Note: We now recommend SurgeNews which includes a full features Web Gateway for news groups. Click here for more information on SurgeNews

A News to Web Gateway DNewsWeb is a cgi script which is included with your DNews server. It is an optional feature that allows you to bring the benefits of USENET news and local threaded discussion groups to your web pages, allowing your users to read and post to news groups/forums directly from your web pages.

DNewsWeb works in combination with 'DNews', to install DNewsWeb first install DNews.

The Benefits;

  1. With DNewsWeb users don't need to learn anything new, the web is familiar territory, they don't even need to understand what news is.
  2. Users don't need to configure a news client, they simply read and post with their familiar web browser.
  3. You can give customers world wide access to one of your own local news groups.
  4. If you are running the full text searching extension to DNews then users can search the entire news spool area in less than a second to find what they want.
  5. Giff and Jpeg images are immediately viewable without extracting.
  6. Performance is often faster than a news reader because the http protocol is more efficient and DNewsWeb has been designed to work with DNews.
  7. You customize your DNewsWeb pages to match your other web pages or integrate with other web content.


Template sets

By modifying the templates you can get very different appearances, here are two examples (templates for both are provided)

dnewsweb_tpl2.gif (9305 bytes)

dnewsweb_tpl1.gif (12246 bytes)

Example DNewsWeb sites

DNewsWeb Group Description Provided courtesy of
news.catalyst.com Catalyst
Most Groups Softcom Technology Consulting Inc.
Some alt.* public groups Archives BBS UseNET News Service
Full News Feed Saint Benoít School
Gaming news groups MHO Gaming.com
Porn!, Layout only visible Insta Porn
Sambar Server Sambar Server
Online Games Virtual Gamers Online
Your local news group Your company name goes here


Note: We would like to add your site to the above list. So if you set up a publicly available group via DNewsWeb then please let us know. netwin@netwinsite.com