SurgeMail - Create DEMO system for evaluation

Create Demo Server

This will build a demo server for you to test. It will only exist for 48 hours! To prevent abuse the demo system is locked from actually sending email out but you can see how the system works and send email between local accounts.

  • This is the domain name for your email. e.g. if the mail is going to, then the domain name is

  • Your personal email address (required)

The server will be hosted by Linode a cloud infrastructure company with great service and very modest charges. Hardware: Linode 1gb RAM, 25GB SSD storage, Ubuntu Linux, Suitable for 1-200 users and expandable in minutes. 

Although this is just a demo system, you can also build a live system ready to use after purchasing using a similar form. The example server used costs $5/month.

Note: If your server is used to send SPAM it will be shut down. See Terms of service !