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WAPMail User Manual

WAPMail is an email interface for mobile phones and other small hand held devices which use the wireless application protocol(wap). These devices access web pages and other internet content using the wireless markup language (wml) and a wml/wap gateway. WAPMail is a cgi which runs on any standard webserver and interacts with wap devices using wml. Accessing email using a phone is a little diferent than using a normal web browser due to the limitations of the screen size and keyboard.

Accessing email using a phone

  • Loging in
  • Viewing the inbox
  • Viewing a single message
  • Replying to a message
  • Deleting a message
  • Sending a new message
  • Logging off
  • Makeing use of distribution lists and address books
  • Viewing a long message
  • Message options available
  • Setting up user options from a PC
  • Avoiding the login screen