downstream news server software with the efficiency and speed of a news router.

Built-In News Server to Web Server  Software - DNewsWeb -

DNewsWeb is a News to Web gateway which comes free with DNews. This allows you to make your local or public news groups easily accessible to anyone directly from your web pages.  The appearance can be easily tailored to match your existing web pages. Click here for details DNewsWeb can be used to provide a web based news service similar to the popular Deja News services for searching and reading and posting of articles.

Spam Protection Software - The DNews News server software uses a combination of leading-edge high-speed filtering and auto-detecting software that can cut spam in Internet news groups by up to 99% click here for details.

News server Software Efficiency - Because of the DNews News servers advanced design, with the same  resources, it will generally support several times more users per server than traditional NNTP news server software.  This means that you can support thousands of concurrent users on a single system, allowing for the future growth of your network, click here for details.

News Server Reliability - The DNews news server software is commercial-grade Internet news (Usenet) software. The DNews Software is designed to run unattended and uninterrupted to deliver a mission critical service.

News Server Installation and Administration - The DNews News server software is easy to install and manage. You can download and install DNews in just 10 - 30 minutes .

Advanced News Server Software Features - In addition to the full range of standard features, the DNews News server software provides an unmatched array of advanced and unique features including; Dynamic Feeds Option, News to Web and News to Mail Gateways, PGP Authentication, Live Feed technology, "Spam" filters....

Management GUI's

DNews includes a web-based management GUI and a Windows-based management GUI - DAdmin - which allow you to remotely manage almost all aspects of the news server.  See https://netwinsite.com/dnews/guis.htm for more information.

Internet Standards Support - The DNews News server is fully compatible with all standards-based news server and reader software.

News Server Support and Documentation - The DNews News server software is commercially supported on all major operating systems.

Y2000 Compliant Software

DNews News Server software has been modified to deal correctly with Y2K issues; for details see this page.

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