SurgePlus provides additional functionality to your SurgeMail server through the use of the SurgePlus client which your users can download and install on their machines.

Administrator Help
For SurgeMail administrator help, see

User Help
(User help and downloads are also available from your SurgeMail server. e.g. "".

Your email account now provides some additional facilities:
  • File Sharing - Using your email quota you can share files by uploading them and then giving people access to the links. Use this to
    1. Make your digitial photos available on the web
    2. Create web pages without having a web site
    3. Make files available to other users
    4. Have the contents of a particular folder on your computer automatically synchronized and available on any computer you use
  • Calendar - SurgePlus Calendar is a great planning tool. Set reminder messages for appointments and work deadlines. Since SurgePlus Calendar automatically stores information on your email server, you can access your schedule from any computer you use. Optionally share your entire calendar or just particular events with other users.

View screen shot of Windows client interface

View screen shot of web browser interface

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