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Note: This product has been discontinued, please follow the link below to find the current product for this purpose!

We now recommend SurgeNews which includes a full features Web Gateway for news groups. Click here for more information on SurgeNews

NOTE: This web page only exists for the use of existing customers, the 'webnews' product is no longer available for sale to new customers, sorry!!!


WebNews is a server side application (cgi) which provides your users with web based access to Internet News Groups. It is compatible with any standard NNTP News server system.

WebNews allows news groups to be displayed, accessed and searched via your web pages. WebNews may be used to provide a web based news service, similar to the popular Deja News Services. Providing Web access to news gives all your users access to their news from anywhere on the net. All they need is a web browser.

With WebNews you can add web access to enhance your current news solution, allowing users to access news via the web in addition to using their existing news client software.

You can also provide a full featured web based news solution, completely removing the need for users to install and configure any traditional news client software at all. This can provide a news solution that better meets the needs of users and which reduces administration costs.


WebNews is a complete web based news package which allows all news processing to be handled via a web browser rather than from a news client package. WebNews allows users to intermix access via a normal news client and access via the web. This can eliminate all news client installation and setup issues in one go. WebNews allows users to access internet news from any web browser on any machine, and provides a simple customizable news client interface for all your users. This is the web news solution for ISP's, corporations and other geographically extended enterprises.

Key Features

  • Smooth integration with current news system.
  • Completely customizable - add your own banner ads, logos or anything else to any page that the user will see.
  • Easy installation for service provider. No installation required for clients.
  • Supports authentication of users via POP3 or  IMAP mail servers, News Servers, Local accounts or Cookies.
  • Images are automatically viewable in news items. Non image attachments can be easily saved.
  • News posts can be checked for spelling.
  • News articles can be sorted by date, subject, etc.
  • MIME support for both incoming and outgoing articles.
  • Files can be easily attached to posted articles.
  • A pick list of recently used  News groups is provided for each user to simplify viewing.
  • Easily customized - everything the user sees can be modified to match the look and feel of your own web site. Templates are used for all pages so that you can totally customize the look and feel. This includes the ability to add your own advertising, company logos etc...
  • After sales service, we pride ourselves on giving our customers unparalleled service, if you have questions, problems, or even need a feature added in a hurry we will bend over backwards to satisfy your needs.

WebNews works by interacting with a normal NNTP NEWS server, this means that you can configure it to work with your current news server in a matter of minutes. It also means that messages read via these gateways are still available to be downloaded into your users normal news client package. We recommend the use of our DNews server in combination with WebNews, but it can be used with any standard News server.

WebNews consists of a set of template html pages and a special CGI for processing these pages and interacting with the NEWS servers. There are template pages for:

  • Allowing a news user to login to their news account
  • Providing a list of new news groups or items and processing articles
  • Posting news items
  • Reading a news article
  • Configuring user preferences and event processing
  • Sysadmin User management pages.

All of these can be customized if required, although a number of fully working example templates are provided.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Are you sick of buying software and then finding it doesn't do what you want, or doesn't even work! We stand behind our software, if you are not satisfied with the product, performance or customer support we will refund 100% of your purchase price.