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SurgeWeb - The best WebEmail system available using fancy Web 2.0 features so it's just like using a local email client (only better!)

Are you in the right place?!

We sell mail server software, and we would love to help your system administrator!

You are in the right place if you want any of the following (or if you are the email administrator)...

  1. You want to set up your own server system
  2. You need some help to set up your own server system
  3. You want information on some of the best server products available on the internet:

If you do want these, then go to our main page,

You are in the wrong place if you want any of the following ...(or if you are a regular user)

  1. You want help to get your email
  2. You have forgotten your password
  3. To report that the system is not working

So what do you do if you are in the wrong place?

In general even if you do email our support staff we will not be able to solve the problem for you, we can only help your email administrator. Mostly you need to contact the administrator or support address for the company that is running your mail or news or instant messaging system.

If you don't know that address, you can often work it out. If you have an email address, e.g.

then you should use the end of your address as the end of the support address, in this case,


Add on to the front of that either, 'support' or 'postmaster' or 'admin' and send your request for help to the resulting address. E.g.,

If you really can not contact the company that runs your system, then you can email our sales department, and give them as much information as you have about the company that runs your system, e.g. their name, your email address on that system etc. and our sales staff will forward your email on to them if we have a contact address.

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