DNews - Year 2000 Compliance

Statement of Y2K compliance for DNews 4.6

DNews 4.6 and later are to the best of our knowledge fully functional during and after the year 2000. NetWin and other parties have tested the software over the Y2K period and corrected all known date related issues.

Definition of Year 2000 Compliance

A product defined as being Year-2000 compliant will not produce errors in date data related to the year change from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. Any Year-2000 compliant product will handle leap years correctly.The compliant product will utilize specific, non-ambiguous representation, handling and interpretation of centuries represented by two digits if such representation is allowed by the product.


Technical Details

DNews 4.5 and upwards have been tested over the year 2000. Internally dates are stored as seconds since 1970 so fundamentally their is no real impact. However news messages contain dates and until recently 2 digit date formats were the standard (e.g. the year was given as 98 rather than 1998) DNews deals with both formats correctly and the older 2 digit format will work perfectly well after the year 2000 but it is not considered correct so version 4.6 of DNews has been modified to generate 4 digit dates. This only applies to locally generated messages where the news client has not filled in the date field itself.

The NNTP protocol itself does use dates in a couple of places, and one of these the date is in 2 digit format, this cannot be changed but it has been modified to work correctly as specified by the relevant RFC's that describe techniques to make this work correctly.

As a result of the above we anticipate no date related problems with DNEWS.