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Registering NetAuth

How Do I Register ?

Post / Fax Registration

Online Registration ?

This is a beta version and does not need any registration. Please send queries/suggestions to

Normally the system administrator who installed NetAuth will register it some time during the free trial period. The individual users connecting to these servers do not need to install or register any special software to make use of the facilities provided. Any normal web browser should be able to connect to a site running Netauth.

The sysadmin registers by using the same NetAuth URL that would normally be used by clients wanting to modify there email details etc. However the following is added to the normal URL


Thus you might connect to with Netscape.

If you are using the default templates then you can also connect to the cgi as though to perform a normal email administration function and just click the register link.

Either of these will take you to a web page form for registration.

Just answer the questions, click the Send Registration button and your registration info will be emailed to NetWin, we will email you a registration key back in 1-2 days.

If you have any problem with registration please don't hesitate to contact us via email at

An Example:

Assuming that your users normally access NetAuth with a web address like this:

Then to register your copy ...

Type in the following URL in your web browser
Post / Fax Registration

You can also send orders by paper mail/post or fax to:

	NetWin Ltd
	PO Box 27574
	Mt Roskill
	New Zealand
	Fax(64) 9 630 0689

please include details of the product you wish to register and it's version number, your machine name and domain name etc. You will find the Product Details at the bottom of the Login page.

Example of Product Details:

	NetAuth 1.1y for Windows NT for machine mystro