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WAPMail is an email interface for mobile phones and other small hand held devices which use the wireless application protocol (wap). These devices access web pages and other internet content using the wireless markup language (wml) and a wml/wap gateway. WAPMail is a cgi which runs on any standard webserver and interacts with wap devices using wml.


In order to provide email facilities to phone users, all you need is WAPMail and a web server. WAPMail is a companion for WebMail. It provides a full email system to people on the move, allowing them to swap between phone and PC access. Much more useful than simple email to text messaging systems, it provides users with full access to their normal email account: They can preview their inbox, reading, replying or deleting messages. They can create and send new messages, making use of distribution lists or address books. The interface they see is completely customizable and may be individually tailored for different wap devices.

WAPMail is distributed as part of the WebMail distribution sets, although it requires a seperate license key once the initial trial period is over. It shares data files and user settings with these products, enabling your users to move freely between phone, computer web browser and a stand alone email clients. Both of these products work as high performance cgi's which run on any normal web server and provide access to any standard POP/SMTP email system. If you don't already have an email server installed, we recommend our DMail system. This can also be be combined with our NetAuth product in order to allow users to create their accounts on line. This also allows users, domain managers and system administrators to manage email accounts, setting auto-replies and forward addresses etc.

As a wap/wml interface to email, WAPMail has many advantages over simple email phone message gateways. Many of these systems simply forward approximately the first 50 characters of email messages to the phone. WAPMail provides full phone based access to an email account. The user can...

  • Login to a predefined or user entered email host.
  • List contents of inbox or any other folder.
  • Read full text of any message - regardless or size.
  • See lists of attachments.
  • Reply or Forward messages with an added note.
  • Delete a Message.
  • Send a new message.
  • Make use of address book and distribution list entries and signatures which have been setup by the sysadmin or by the user with the normal web browser interface (WebMail)


  • Full email access from phone and other WAP/WML devices.
  • Allows use of address books and distribution lists.
  • Integrated with companion PC web browser email product.
  • Integrates with companion web based email management product.
  • Use with any standard POP/SMTP based email system.
  • Template based user screens.
  • Completely customizable page views - add your own banner ads, logos or anything else to any page which the user will see.
  • Provide different page views for different wap devices/browsers.
  • Let your users move seamlessly between html browser access and mobile wap/wml access to their email