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Spam protection

Spam protection system. The following settings can be added to dnews.conf, you can just set 'spam_stop true' or you can fiddle with all the settings and thus tune your system differently to other peoples which may be an advantage as 'spammers' will try and get past some of these rules (these settings go in dnews.conf).

These settings let DNews detect high volume spammers 'on the fly' and reject the bulk of the garbage before the items are even stored or sent on to other sites.

Setting Default Description
spam_stop false Enables spam protection
spam_test false Stops the spam rules from rejecting items, just logs what it would do. You still need spam_stop true set
spam_debug false Makes the rejectiosn 'noisey' normally the user will not be informed if the post is rejected DNews pretends it accepted the item. But while debugging your spam rules you might want to set this to true so you can check it is working.
spam_keepn 5 Number of rejected items to store in spam_n.tmp files (for reviewing)
spam_dup_total 5000 Number of items to 'remember' in our history of 'duplicate' bodies. Uses about 30 bytes per entry.
spam_dup_hits 6 Number of duplicate bodies (not cross posted) to allow
spam_dup_cross 400 Number of duplicate bodies counting cross posts to allow
spam_from_hits 60 Number of messages from any single user per hour
spam_from_cross 1000 Number of messages counting cross posts from any single user per hour
spam_from_total 5000 Number of users to keep tabs on in our history of duplicate users, uses about 100 bytes per user.
spam_host false Use 'nntp-posting-host' instead of 'from' for the above 3 rules

In addition to fiddling with all the above settings, you can create a file in the WORKAREA as defined by dnews.conf and add lines to the file, any message containing text matching the lines in the file will be rejected.


The idea is to use things that common spammers place in the body of their messages, this allows you to stop anyone who manages to get past the automatic mechanisms above.

e.g. c:\dnews\work\filter.dat

Make money fast

Here is a sample filter.dat file which has kindly been donated by one of our customers. This will stop about 98% of known spammers at the cost of killing about one in a thousand real news messages. This is a fairly 'strong' filter, you may want to go thru it and remove some of the more 'general' phrases, but if you really hate spam then you might use it as is.  Here is a trimmed version which is not quite so strong.

DNews uses a 'super' efficient mechanism to test matches in this file so that you can have several hundred lines in the file without performance suffering, each line must be at least 3 characters long. The matching is not case sensitive and is only in the 'body' and 'subject' of the message.

To prevent wild cross posting use this setting on your 'me' feed in newsfeeds.conf.

site me
   groups *
   maxcross 10

You can also use the 'accept/reject' rules to reject 'known spammers', click here for details.