SurgeMail - Home - SMTP server is ideal for Home/Private Use.

  • Integrated SMTP server and web based email
  • Spam and virus free email
  • Web based administration (user, domain and server)
  • Full SSL secure support for all protocols
  • Interface to existing user databases (OBDC, MySQL, LDAP etc or use built in database)
  • 5 User Free but scales to hundred thousand users and virtual domains on a single system
  • Runs on platform of choice (Windows, and most UNIX versions)

Key Features

  • Installs in minutes.
  • Integrated WebMail software - allows remote Email access.
  • Integrated web server for remote admin and Web access to Email.
  • Integrated User Self Administration.
  • Spam rule set and fuzzy crc matching which will correctly tag 98% of spam. Tuneable spam level system wide or per user.
  • Friends only system where users can opt to only receive email from friends and non friends are questioned automatically to determine if they are human.
  • Virus Scanning - compatible with many virus scanning engines, choose the one with the best cost/performance for your environment.
  • High performance fully threaded POP server, SMTP server and IMAP server - gets the most out of your hardware.
  • Reporting/Logging - to find faults, missing messages and abuse quickly.
  • Flexible archiving of incoming, outgoing, select accounts etc
  • RBL (OpenRelay Blocking).
  • Runs on your platform of choice (Linux, Windows, Solaris). Transfer the system at a later date if desired.
  • Dozens of settings to automatically and easily limit abuse and spam.
  • Fetch mail from other systems with built in 'popfetch' utility.
  • Run elaborate rule filters (for forwarding, archiving and spam protection).
  • Supports external user authentication modules (including LDAP, Radius, MySQL, ODBC, NT Users, UNIX password file, and a simple stand alone module that will support up to 10 million users).
  • After sales service. We pride ourselves on giving our customers unparalleled service.
    If you have questions, problems or even need a feature added in a hurry we will bend over backwards to satisfy your needs.

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