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WAPMail Walk Through

As WAPMail will normally be used on a mobile phone and you are viewing this demonstration on a normal web browser we have set up a walk through of the normal operation as it would be seen on a typical mobile phone. The details of the display, and control buttons, will depend on the particular phone you are using. The majority of the demonstration uses a small screen style phone although we have also shown mock ups of larger screen phones.

Email on the move

  1. Logging in
  2. Viewing your inbox
  3. Reading a message
  4. Replying to a message
  5. Deleting a message
  6. Sending a new message
  7. Logging off
  8. Makeing use of distribution lists and address books
  9. Viewing a long message
  10. Message options available
  11. Setting up user options from a PC
  12. Avoiding the login screen