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Update Information on NetAuth

The following table contains information on the latest versions of NetAuth. The table is in reverse order with the latest versions at the top. New versions may appear in the NetAuth/beta directory prior to full release. If there is not a current build of the latest version for your operating system please let us know by sending email to

NOTE - Version(s) 4.0a and later contain features that require the very latest versions of DMail and CWMail. Version 2.7k+ of DMail Mail Server, and 2.4c of CWMail. NetAuth is still usable without DMail Mail Server although several features will not function.
NOTE - Some changes between versions can be found here.

Version Date

New Features and Bugs Fixed

  • Power user account listing now looks up account info and lists aliases as well
  • Fixed FATAL bug, tellpop erase user was being sent incorrect username to erase! authent_domain false only
  • Report of deletes was broken, would report after X and continue to report every delete after that
  • Fixed bug when NetAuth re-writes lists.dat it no-longer throws away unknown settings.
  • Fixed bug when NetAuth saved a true/false list setting it was saving it as "checked" first time round.
  • Added two new mailing list settings to netauth's templates
  • Enabled ability to add four more mailing list access settings to netauth's template if desired.
  • Added setting recover_pass true/false, disables recover password template options.
  • Added setting user_lists true/false, disables mailing lists button for users.
  • Added copy_self_checked setting, true/false, if true will default copy_self checkbox on the forward page to being checked.
  • Added admin_alias_format setting, limits format of aliases admin can create, set it to *@* for best results.
  • Password change now uses same pass_dictionary and other password rules as new users.
  • Alias formatting for sub-domains fixed.
  • Added pass_minlenth setting, now passwords must exceed specified length
  • Added pass_dictionary and pass_use_dictionary settings. Now a dictionary file can be specified and NetAuth will not allow users passwords from the file
  • Fixed change password bug where it would try to change the password of a non existant user
  • Fixed bug allowing a non-existant user in as long as they specified a utoken
  • Disabled checking for cookie if doing -query command line processing
  • Fixed netauth/cwmail auto-login bug.
  • Added logout_time setting, as per the CWMail setting, moves the expiry time for all utokens
  • Added support for tellpop erase_user and webmail's delete_user functionality
  • Added password change records, setting record_passchange, if true causes passchange.txt to be created in NetAuth workarea, and info on when users change thier password (but NOT the password itself) is recorded
  • Added fwd_methodx setting if set to true and fwd_method home is used it will create sendmail style .forward file
  • When stopping the authent_process no longer waits for reply to quit command
  • Further fix to strip_name function
  • Authent_domain false search bug fixed, was not displaying correct users
  • Added non-local alias support, Added setting alias_counts_as_account
  • User's .dat file is created if not present when an admin views thier details
  • Internal strip_name function was broken, large number of small bugs fixed.
  • Next button on mailing list members list page fixed
  • User variable full_name changed to u_full_name
  • Removed misc user data from authent database, added setting user_save_db to specify what misc user data is saved to the authent database
  • -query now returns a utoken if the command was login1
  • -query will not print cookies to screen any more
  • Fixed mail1 internal server error crash
  • Added -query command line parameter
  • Complete template change, moved to WebMail style templates
  • Search bug fixed, now works correctly with over 100,000 users
  • Admin section template swap, details page is shown before stats page
  • Added code to search so it read extra totals from authent module if present
  • Ipsignup bug fixed, search for total # of signups was broken
  • Changed search to use -from and -max parameters, this increases speed of searches on large databases by an enormous amount
  • Small code updates required to handle WebMail style templates
  • Fixed problem where NetAuth did not handle return from tellpop where it failed to create the .tmp file it uses
  • Changed it so as if it gets an error getting tellpop stats it says so straight away
  • Added error message to auth_add where one was missing, now reports an error correctly
  • Fixed auto-response bug, space after header name and before colon
  • Added user_maxlen, usernames can only be 'user_maxlen' long
4.2i 24 November 2000
  • Removed @domain and prefix stuff from suggested usernames on again.tpl.
  • Added re-enter password option on new.tpl
  • Added ability to create an account with an email address, and option to send password to the manager for account verification before user is informed.
  • Setting "web_login" added, can be true or false. This enables authenticating via web server.
  • Added alias support using external auth routine, setting "user_alias" can be true or false.
  • Added optional limit for ip address signups, setting "restrict_signup" can be true or false. Added settings allow_signup, ipsignup_var, and remove_old_signups to allow other functionality.
  • Fixed bug from 4.2f version. Prefix NULL and authent_domain false were being ignored.
  • Changed installation default value for illegal_char setting, to match NWAuth and DMail defaults.
4.2h 27 September 2000
  • Check page no produces error if it fails to execute the authent_process, in earlier versions it was pretending the username was free.
  • Accepts an auto-login command from CWMail, DMailWeb, WebMail, and WebIMAP.
  • Setting allow_$ added so users can use $workarea and other setting names as the values of .ini file settings. Eg workarea $templates\work
  • Add and delete reports now contain an IP number that requested the add or delete.
  • Upper / lower case checking added, if "user_lowercase true" then usernames with uppercase characters are rejected, this can be disabled with a "reject_incorrect_case false" setting.
  • Warnings added for when a username and/or password have been lowercased due to user_lowercase and pass_lowercase settings.
4.2g 3rd August 2000
  • Added subdomain support.
  • Fixed autologin into WebIMAP and webmail.
  • Fixed mailing list view problem for lists with no @domain in list name.
  • Prefix NULL over-rides the authent_domain setting. Upgrading to 4.2f created a bug where NetAuth no longer behaved as expected with respect to the prefix NULL setting this build fixes that problem.
  • Searching fields added to accounts page.
  • Anonymous searching option added - optional field added to check.tpl page.
  • Mailing list bug where lists with no domain specified were being ignored as if they did not exist.
  • Mailing list list_max setting bug fixed - deleting a list was not decreasing the count of lists if a specific error occurred. Therefore a maximum number of lists was reached when there were actually less lists.
  • Saving forwarding information now creates the user directory if it doesn't exist.
  • Mailing list members page back and next buttons now function.
  • Infinite loop on key check when key was for another NetWin product fixed.
4.2f 27 June 2000
  • Fixed multiple key upgrade problems.
  • Fixed autologin problems.
  • Blocking of hi/low ascii characters added.
  • Home directory now found rather than assumed.
  • user_create_prefix setting removed, authent_domain and drop_prefix added. For details see changes
  • allow../ setting added and ../ ..\ are dissallowed in usernames.
4.2b 11th May 2000
  • New setting added user_create_prefix to force / restrict the addition of the prefix to database usernames.
  • New setting added drop_prefix to add the prefix to drop file names.
4.2a 11th May 2000
  • Buffer over-run security issues fixed.
  • Rebuild function added to self-fix errors.


15th Feb 2000

  • Email report on account creation / deletion.
  • Administrator ability to change a users password added to templates, it was missing, sorry.
  • Administrators ability to load users personal info added to templates.
  • DSMTP / DPOP reload after specified interval if changes are made.
  • Provides suggestions for users if username is taken.
  • Password retrieval options, user must set up a set of questions and answers which will be asked if user has forgotten their password.
  • Special user accounts enabled, users who have priviledge to create x accounts and x mailing lists.
3.0e 30th Sep 1999
  • Patch for early versions of DList list manger, list_name_domain setting added.
3.0d 16th Sep 1999
  • Fixed BUG, pop and authentication name mixup.
  • Chains commands, can say web_upd then web_get.
  • Auto-matic login with CWMail version 2.3f or greater.
  • NetAuth create stats of account creations / deletions.
  • Admin doesn't follow user_names, list_names restictions.
  • Authenticates with IMAP
3.0c 28th July 1999
  • Bug fixed, responder header loading error.
3.0b 20th July 1999
  • Installer program iuncluded.
  • Bug fixed, complex template parsing.
  • Feature updated, search function improved.
3.0a 1st July 1999
  • Re-structure of ini file allowing more customisable options. Addition of vhost lines.
  • Majority of features now function with any mail server using external authentication.
  • Verify existing users through POP rather than externally.


28th April 1999
  • Added features:
    - Forwarding rules, NetAuth will now allow the setup of auto-response messages. So users can set up an automatic reply to any email they recieve when on holiday.
    - Mailing list support, users can now create / modify / delete and subscribe or un-subscribe to mailing lists.
  • Support added for DMail setting authent_domain set to false.
  • Bug fixed, netauth.ini file location improved.
  • Bug fixed, NetAuth memory error at command prompt fixed.
  • Bug fixed, dmail_config_path overrides previous setting.
  • Bug fixed, search with authent_domain false fixed.
2.0c 20th April 1999
  • Bug fixed, location external authentication sub - process.
2.0b 15th April 1999
  • Added feature:
    - NetAuth will now accept any user information fields you wish to store, for example you could store users full name, birth date, ... Instead of the default forwarding address, other information and groups.
2.0a 13th April 1999
  • New release with full template support. All template files have been updated.
  • Works with any external authentication process which obeys NetWin protocol
    eg. LDAPAuth. See DMail Documentation for details.
  • New ini file setting:
    user_dissallow a wildcard list of unsuitable usernames which should never be created.
  • Added nauser.htm and naadmin.htm examples of how to provide links to user and admin pages.
  • NetAuth now accepts url's with domain=xxx as an alternative to using different .htm files for each domain.
1.0a 10th March 1999
  • Initial beta release