Note: We recommend new installations use SurgeMail, our latest easy to use high performance mail server as it is now our preferred solution and will tend to have more new features etc over time than DMail. But where you currently have DMail then it is reasonable to continue to use DMail, we will continue to support it.

DMail is an easy to install, high performance, reliable and scalable mail server. Anything from a small personal mail server to a 10 Million user ISP mail system. Flexible authentication modules allow you to plug DMail into any existing user database. It includes many spam prevention mechanisms and the ability to run any of several virus checking packages of your choice.

DMail is simple to set up and configure

                                       Ideal for ISPs or businesses wanting a simple reliable system.

Use in combination with our 'WebMail' product to produce your own 'hotmail' system!

                             "I had DMail running like a dream in less than an hour - it's the best buy I have ever made"
                                                                        Mal Stewart Mal's e-commerce

Check out some real world system examples 

Key Features of DMail Mail Server Software

  • Exceptional Performance - DMails efficient design features provide lightning fast interactive response times under all load conditions. If time is important to you and your mail users - DMail is the obvious answer.
  • Increased Efficiency - DMail Mail Server Software requires significantly less load and memory usage per server connection. This provides better performance and more efficient use of resources by the server.
  • Ease Of Administration - DMail is designed to make installation and administration of the server as smooth as possible.
  • Virtually Unlimited Mail Server Scalability - The DMail Server is highly scalable, this ensures that DMail will not only meet your current needs, but will expand with your business without having to upgrade or replace the software. 
  • Unlimited Integrated Email List Server - The DMail Mail Server includes an integrated email list server for the creation and management of mailing lists of unlimited size - with ease!
  • After Sales Service - We pride ourselves on giving our customers unparalleled service, if you have questions, problems, or even need a feature added in a hurry we will bend over backwards to satisfy your needs.
Free Trial

To try The DMail Server simply download a free, full featured, time limited, evaluation copy or order the evaluation CD. When you are satisfied it is the best mail server solution for your organization simply register the software and you can then carry on using it. Download It
DMail is a fully integrated part of the 'NetWin Communication Suite'

DMail is part of an integrated suite of products that provide one of today's most advanced internet communication systems. This includes: Collaboration and web based discussion with DNews and WebNews, Instant messaging and chat with DBabble. Purchasers can use DMail as a stand alone mail tool, or mix and match with other members of the NetWin Communications Suite to create the perfect communication solution for their particular situation.

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